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  1. He looked great last night. Trying to buy everywhere at his price.
  2. The loss of the left tackle is a bit concerning but I feel like Russ always had his starting left tackle hurt. Always remember Okung going down around this time. Just means more scrambling,.
  3. I love Ingram but this backfield is going to be such a headache.
  4. Not sure how anyone can overthink this one with Adams. He's a beast and Rodgers will always look for him in the endzone due to his size and wingspan.
  5. You should be safe with the 12th pick unless a Dolphin homer reaches. I would go with a WR1 at 9 if Evans is still there.
  6. He looked very good. Had a nice long run for 23 yards called back. Cutler even hit him with a nice pass. I'm buying
  7. John Fox always loves a good RBBC but I think Howard will be just fine. Cohen will most likely carve a passing down role.
  8. Well this kinda sucks
  9. He's a worthy start on the road. He's terrible at home. A must start against the Rockies and Giants.
  10. Yup. Looks like he plays every other day. It seems to be working for him.
  11. That flare by Jackson was a back breaker for Holland.
  12. Holland must be favoring that finger he recently cut.
  13. AP will most likely be splitting series with Ingram. Ingram will also get all the passing down work. AP will be in there for all short yardage work and Goal line. AP is the TD vulture while Ingram will hold a ton of value in PPR leagues.
  14. Cleared to do baseball activities. Played catch on Friday. Should be in line to start some time next week.
  15. Miami is a great landing spot for him. Might turn out to be better then Tannehill.