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  1. Have Julio already, so leaning RB. It is a keeper with no term limits, keeper based on round. Down to David Johnson, OBJ (for a stud 1-2 WR duo) or Dalvin Cook (big on him this year, and could be a better keeper asset long term- i realize he is a reach here) Leaning toward Johnson, but any thoughts?
  2. 10 teamer, keepers by round. Have Julio, Aaron Jones, and Jameis. 0.5 PPR. 2 QB setup David Johnson will be there with my pick, and the conventional board suggests to go his way. However, the thought of pairing Julio with Thomas or OBJ can't be counted out. I mention Cook even though he's a 2nd round guy, I think he takes a huge leap. Any thoughts? Am I overthinking and just take DJ or go elsewhere? Full options: Johnson Michael Thomas OBJ Bell Cook D. Watson
  3. Cant you input keepers on most sites, like Yahoo, without anyone else seeing until it is finalized?
  4. Mahomes 100% here and it is not close Help
  5. Promise to help in response. 2 QB, 0.5 PPR PICK 3 Player (round) Julio (2nd) Cam (3rd) Marlon Mack (9th) Aaron Jones (10th) Evan Engram (11th) James White (13th) Hunter Henry (17th)
  6. It's a 2QB .5 PPR Keep 3 based on draft value (goes up 1 round per year). Down to needing to pick two of three. Keeping Julio at a 2nd round grade. Cam (3rd) - Luck and Rodgers will be available for the 1st round Aaron Jones (10th) Marlon Mack (11th) Leaning toward keeping Jones/Mack and grabbing a QB/WR in the first couple rounds but Cam is needed for a 2Qb league Thoughts?