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  1. Tell me how Drake has been put in a position to succeed if he can’t pass protect and can’t catch, as the numbers you provided earlier indicate? If anything this proves Gase is an idiot for putting Drake in a position to give up sacks, drop passes, and lose games. If this is true then we can both agree Gase is an idiot, except you think he’s a good coach, so....
  2. My brother just ran into Gases brother (or cousin?) at a Bdubs in Michigan yesterday When I asked my bro how he knew this he said the guy was cheering loudly for the Dolphins and it came up somehow. I told my brother to tell the guy to tell Gase he needs to get Drake more than 10 touches a game To the poster above referencing Andy Reid, yes, Reid did deserve the same treatment as Gase is getting. This situation reeks of the Thomas Jones / Jamaal Charles days. Can Drake hold up as a 20 touch guy? He seemed fine doing it last season.
  3. McCarthy needs to swing through Pittsburgh and pick Tomlin up on his way to Lakeland
  4. There’s 5 minutes left. What the hell is their hurry? Score and give the ball back and let SD burn clock and win.
  5. Time to go hurry up 5 wide empty backfield, this game is getting close
  6. I had high hopes for this guy this season, something like Mahomes is actually doing. Even with Chubb, Conner, Aaron Jones, Nuk, Mike Evans on my team I’m not gonna make the playoffs and I can’t help but feel like it’s this guys fault. So blahhhhh
  7. Went to cancel DTV again this year (go through this every year) Dropped my programming from $140/mo to $39/mo (after my last rebates ended) plus FREE Sunday Ticket Max & FREE HBO for 6 months Streaming is really hurting these guys.
  8. Damn these hype trains, you guys have me considering dropping Brate or Herndon for the 🐊
  9. He was back in the game for their final possession
  10. I thought Conner would be cemented in one of my RB slots ROS Im honestly not sure if that is going to be the case going forward
  11. What’s worse is Conner being held in to block, not even getting dump offs
  12. As a Conner and Heuerman owner this game is so ******** annoying