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  1. Believe it or not according to PFF in 2018 Aaron Jones was graded the #1 Pass protecting back among the top 40 Drake I believe finished 35th. So Jones must have improved a lot. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/2019-fantasy-football-draft-prep-running-back-tells-revealed-by-pro-football-focus-grades/
  2. No, but I am starting him over Kittle this week.
  3. That really depends on who your other options are he is worth a start in many leagues.
  4. I am starting Carson I think he has a good game and gets 20+ touches. With byes I don't have a better RB2 option. I feel good. I don't need him going forward so I am all for 30+ touches and running him into the ground.
  5. WIth the game on Thursday we knew he likely would be out today. I would expect him to get a heavy workload on Thursday.
  6. I would say yes, they have a Thursday game the following week. I think we see a lot of Davis this week and Carson next Thursday. No way he is playing Sunday then Thursday.
  7. Which way is he clouding it? Maybe he was planning on sitting Michel all along and just wanted to make Green Bay think he had a chance at playing. I don't own Michel, but I i think I would sit him if it were me.
  8. Sucks being the late game. I would think if Michel is out that Barner would get more work then he did last week, but still thats a desperation play.
  9. Nailing the Texans on Thursday previously made me think about for a second taking one of these teama, but I have a bad history with both the Raiders and 9ers so i laid off. I cant decide this week between Bears, Cowboys and Chiefs. I hate taking road teams which is why I am leaning towards Cowboys.
  10. Yeah I agree Carroll likes playing games so it’s always good to have a Plan B ready you never know what he might pull.