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  1. pick up Chubb fast!

    Chubb's owned in all my leagues.
  2. Collusive thoughts?

    Well it would be entirely dependant on the players on the teams involved.
  3. Collusive thoughts?

    What formula did you use to come up with those numbers?
  4. Collusive thoughts?

    I just wouldn't play in those leagues anymore. Join one through here that has leaguesafe next year.
  5. Last night is a prime example of why this is fair. Cards are awful, regardless of how good DJ is.
  6. Well I'm a Pats fan and I realize how fragile Lewis is. If he were to get hurt, Henry would be a Rock solid flex play IMO. I don't even know who Bibbs is tbh. Looks like he had one 6 point game in PPR and a bunch of 0-2s. Good luck with that.
  7. Just let the league know he is available and see if anyone offers. I wouldnt give a bag of balls for Bell, but know people that would give a ton.
  8. Who to Drop for Bye Week TE? WHIR

    If you are gonna drop a RB I'd drop Powell. He is fairly useless. Dropped him a couple weeks ago.
  9. Which NE WR to Trade?? WHIR

    I traded Edelman for TY last week if that helps.
  10. Well a quick look at my 12 teamer has top waiver RBs as Bibbs and Barner. Henry has been a huge bust, but I'll take him over guys like that.