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  1. I think it’s the death of the 30 touch RB and cuteness of offensive coordinators trying to be the most clever guy in the stadium. My league started in 1998 and if you had Faulk, Holmes, Alexander yeah you had an advantage because those guys averaged 30 points a game. But you were also getting 20 from average guys because volume. These days you get 40 from Aaron Jones one week then 7 the next. LT didn’t have Jamaal Williams and a clever coordinator.
  2. Denver really needs to force feed this guy 10-15 targets weekly. He’s legit and needs more targets. He takes contested balls and can beat his man as well. Allen underthrew him on their first play for what could’ve been a 75 yard td (there was an illegal formation flag on the play too so wouldn’t have counted anyway) Maybe Fangio will get canned after yesterday’s second half meltdown. On another note, these refs this year just love throwing flags. I swear I saw 5 or so penalties for illegal formations yesterday across the league.
  3. Coleman’s decreased usage has coincided with SF decreased dominance. Not saying that’s the reason but just saying.
  4. Garbagelo your cousin or something? Dude isn’t good. It helps to watch games instead of box scores.
  5. Look man you said he’s been “awesome”. He’s not awesome.
  6. 2 narrow victories over the 3 win Cardinals and a loss to Seattle.
  7. Because teams are putting 13 in the box. have you watched these games? He’s not good.
  8. Everyone stacks the box vs SF since the last AZ game. Coleman has 8 rushes and Mostert 6. Not many RB are gonna do much with a handful of carries. what SF should be learning is that Garbagelo cannot carry this team with his arm when they take the run away.
  9. Can’t really be bad from the bench watched this same s--- with Denver earlier. Coaches wanna be cute and get everyone involved instead of featuring their best playmakers.
  10. Lose again Niners you want to feature Bourne and Mostert then lose again.
  11. Juicecheck 7/63 receiving leads SF how can you win NFL games like this
  12. SF probably go single back with Juicecheck rest of game
  13. Sat thru Denver scoring points early on, fullbacks and second string TE as Lindsay and Sutton an afterthought. now Garbagelo throwing 2 yard TD on first and goals. I give up.
  14. I mean, this game should’ve been set up for a good Coleman game. instead Juscyk has 6 catches.