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  1. There's no active FB on the roster. The TE combo of Burton and Shaheen are very bad in-line blockers, assuming they suit up in the first place since 1 of them is usually hurt. The o-line of Long, Leno and Massie are bad and the line as a whole are soft. As much creativity and exotic looks that Nagy puts into pass plays, he looks unimaginative and bland with his runs designs... assuming that the run doesn't get abandoned in the first place. And even if the aforementioned were fixable, the play of both QBs gives defenses no reason to not crowd the line. I believe David can be serviceable but his situation is turning him into a bust. Nagy is Gary Crowton/Marc Trestman 2.0 with a dumb looking cap.
  2. Gruden you better dial up 4 rush attempts for Jacobs.
  3. Another coach getting cute near the goal line instead of handing it off. Yes I own Jacobs.
  4. Reported elbow injury. Return is questionable.
  5. Washington vulture. Damn it! Not sure if jet lag or terrible dink and dunk offense but this defense is looking wore down already.
  6. Jacobs back in and in the EZ. Raiders moving the ball on this D.
  7. Jacobs on the sideline in pain after big run. Nothing looked out of the ordinary when he was tackled. .
  8. Is Nugent an upgrade over Lutz? Saints have surprisingly moved the ball well enough to get in FG with Brees but the Patriots are the Patriots.
  9. Looking like ankle from the replay.
  10. Score in gif the same as this game EDIT* He scored again as I posted this! Disregard!!
  11. The week I cut Samuels to buy Ware/Dixon shares is when Conner goes down of course.
  12. I guess the trick play card was misplaced by someone. I'll take any Howard points at this point.