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  1. Can I ask for two of the following: Verlander,Syndegaard,Strasburg, or cole for Harper.
  2. I am interested.
  3. Which slot to take

    5x5 12 team roto c,1b,2b,3b,ci,mi,of,of,of,of,of,u 9p, 5 bench should I take slot 2 0r 10? WHIR if I can
  4. 60$ cbs keeper league

    Hi! Can I get some details on this league.
  5. sorry I should have given you my email
  6. I am interested but only if auction as the heading implies
  7. Can I get the details about the league
  8. I am interested.
  9. Can you send me the rules of the league?
  10. Should I pull the trigger? WHIr

    For what it is worth ...first trade is best IMO.
  11. Trade help!!! WHIR

    Twelve team mixed roto. I am in first place because of offense. I am despaate for pitching as it is causing me to slide in standings. I was considering giving Goldschmidt and some like Joseph or Margot to get Kershaw and Cespedes. Should I do this? Thanks and I will help in return if I can!