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  1. As a Conner and Heuerman owner this game is so ******** annoying
  2. I am 0-2 betting the under this year (Saints-Rams & Chiefs-Rams). Good luck to you sir
  3. This is exactly what we have done for a very long time in our 10 team. Highest season points (week 1 thru 16) gets all transaction money ($2 trades and .50 adds). We we had a scenario two years ago where a team that didn’t make the playoffs lost season high points by less than 10.
  4. This guy needed one more yard before halftime to cash my prop bet
  5. Our league only counts PA and TD/safeties. We got rid of sacks and INT about 10 years ago when the Seahawks scored like 35
  6. So all the sudden Trubisky is the best QB in the NFC Norris division.
  7. Got cute and started AZ over CHI DST Hope I won’t regret it...
  8. It is dependent upon your league scoring settings.
  9. Force feeding Gates in the red zone today, as if Gates need anything more to eat, dude looks like the Goodyear Blimp
  10. Yeah, cut this guy last week for MVS who I had to use do to byes....
  11. It was brutal drop for sure. Then Pittsburgh reluctance to try even one rush from the goal line on what 4 tries? but I don’t want to see anyone in here spewing “this guys JAG TRASH ETC” like I was seeing in the GD thread.
  12. He has no time to throw, their line is trash. Coming out of the bye I hoped he would be mostly healthy and could start running a bit more. Im gonna roll with Mayfield going forward, Watson has been far more of a floor than ceiling guy this season. Probably why I’m 4-6 despite having Conner, Jones, Chubb, Sony, Nuk, Evans....
  13. Both starting guards got injured in this game. The O line is bad to start with, Watson has no time to throw. They will hopefully start rolling him out to provide some time to hook up with Nuk
  14. Need this guy to recapture his form from last season. ill take a stab at a projection: 24/30 for 319 yards 2 TD passing 8/48 1 TD rushing LETSSS GOOOO
  15. I used MVS as my flex basically due to Chubb being on bye. Chubb only scored 1 point less than MVS so....
  16. Yep. SEA just gonna eat the clock, I don’t see GB stopping them. And no TOR
  17. I didn’t start MVS at flex (mike Evans) but that’s essentially what he is for me (Nuk my other starting WR).