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  1. Makes all the sense in the world to hit him third with Braun out.
  2. Once Francona moved him out of the 5th spot in the order he's been worthless
  3. Yeah those random SB's coming from the 1B slot is such a treat.
  4. Very true. Cody did come close if not for that Piscotty web gem down the right field line.
  5. Hope all comes out well in his rehab start on Thursday. He would be lined up for a two start week against the Royals and A's for the upcoming week.
  6. He's ranked #45 in yahoo standard 5 x 5. That puts him among the elite third baseman.
  7. Impressive homer last night against a lefty. He's putting up some pretty elite power numbers. He has maintained a high ranking in yahoo even with the low average for some time now.
  8. My best guess is Schwarber or Heyward or both sit tonight. If Happ sits my heads going to explode.
  9. Anyone concerned after last nights 0-5? Seems to be hitting a wall. Piscotty did rob a double down the line but aside from that he's been a windmill.
  10. Feel so tingly
  11. We Met fans will riot.
  12. Out tonight with Flu.
  13. He's out with the flu
  14. I have Schwarber and even I think it's a travesty that he and his .184 average continues to play over the more dynamic Baez.