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  1. Trade a RB for a WR?

    Wait, what? Hyde for Fuller is perfectly reasonable.
  2. FAAB Questions and Discussion

    You lose all of it.
  3. Trade T.Y. ...For

  4. I think your team looked pretty good despite the record.
  5. Trade a RB for a WR?

    I'd try to sell high on Hyde or Carson
  6. Trade Offer

  7. Trade Henry for Funchess?

    Every once in a while I am right. Williams is legit.
  8. Yeah. M. William's is gonna be the best player here.
  9. rich at qb! What to do?

    Maybe Emanuel Sanders or someone like him
  10. Anyone else have a hard time telling all the Details WRs apart during plays? Either way, Golladay needs to catch more balls please.
  11. Flex Help...1/2 point PPR. 12 Team Redraft. WHIR

    Dede because it is a redraft.
  12. What are the keeper rules?
  13. QB Week 3: Watson or Fitzpatrick?

    I have this choice too and have Fitz in.
  14. Rodgers > Brady Miller > Kerryon I don't get it.
  15. Why would you do this? You downgrade at both spots.
  16. Drop one for a kicker WHIR

    Reading is hard.
  17. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    Don't own Sony, but have a feeling Sony beasts this week. You have my permission to start him. I'm gonna put him in all my DFS lineups anyway.
  18. Russ has been running for his life. Schedule gets easier.
  19. Brown will start missing games soon. Keep what you have imo. But of the two, drop Godwin
  20. Murray and Clement WHIR

    Really hard to sit Murray this week. Seems like a lock for at least one td.
  21. Murray and Clement WHIR

    My bad. Meant drop Rex.
  22. Roethlisberger or Wentz? whir

    I'd be so pumped if Fitzmagic won MVP
  23. Murray and Clement WHIR

    Pick up Murray to start over Rex. Pick up Clement and drop Mack. He is useless.