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  1. Top rushing offense in the league and they all but refuse to run the ball more than once on 4 goal to go situations.
  2. He’s done more than Kelce. My Kelce\OBJ draft has not worked out so well.
  3. Same here bro. Traded OBJ and Devonta for Gurley and Sutton Tuesday night 🤢
  4. He reminds me a lot of Isiah Crowell on the Browns a few years back (and Drake this season). Yes, he’s the #1. Yes, he’s getting 15+ touches. Yes, he’s doing nothing with them.
  5. Traded OBJ and Devonta for Sutton and Gurley. Feels good man
  6. Jackson is not a good passer. Missed Brown in the end zone on the first possession, threw it just behind him. Should have been an easy 6 🤦🏼‍♂️
  7. As a Devonta Freeman owner I would gladly trade him for Conner
  8. Starting over Samuel and Sanders for sure. This guy should ball out today.
  9. I’m benching with this news. Slay inactive as well. This could get out of hand quickly and Stafford ends up resting early. Im going to plug Minshew/Chark into my lineup instead. 0-3, gotta be bold. YOLO
  10. Not his fault. He’s getting gang raped as soon as he touches the ball. Youd think maybe some adjustments would’ve been made at halftime. It’s almost as if McCarthy never left town.
  11. Playing against Wilson,Lockett, Engram. 0-3
  12. Titans took 3 minutes to go about 50 yards. Gutless
  13. I’ve seen him play each of the last three weeks. Tell me, what are you seeing that makes you say he’s not playing well? This game or this season for that matter?
  14. Minshew could have some really good numbers this game if they would quit getting pinned inside the 10 and play calling so conservative because of it.
  15. Catch the damn ball Westbrook. Killed that drive himself.
  16. Please god do not send Drake to GB. Signed, Jones and Drake owner 2018-19 😩
  17. Not an owner. Who the hell would ever consider benching this guy? #firstworldproblemsiftheireverwere