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  1. It didn't matter when you asked. We want over this.
  2. Looks like we found the irrational Saquan hater early in the thread. Good luck sir.
  3. OP refuses to admit or doesn't realize that the foot problems have been an issue for years now.
  4. Oof. I have those two and am keeping Conner without hesitation.
  5. Do you expect a lot of people? I stink at basketball but will get down for 10 bucks.
  6. Maybe the kid is Wolverine and the arm is healed already.
  7. I only play in leagues with no vetos, that is the best option. Good luck to you sir.
  8. A 400 dollar league with league trade votes sounds like a bad idea..
  9. True thanks. That's the wrong forum though I think.
  10. I'd have to see where final ADP is but this is something I'd be interested in.
  11. Ironically, ADP had like the fastest ACL recovery of all time.
  12. Brady's deep ball stinks these days for sure. Flash didn't look nearly as fast to me though so not sure another one would help much. Still freakishly strong though.
  13. So you agree with me. Should have just said that.
  14. Yeah, I was surprised too. Carr's right around like 20 in most of the relevant stats and metrics. So not great, but he's not Alex Smith either.
  15. I would take Saquan, but Kamara next.
  16. Not sure how Bold but I'll add Kamara breaks LTs TD record.
  17. What does that have to do with my question? You think Chubbs ADP would be exactly the same if Hunt was there or not? I don't.
  18. Anyone have a leaguesafe NCAA pool I can get in? Straight brackets is cool, played in a pick 8 once that was fun. Thanks.
  19. Ben was one of the very worst deep ball passers in the league last year.