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  1. The US legal system and the NFL. The only way to make this more drawn out and confusing would be to involve the IRS. What a total and absolute clown show.
  2. Tavon Austin - 5'8" 179lbs Percy Harvin - 5'11" 190 lbs Kareem Hunt 5'10" 216 lbs Ty Montgomery - 6'0" 216 lbs David Johnson - 6'1" 224 lbs Adrain Peterson - 6' 1" 220 lbs And on, and on, and on.... Just stop with the completely incorrect narrative that Ty is not built as an NFL RB. You are really making yourselves look stupid.
  3. Anywho I'm probably forced to start this guy this week. @DerrickHenrysCleats @burninglegs pass me the coal shovel! ALL ABOARD!
  4. It's probably as simple as Rawls wasn't healthy. He played one snap then was inactive the next week. I am not up on all the contractual stuff but I have to think they would've just cut him if he was worthless. I don't think many teams carry as many RB as Seattle was with Carson, Lacy, Rawls, Procise, and Mckissy(sp). I suppose we we will find out soon enough. I've been holding since the draft and was ready to drop, then the Carson injury. RB is just a wasteland this season. Personally I'd rather hold on to the hope that Rawls still has some juice than chase an Aaron Jones or Ellington type. At least Rawls has shown what he is capable of doing when healthy and given a load.
  5. Succop got 2 points so there's that. He has missed 2 attempts on the season: from 58 and 62.
  6. This guy is going to be fat AF when he is out of football. Like Marlon Brando fat.
  7. I feel you man. At this point I feel like if I drop him it's like chasing points. He's one of the best but is not getting any attempts, I believe 5 on the year so far. And one was the missed 62 just now and a missed 58 a couple weeks ago. Putrid.
  8. How bad is this Raven offense? Tucker is becoming droppable.
  9. Not this guy. CSB but I have Martin coming back next week. Fact is Ty was being drafted quite late for a #1 RB (#1 as in on his team). His loss is a blow to most teams no doubt but not in the DJ vein. And we see what a mess DJ left on the AZ backfield. I feel like Ty's absence will have a similar effect on GB, hence I would not advocate chasing Jones. Hell, Ripkowski could end up being the better option.
  10. If you mean running the ball, I agree except for the "good" part. No GB back will be looking good running the ball IMO. Ty's value came from his receiving chops. Obviously goal line plunges matter, but that's not what I was really planning on from him. GB just isn't a running team and I think we can all agree on that. This team runs through Arod. So you and I are really in agreement on this in a way. Ty's leg up IS his pass catching ability and is a great fit for this offense. My point is the other guys will not be nearly as effective in Ty's role IMO of course.
  11. Am I surprised his ribs got broken? Yes? Are you dumb if you cuffed him with Williams? Yes! Dummy should've grabbed Jones! let me tell you something Captain Hindsight: neither of Williams or Jones will be as productive as Ty on this team.
  12. So Ty has broken ribs but padded up to come onto the sideline after the break? was that shot photoshopped?
  13. Sure, and I don't have a problem with that. But so many are trying to crown this guy like Dennis Green and I'm just not seeing it over the course of the season. Even the writers are giving this guy the backfield all to himself. I honestly think Rawls was/is still injured and will be back in some form, be it a share or possibly taking over. Mostly i cant stand it when some like @SharkSwimmertry to give counter evidence and just gets shouted down. It's not doing anyone any good to come onto these boards and give out bro-fives on hype trains.
  14. Wow the circle jerk is strong in here. Here's a little dose of reality people: Seattle has been wretchedly inconsistent on offense dating back to the start of 2016. Literally nothing has changed with this team since then. One week Wilson looks good, the next looks horrid. It has been stated ad nauseum on here already but Seattle has a very bad O line. Do you all really think CC is all this offense has been missing the last year? That he is that much better than CMike and Rawls, that he can make up for the terrible line play? I dont. And I think a lot of owners are going to be unhappy if/when this guy doesn't put up "top 5" or even RB2 numbers consistently. But by all means, carry on the CJ within your echo chamber. Just tell the next guy in to bring the lotion
  15. There has to be a regression to the mean on the horizon. It is painful right now but fortunately Tucker has not cost me any matchups. You have to think Baltimore will get better on offense. I mean, they can't get much worse. The reasons i took this guy remain: he's deadly accurate and booms 50 yarders regularly (his miss from 58 this season notwithstanding). Assuming the Ravens can start to resemble something of an NFL level offense soon, this guy should reward us with a cornucopia of FGs. HOLD!
  16. Im hoping Mike Evans has a lackluster performance against the Giants this week so I can make a move on him. Bye week is gone and the Bucs schedule looks absolutely scrumptious after week 7 at Buffalo.
  17. All this JAG talk.... CJA is the guy in Denver. JC usage has been the same through 3 weeks. IIRC, JC was in on the goal line play because CJA had just ripped off a 25ish yard run to get them there. Could be wrong on this...Anyway, that game was a dumpster fire for Denver and Buffalos defense is very good. Not much to take away from it. People talk about the eye test all the time on these forums. And guess what? CJA makes 2-3 plays each game that pass my eye test. He is a very good back, running and receiving. Health concerns are valid, and most likely why Denver went and signed JC as the COP guy. As long as CJA remains healthy he should bring back great value in relation to where he was drafted. And by that I'm talking a top 15 finish this season.