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  1. Who wins this whir

    I like like the butler side. Butler better all around then derozan, nurkic better than ibaka. Lou will is the only plus and not enough to cover the other side.
  2. Trading rest for upside. I do not think this deal is crazy but you are giving up the best player in the deal for a couple of games of rest. Markannen has been in fire and a mirotic trade helps him even more. Worry about rookie wall. I think I hold tight.
  3. Favors or Rubio?

    I have to say favors. He may get moved in a deadline deal and could have spike. Rubio is too inconsistent for me.
  4. Keep lillard. Giving up too much for one guy.
  5. Would you trade Kevin Love for either Schroeder or Bledsoe? If so, who has better ROS value? Team is in my sig
  6. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2017-2018

    He is just coasting I guess. Pels answer to the dnp rest, light run. He deserves an off night he has been on such a tear!
  7. Of course I was suckered into starting him based on what I read. Took upside over Henson. Mistake. Here's to a speedy recovery.
  8. I think that Lavine is going to be better than IT ROS...Lavine has 31.1% usage rate. Once the minutes go up he will beast...he is the guy in Chicago and IT is number 2. I actually hold off on this deal...I drafted IT with the sole intention of trading him before he came back. He is just scoring and threes this year....thinking anything else with him is fools gold.
  9. I am unsure you need more guards...I would not do that deal.
  10. With that roster, I stay put....is it a keeper league? Unsure how you managed to pull off that roster...
  11. Drop Korver for any of these guys?

    I would drop him for Bojan... Help? Bell or Henson tonight...WHIR
  12. Logic says Henson....gut says Bell. Henson v. Whiteside and Bell v. CHI and starting...been down this road before. Any thoughts would be nice...WHIR.
  13. Zach Lavine 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    So glad I scooped this guy up! Never thought he could be this good. Love the usage!
  14. 9:00pm: it's happening he is starting, just picked him back up because I dropped him, can't believe I let him go. Unleash the beast. 9:08pm: omg he has not gone back in. Cut him and picked up Looney. Oh oh how I love th forums!
  15. Blowout, maybe a little run tonight in garbage time before I drop