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  1. Kelly Oubre Jr 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Anyone else notice how handsome this guy is? Asking for a friend.
  2. 2009 Ronnie Brown Season Outlook

    I went back and looked at my 2009 league. I ended up winning thanks to the efforts of one Jerome Harrison. That mofo had 30+ carries in his last 3 games. Destroyed the Chiefs to the tune of 34 carries for 286 yards and 3 TDs. Also, my team name was Lady Gaga. That was sooooooooooo 2009.
  3. Marcus Murphy 2018 Outlook

    Even with Josh running, the other schlubs in that backfield have had 22 carries total in the each of the past two games, so there's an opportunity. No Shady at practice today. No word on Ivory, but I saw this: ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. The Buffalo Bills have promoted running back Keith Ford from their practice squad to provide insurance with starter LeSean McCoy and backup Chris Ivory nursing injuries. McCoy hurt his hamstring and Ivory hurt his left shoulder in a 27-23 loss to the New York Jets last weekend. Coach Sean McDermott listed McCoy and Ivory as being day to day on Monday, while adding he'll get a better idea of their status once the team returned to practice Wednesday. McDermott is scheduled to speak later in the day with Buffalo preparing to host Detroit on Sunday. The only other running back on the Bills' roster is Marcus Murphy.
  4. Darren Sproles 2018 Outlook

    Bumped for the boobs, but also the possibility of a big PPR day for Darren playing the Rams in LA. You gotta think the Rams come out firing after shooting blanks last week. Philly could be playing catch up all day.
  5. Marcus Murphy 2018 Outlook

    Holy crap, this guy has a thread. McCoy left last week with a hammy injury. Ivory also left the game with a shoulder injury. Ol' Marcus might be the last man standing. As a panicked Ware owner, I'll be watching the Bills practice reports today. Exciting!
  6. Chris Ivory 2018 Outlook

    What is McCoy's status? I can't find any news on him in the Google machine.
  7. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Outlook

    Check out his last 30 days in Yahoo: he's ranked in the top ten. Hitting for power and stealing bags. I don't know if it's the UTIL only designation that scares people off, but you should certainly nab him and reap the benefits.
  8. Joey Wendle 2018 Outlook

    Quietly awesome. Been leading off a lot too. Is it possible the Rays contend next year? Hell, they pretty much are contending this year with the run they're on.
  9. Stephen Strasburg 2018 Outlook

    I'm considering a drop as well. Upcoming schedule: @PHI, MIL, CHC, @PHI - all contending teams who will be motivated to win, unlike the crappy Nats. Stras' only two favorable starts in Sept will be against the Marlins and Mets, if he can manage to stay off the DL until then.
  10. Matt Boyd 2018 Outlook

    Not nearly as good on the road, so beware.
  11. Dereck Rodriguez 2018 Outlook

    Man, he would've had the Reds and Mets for his next two starts. That's a shame.
  12. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Outlook

    No DH in San Diego, so not much PT was expected this week. I believe they go on the road again next week to another NL park, so that sucks. I wish they wouldn't bench him against lefties. Does Jeff Marte really need the PT over Ohtani?
  13. August Closer Thread 2018

    He was regressing big time even before the self-inflicted injury. Highly doubt he comes back and is rewarded with the closer role after he screwed his team over.
  14. 8/7 - GAME DAY THREAD

    So hittable. Left with a trainer too, probably hurt.
  15. Joey Wendle 2018 Outlook

    Thanks for this bump yesterday. Paid dividends in my lineup today. Now this week he gets the s---y pitching of Baltimore and Toronto. Let the good times roll.