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  1. Volek to Bennett was glorious.
  2. Ok I’ll add Cook, Chubb, and LF. Bell has not impressed. Point still stands though, and ain’t no way any one team owns 3 of those guys. That’s 7 RB in the league total.
  3. Dude, I’m not happy either but if you somehow own Barkley, CMC, and Zeke then you shouldn’t be starting TC anyway. Basically every other RB in today’s game is in a committee of sorts.
  4. KC - Greg Hill SEA - Christine Michael
  5. Didn’t see Napoleon Kaufman mentioned yet
  6. Drag your a** to the Drake thread tomorrow. Bring your bib and an appetite.
  7. Too bad Drake didn’t still have Gase as his coach. Gase really knew how to get the most out of the mediocre Drake 🤣
  8. I can’t wait for you to explain away Drakes good performance tonight. You have a lot of eggs in this basket.
  9. Seriously here. how many games has Breida not finished due to injury? I feel like it’s close to half of them. But yet the little fella is back the next week.
  10. I’m not rooting for a Breida injury. That’s like rooting for the sun to come up tomorrow bud. It’s gonna happen no matter what.
  11. Oh yeah Kittle smoked some bath salts in that tent, dude is out of his gourd
  12. Can Breida go ahead and get his weekly injury already? I need some Coleman points.
  13. Not him. MJJsomething. He’s not only the president, he’s also the founding member.
  14. I’ll tell you who won’t show their face in here tonight, the president of the Kenyan Drake Haters Club.
  15. Yes take it. Brees a big upgrade over Murray and I like Chark over Woods anyway.
  16. Have to start Coleman. You should be looking to trade one of these guys to upgrade elsewhere.