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  1. Thanks. I have westbrook and was offered Kemba and booker.
  2. Offered Booker and Kemba for Westbrook. Got to do it right?????
  3. Just checked nba.com...order restored...hate when that happens...
  4. He has not played one minute in this game without an injury. Peace out....cut bait...he is not worth a spot if he can’t even get run...
  5. How bout moved out of lineup....when will the suns get a coach who knows what he is doing, play your picks while you actively tank...
  6. What do his minutes look like when he comes back? How long until he is back playing 29mpg?
  7. There is zero reason why Green should be getting any run on a tanking team. Brooks is god awful.
  8. Scott Brooks is not a good coach. Thats it...
  9. IMO he will not be able to play with Lebron as he is not going to want to sacrifice his stats like every other star that played with him (Wade, Bosh, Love, Kyrie (until he demanded a trade). All stars that play with Lebron are expected to bend the knee and sacrifice while he gets his. It will be interesting to see if the Lakers become the rental after gutting their team. If you think this is not real, why did George choose OKC and Kawhi indicate he wanted to be a Clipper and when KD was asked if he wanted to be in LA with Lebron he took a hard pass. Lebron is a one way street.
  10. I am waiting to see the drama that unfolds when Davis arrives. He will not resign until 2020 when he can get the most money. That will be a full season with Lebron. IMO, the lakers will need to choose between Lebron or AD at that time. Lebron loves to play with stars who will sacrifice their own stats for the benefit of his (ie. Wade and Bosh). When he has players who are unwilling to sacrifice, mayhem unfolds (See Kyrie and to a lesser extent Love early on). If AD does not bend the knee and give up his own game for the benefit of Lebron, the fallout will be inevitable. Why do you think George and Kawhi didn't want to play with him? Imagine the Lakers being the one that ended up with a one year rental after giving up a starting five and picks because he hates playing with Lebron? If the lakers trade Lebron then what? Davis is on a mediocre non-playoff team in a big market...versus the mediocre small market team he was on in a city that loved him.
  11. Danny should walk into Dolan's box at the game tonight and negotiate a deal involving irving and their pick. Might be the only way he can save his job. He hoarded all those picks to get Davis. Traded Irving to pair with him and by July 4th he is going to have neither of them and only the slew of picks he already had to show for it.
  12. Please have a beastly 4th quarter as he has barely played tonight.
  13. Yes! Although, Celtics fans and Danny will look at PG13 and hope they can convince him to stay. George came out recently and said that he would have signed in LA if they traded for him. Maybe AD feels the same way....so long as Kyrie stays....