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  1. Week 14; who to start?

    what do we think today?
  2. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    early comfort level for where you would draft him? what round? before or after whom (other SPs)? ...what tier perhaps?
  3. Week 14; who to start?

    Of*** not if
  4. Waiver #2 - who to pick up? WHIR 100%

  5. WHIR Start 3 WRs

    Gordon cooks Thomas too
  6. Week 14: Seattle or Cincinnati D

  7. 2
  8. Can I drop Doug Martin? WHIR 100%

    Yes drop
  9. Trade Offer

  10. Swap Seals for Stephen Anderson? WHIR !!

  11. Drop Gore for? WHIR

  12. put these claims in order please, WHIR 100!!

    Brate 1
  13. DST Help-Rams and the Wire

    Bills have the colts this week. May be worth a try
  14. Week 14; who to start?

    QB: Keenum vs Panthers or Stafford (if healthy) vs Bucs? Then, for my RB/WR/FLEX spots, which 3 if these 6? It’s PPR Mixon if healthy Peyton Barber Mike Davis Sterling Shepard Marquise Goodwin Amari Cooper thanks! Whir
  15. Keenum at Panthers? Stafford (health?) @ Bucs? Carr @ KC? Thanks!