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  1. So Keon was due up in the 8th inning in a one run game, and the manager put in Kirk Nieuwenhuis to pinch hit for him. Incredibly, Kirk is the one guy on the team with a lower average than Keon. Not good.
  2. Very boring own so far. Every night seems like 1-4 with a single. Looking forward to when they return home to Arizona on Fri, maybe that'll help.
  3. Kelley works fast and doesn't dick around, he's going right at these guys. If he converts, I think he's the guy.
  4. Good god! Could he be minors bound?
  5. Hell, does he even play any more? Benched again tonight. I just have a feeling the A's will start to platoon him, and only start him against lefties. I'm officially worried.
  6. This man will qualify at 3B in Yahoo after tonight. Maybe he'll hit a homer to celebrate the new position eligibility.
  7. There's speculation that Matt Bush hits the DL today so the Rangers can activate Andrew Cashner for start tomorrow.
  8. Yeah, you can't drop this guy. He hit lefties a lot better than righties in 2016, and he gets lefty JA Happ tonight. Let's hope that gets him going, because he visits homer happy Cincy for the weekend. You can't spell "slumpbuster" without Arroyo, Feldman, and Finnegan (or maybe you can, I was never good at spelling).
  9. Ha! After checking my history, I did the same exact thing the following year - 4th round. Told myself I'd never roster this schlub again....until he got traded to Colorado. BTW, someone needs to give Marky Mark Reynolds some respect and give him a 2017 thread!
  10. Remember that 40/20 year he had like ten years ago? That was awesome.
  11. Now he's batting third! Woo hoo!
  12. Sano needs to be batting third. Someone tell Paul Molitor.
  13. I bet this guy throws a lot of meatballs.
  14. Marky Mark Reynolds on my bench, and no other starter has a hit. This guy is in mid-season form!