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  1. This is the first real action Teddy has had where the game actually meant something. You could see he was a step slow. Peyton will put a plan in place that allows them to be flexible on offense and put Teddy in position to succeed. This will allow Kamara to do Kamara type things with a slight uptick in touches.
  2. The harsh reality that both of your QB’s are terrible. Cam and Jameis are god awful. Maybe I can trade Evans for a QB...oh wait...his value is tied to the aforementioned QB...
  3. Well he scored a TD so the dream is dead. Maybe the skins????
  4. Anyone watching the game tonight has to be praying that the Bucs decide the backs they have actually do suck and they need to make a trade. #freegordon
  5. I would roll him out but I am rolling with Cam instead ensuring Jameis will ball tonight while sitting on my bench. I guess your welcome!
  6. Thomas going to the jets. Don’t think the jets are in the market for a RB...
  7. I have him and Cam. Either way I will sit the guy who goes off. Rolling with Cam this week which means Winston will have a good week.
  8. 7 touches in a blowout and not one target speaks volumes to me. Maybe he gets a bigger share later in the year but this is a week they could have gotten him some reps.
  9. He will be AB as long as he in on the field. WR1 set and forget with a likelihood that he may blow up at any time ruining it again.
  10. Everything I have read is that the video was in response to the fine and voiding.
  11. IMO the raiders don’t release him. They give him the Barry’s Sanders treatment. You want to get paid, show up and work. Otherwise you can hold out and not get paid or retire. We have you under contract for two years. We tried to work with you and your off field issues and enough is enough.
  12. Eagles coach Pederson reporting the trade offer with Howard was “Fake News”. Either it is damage control or an offer was never made. Gordon is feeling how it is to be not wanted and not being able to secure what he thinks he is worth. He went all in and his bluff was called. He is stuck holding a pair of twos. Maybe it is time to report and earn that contract he thinks he is worth.
  13. Does anyone have a meme of Mayock carrying AB’s shoulder pads? AB 1 Raiders 0. This cant possibly end well now that he owns them and can act however he wants without repercussions. Imagine calling your boss a cracker and threatening him and actually being able to come in the next day and work. SMH. That said, back to the regularly scheduled program of AB destroying defense one week at a time.
  14. Yes but if Gordon does not report he clock starts over again as he is under contract. Still different.