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  1. He should continue putting up monster numbers especially with Arenado hitting in the 2 hole this year. He's a great discount buy this year.
  2. As of today i favor Story but only because I fear Lindor not running as much this year due to the calf injury. I have Story down for an easy 30/20 floor this year with a chance to break 40/30. He came very close last year and that was with him finishing the season banged up. He's one of the very rare true speed/power combos in the game.
  3. That was my dream combo and a few weeks ago was nailing mocks consistently with that combo of Yelich and Judge but its not happening anymore. Pains me to have to choose between the two.
  4. I have a Yankee fan drafting a few spots behind me. He's not making the turn regardless. I'm taking him at 6th even though I really really like Yelich. This feels like it's going to be one for the books this year for Judge barring another injury.
  5. I'm considering taking him at 6 over Yelich in Yahoo. He's currently ranked an absurd 17th on yahoo mocks.
  6. It's starting to look more and more likely he opens up as the Red Sox #3 hitter. Every time this spring he's been with the regulars he's been slotted in the 3 spot. Looks like Cora is going with the lefty right combos of Benny, Betts, Devers, and J Mart.
  7. He has hit 95 a few times this spring to his credit. I think i saw one vs Houston on a max effort last out pitch. I still think 93 average looks pretty solid.
  8. I was at the game yesterday. His fastball was mostly hovering around 92 on the stadium board. Still has elite offspeed K stuff but he's liable to get touched up more often with that fastball.
  9. My guess is he misses the opening three games @ Twins and comes back for Indians opening day on 4/1. That essentially gives him two more solid weeks of rehab games and recovery. If he's hitting bombs and running out doubles then barring a setback we have not heard of yet i'm banking on that calf feeling a lot better. When healthy Lindor is an MVP candidate. I'm buying if he slides to me with all this positive news.
  10. I think he's looking just about ready for opening day.
  11. Wonder what's up with Benny this spring. He usually mashes. Has come out rather slugglish unless he's working on something.
  12. I can't bring myself to draft this kid at the price he's going at. I'd rather take the consistency of a Segura. I'll gamble in the back end of drafts with someone like Rosario as a middle INF speedster with some pop.
  13. This guy just knows how to hit a baseball. Only thing that stops him now is injuries. If healthy he'll still be able to produce a .300 25 70 90 type of year. I'll buy at the price as a backup 1B.