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  1. I think his ADP is going to jump a lot if this recent power surge holds through the end of the season.
  2. Too many of you are focused on him losing value in week 6 or whatever instead of focusing on him being able to get you to 6-0. Sure, maybe his value evaporates in another month or two, but that's still pretty valuable, and somebody else will pop up on the ww by that time. Ride this horse to a strong starting record to set yourself up to slide into the playoffs.
  3. He's a good home streamer. I'm moving on otherwise.
  4. That's possible, but I don't think that's the right way to look at it. He's made something like 85 million in his career. It's still a lot of money, but he definitely has eff you money to do whatever he wants. It's not like he just lost his first ever big payday.
  5. They're still fighting for home field advantage. If he's healthy he'd be playing.
  6. The crowd was chanting Booo-ears as Trubisky wandered off the field.
  7. Anyone from tonight's embarrassment of a game.
  8. The Green Bay playcalling is handled by a special coach.
  9. As someone who missed out on Jones, this is pretty amusing so far.
  10. Season one was pretty good. His movie was pretty good too. :shrug:
  11. I'm not wild about this offense, but he's the number one receiver on a team with a bad offense. I'm not seeing a high ceiling, but it's possible, and he's got a chance to become a decent starter. Best of all he's free. Go grab him and see how it plays out!
  12. Buehler, wtf. It's Colorado on the road.
  13. Most teams won't be exactly the same by that point. Trades and ww gems will emerge. Win each week one week at a time. Ekeler helps accomplish that goal.