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  1. Or Floyd will pass out at a red light on his way to the stadium.
  2. I certainly hope so. A man can dream, right?
  3. Nice call!
  4. Wonderful job by myself playing McKinnon over Doo-Rag Harris!
  5. Draughn got a lot of the passing work last game (7 targets and a rec TD), so he might be a more interesting PPR dart if we see garbage time.
  6. Text him and find out if they took a flash photo, and if Spencer had any sensitivity to the light.
  7. He did fail that portion, but that was on Sunday. The results might be different if he is re-tested later this week.
  8. So if Diggs sits out this week.......dare we play Cordarrelle??
  9. Second place for the third time in four years. I feel like the early 90s Buffalo Bills.
  10. I'm 2-2 here with one of the lowest scoring totals in the league. In 12 team PPR auction I spent big on Cooks, A Cooper, Baldwin, and Jeffery. Loaded the rest of my team with handcuffs (Ware, Sims, McKinnon, Duke, Draughn) and crappy Langford. This is my first time using the zero RB, and I feel if you don't get the WRs exactly right (Cooks is killing me), it's not gonna work. In retrospect, I feel like this is the year of underappreciated veteran RBs. I could've been sitting pretty with McCoy and DeMarco for pretty much the same price as I paid for Jeffery.
  11. C'mon Cooper, get some action on this drive. I expected way more out of him in this one.
  12. He probably fakes these injuries to get out of practice. Smart man.