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  1. Score in gif the same as this game EDIT* He scored again as I posted this! Disregard!!
  2. The week I cut Samuels to buy Ware/Dixon shares is when Conner goes down of course.
  3. I guess the trick play card was misplaced by someone. I'll take any Howard points at this point.
  4. Looking that way even with their weapons. Mitch Bortles giving up sacks and turnovers like crazy. Nagy being stubborn with his game plan.
  5. Ah good to know. Didn't mean to scare Diggs owners.
  6. No points with Legatron last week.. No points with Bailey this week. Breida and Lindsay out. Diggs Hurt. Viking DST. Good stuff.
  7. Diggs. Concussion. Look like a late hit to me but we will know more since it's near the end of the half.
  8. He did fumble the ball twice deep in their territory so yes it's on him.
  9. The 1st TD was on the defense but Cousins is burying the Vikes today.
  10. I don't follow Cardinal football but does Peterson typically shadow WRs or does he play one side of the field? If he shadows then maybe the reads will be for Burton with Arob being hounded in man coverage.
  11. Should have feasted with Seattle running backups and guys off the street at LB and he was open all night. The read was Arob and him only tonight.
  12. And I was completely wrong with this. Arob dominated targets despite Burton being open most of the night.