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  1. I subbed him out the moment i saw cortisone to the wrist. Hope he comes back strong
  2. He could probably use a DL stint. His wrist is also banged up.
  3. Ultra consistent and a pillar of my lineups. Though beware this week as I think he gets 4 straight lefties but he's been a great glue guy.
  4. Mets are about to deal away Jay Bruce any day now. Hopefully this will help put Conforto at ease when it comes to playing time and Collins having the itch to sit him.
  5. I guess i made the right decision in the end after all.
  6. Freeman was a third baseman in highschool. I can see why he would be willing to make the sacrifice.
  7. He's only starting tonight cause Schwarber is banged up. But he has been playing better and playing a bit more in general. Montero has been a real thorn.
  8. Honestly I'm thinking Nick Mediocre Markakis has got to be the one to sit.
  9. I hope Francona leaves him in the three spot even when Brantley punch and judy comes back. He's been the team MVP thus far.
  10. Bour back in my lineup this week is just soooooooo good.
  11. Seems like it's been forever since he's stolen a base. He struggled last time out at Colorado. He does mash at home.
  12. Ankle sprain. On DL retro June 16th
  13. MVP Cutch is back.