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  1. 2019 Fantasy Football Platform Discussion

    More money in the pot is significantly more important to me than site aesthetics. As long as I can draft and make transactions fairly easy, I'm good with whatever
  2. 2019 Fantasy Football Platform Discussion

    Every CBS league I've heard of has just been CBS a long time and they don't want to switch/lose stats. Nobody chooses it to start a league because it is a waste of money. If you are gonna take money out of the pot, at least use MFL.
  3. Josh Allen 2019 Outlook

    Small sample size and a lot of variables there. I'll just agree to disagree, don't think Zay is worth arguing about.
  4. Dante Pettis 2019 Outlook

    ADP is in 14 round on fantasy pros. Expecting it to stay around there. Would be a no brainier off the waiver wire.
  5. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    I doubt the Steelers are concerned with Oakland being a threat. I'd guess they would trade him to a crappy AFC team. Could be wrong.
  6. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    It's not fantasy football. Whens the last time something like that has happened?
  7. New RW Forums Design Feedback Thread

    Maybe they will bring back the old ones behind a paywall.
  8. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    I'm guessing Oakland
  9. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    There is 0.0000000 percent chance Steelers trade AB to Pats
  10. Dante Pettis 2019 Outlook

    I'm interested in Goodwin myself. Guess you could do worse as a flyer
  11. Joe Flacco 2019 Outlook

    Lamar got by on pure athleticism this year. He needs to learn to pass this offseason' but he's a dummy. He'll be at WR in a couple years.
  12. Josh Allen 2019 Outlook

    Lots of really good recievers have bad drops. I don't put much stock into 2017, was playing through an injury. And last year he had Allen. Not saying he will be some stud, I just don't think he has really had a proper chance yet.
  13. Josh Allen 2019 Outlook

    I just meant from a casual fantasy football player's standpoint they have a similar skill set and dummies will get tricked. You won't find me anywhere near Allen, but for the record I'm seeing 12.12 ADP at FFC. So we can just revisit in August. I'm saying it's in the 10s. Bet you three internet dollars.
  14. Josh Allen 2019 Outlook

    I still think Zay can be really good. Needs someone to throw to him for us to see.
  15. New RW Forums Design Feedback Thread

    Thank you sir. But you shouldn't have to install stuff to read a website.