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  1. Hard pass. Heard about funny buisness in leagues run by you.
  2. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    We vote on changes before the draft but they are effective the following season.
  3. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    You can change it to whatever your scoring is...
  4. Jordan Howard trade. WHIR

    Try for Evans actually.
  5. Jordan Howard trade. WHIR

    Julio and K. Allen are the two before and after his ADP
  6. 2018 Biggest Busts

    Just looked and he is going in the 6th, so agreed completely.
  7. League Settings question/seasoned commish

    FYI I voted for offseason trading. Think it was 7-5 though.
  8. League Settings question/seasoned commish

    It is/they are now. Took years to get there. OP some issues we have had that you kay want to address. -Offseason trading. People wanted to trade people that they weren't going to keep. We now just ban all offseason trading except picks. But there are also leagues where if you have a surplus of keepers you can trade them. Either is fine, just establish which one. - One dude accepted a pending trade right when his guy got injured. We ultimately said it was the guy who got screwed"s fault for leaving the trade up while games were played. He ended up quiting after the season. One thing we have never had issues with is complaining about trades. There has never been a veto or even a discussion of one. Not sure if you are playing with friends or strangers but something to consider. We also meet before draft and put things to vote. I try to do as little as possible as commish. Basically just organize things and the league kinda runs itsef. Even made one of my friend's be the accountant so I dont have to deal with monies. My biggest grip is the winner has to engrave the trophy but no one has done yet lol. If I think of anything else, I'll post it. What are you thinking of going with for keeper rules.
  9. I've always found the app buggy and not very intuitive.
  10. Do I not keep Zeke?!?

    You are basically Rush 2.0 at this point. Go away.
  11. Do I not keep Zeke?!?

    You understand that a 6 point passing league makes Watson LESS valuable than a 4 point league right? I might just be confused.
  12. Fournette is more valuable than Julio. You would have to add in the second piece here.