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  1. Correa with a taco blast.
  2. Routine day off with lefty on mound and extra day rest on Monday.
  3. Buy low window gonna close fast.
  4. Death, Taxes, Tulo DL
  5. Shout out to the Dr's that gave us Michael Brantley back.
  6. Seems like an age 27 breakout to me
  7. Probably more like two weeks. Seems like my entire team is pulling up lame.
  8. Throwing absolute gas today with a filthy slider. Skinny Thor
  9. Making his start today.
  10. Up to 6 SB's. He's looking to go everytime he gets on base.
  11. Tito has stated how he loves J Ram protecting Encarnacion. Glad he kept him in the 5 spot. I think eventually if Santana continues to struggle with average he swaps with Kipnis.
  12. Has a stiff neck. Hopefully he feels better tomorrow
  13. Yup. Sounds like 10 day DL incoming.
  14. It's like watching Barry Bonds all over again.