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  1. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Also, teams like Atlanta looking for a stopgap upgrade at 3B have to be thrilled to see the Machado return. Moustakas for 3 months should cost less than Machado just fetched.
  2. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    I'm constantly amused by the speculation of what kind of return these rental players will fetch. The game has changed over the last few years. Teams value prospects highly, and rental players no longer carry the compensatory picks when they leave. You're literally just buying 3 months of the guy. I said at the time that I thought Theo was nuts to trade Gleyber for Chapman, and though history claims the price was justified (winning a World Series and breaking the curse), I still think it was stupid. Indians similarly gave up Frazier for Miller, but at least Miller's still with the club (not sure if he was signed for longer at the time, and I'm too lazy to look it up). At the time Chapman fetched Torres, the Cubs were flush with prospects and chasing history. I think Theo knew it could blow up in his face down the road, but they don't win that title without someone like Chapman (given how much Maddon abused him). Point of all of this ... teams looking to get a major prospect haul are going to have to sell the year before their player reaches FA. If Machado was signed through 2019, then the Orioles could've really cashed in.
  3. Tom Murphy 2018 Outlook

    This is the vast majority of the Rockies' young players. Bud Black appears to be diametrically opposed to letting any of the young players play.
  4. Raimel Tapia - OF COL

    It's not my team, and I don't have a lot invested in any of these players, so I won't belabor the point ... that said, none of these players were given everyday opportunities to settle into a role. McMahon made the team out of ST and started 2 of their first 13 games, riding the pine otherwise save pinch hitting (which is one of the toughest things to do in the game). So, get on a roll out of ST, sit the bench for 2 weeks, then try to produce. Good luck.
  5. July Closer Thread 2018

    I don't think it's likely, but they're 6 out right now of a 1-game playoff against the Yankees or Red Sox. If someone offered them something stupid (Gleyber for Chapman), Beane should listen.
  6. July Closer Thread 2018

    It's one thing to suck and get demoted as a closer. Happens all the time. It's another to suck and start becoming a distraction, which when it gets to the point of cursing our your manager when you're the one that can't get the job done? Yeah ... time to go. Giles is at a crossroads here. Either get your ish together and go dominate AAA and help the club down the stretch, or pack your bags and get ready to ride the bus all over the PCL. I suspect Giles has been pissed at Hinch since Giles was CLEARLY not the trusted guy last year in the playoffs. But you know what, Kenny? Hinch won a World Series. Get over yourself.
  7. July Closer Thread 2018

    Read some stuff just this week that Britton's starting to flash the form of old. I don't see Houston paying the price to acquire a guy and then just sticking with Rondon, personally. Guess it depends on who's acquired. Shane Greene over Rondon? No. Rodney? Probably Britton? Definitely Familia? Probably Iglesias? Definitely Soria? No. Treinen? Absolutely
  8. Raimel Tapia - OF COL

    Rockies have done an incredible job of stalling their prospects and reducing their trade value. Someone's going to reap the benefits from this, but they did the same thing you're talking about with Tapia to both Dahl and McMahon as well. How on earth is a young player supposed to hit and prove his mettle when he starts once a week and PHs the rest of the time? It's been absurd prospect handling by Bud Black, and tacit endorsement of said handling by the management that's let him do this (and that gave him these scrub veterans to continue playing). Parra is a 4th OF. Period. Zero idea why he plays half as much as he does. Desmond has played fairly well since his horrific start to the year, so hard to complain about that one. CarGo? He's got a .761 OPS in Coors. Think about that. The bad news for all these guys - Tapia, McMahon, Hampson, etc. - is that Dahl's likely to start a rehab assignment soon. Will Black play him? Who knows? But it's another body thrown in the mix, and the Rockies don't seem like sellers currently (though they probably should be). The future of this team should be McMahon, Hampson, Story, Arenado around the IF with Tapia, Dahl, and Blackmon in the OF, plus Rodgers and more on the way.
  9. July Closer Thread 2018

    They're not going to just cut him, but (if he has them remaining) they could send a very clear message by optioning him to AAA. I very much expect Luhnow is shopping for a closer, whether that be Britton or Iglesias. Probably depends a lot on price and whether or not they're acquiring a rental or a signed guy.
  10. Playing time is the real question here with Toles, but I'd imagine the Dodgers are going to play him quite a bit this week and possibly coming out of the break (depending on the severity of the Puig oblique injury) - with the idea of showcasing Toles for possible trade partners. The flip side of this is what happens if Toles plays extremely well? The Dodgers have options piled on top of each other when it comes to playing time, but as Muncy proved, when a guy clearly establishes himself, they'll let him keep playing. Toles is 26 now, but he's produced whenever he's been given an opportunity and been healthy. In sporadic playing time in the second half of 2016, Toles slashed .314/.365/.505 and basically took over an everyday role heading into the playoffs (slashed .462/.467/.615 in the NLCS). In 2017, Toles received very little attention in the Spring Training battle for LF playing time for the Dodgers, and yet he emerged from Spring Training to become the primary starter against RHP. Through early May he was slashing .271/.314/.458 with 5 HRs in 96 ABs before tearing his ACL. Obviously spent a long time recovering from that, but may have actually been in line for the promotion Verdugo received earlier this year (after a strong Spring Training and blistering start at AAA), but instead hit the DL with an ill-timed hamstring strain. Toles was called up yesterday to replace the injured Puig. He's been rather productive at AAA as his .326/.363/.500 season line suggests. He was on a tear recently with a .330/.359/.511 over the past month with 3 of his 4 HRs (92 PAs). Last night he stuffed the stat sheet with a couple hits, a couple runs, and a couple RBI, reaching based three of four times. I've long thought that Toles could play - he just needs a consistent opportunity. Perhaps he finally gets that opportunity in the second half of this year, either for the Dodgers, or for one of their trade partners.
  11. Jesse Winker 2018 Outlook

    Agreed with this post wholeheartedly. I think folks are seriously underestimating what Winker is providing because of the frustrating playing time split right now with four guys for three spots (though I could see the Reds ship out Duvall at the deadline perhaps) and because of what the season stats look like (no power, no speed). Reality is that five of Winker's six HRs have occurred since June 7th. So basically, the last month has seen him hit five HRs (four within the past 30 days), but guys are still treating him like he's this no power hitter. Over the past 30 days he's hitting a cool .296 (.361 over the past two weeks) with a .419 OBP. Four HRs a month is a 24 HR player over the course of a season. Five a month is a 30 HR guy. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Winker have a tremendous second half.
  12. Alex Verdugo 2018 Outlook

    I honestly hope he stays with the Dodgers. There's clearly a developmental approach that the Dodgers are taking that's working for some guys (Taylor last year, Muncy this year, possibly coming next with Verdugo). They're working to drive power with their players, and Verdugo, already having the bat to ball, is a fascinating guy for me. Add in the MLB juiced ball, and I would not be at all surprised to see him become a very strong fantasy contributor in the near future. Puig's injury probably offers a chance to call up and showcase Verdugo, but I don't see them selling him for a rental like Machado. What is potentially interesting, is that Pederson and Hernandez are scuffling a smidge over the last couple of weeks. I don't think they're likely to be displaced, but why not see if Verdugo can cement a spot the same way Muncy has? That only makes the team even stronger if he's able to do it.
  13. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Outlook

    While I'd be kind of shocked to see it happen, I suppose there's a chance that the Angels would make Ohtani a full time hitter if he just rakes the rest of the year, but he's got to absolutely mash for them to force that kind of decision. I'm talking top-20 hitter mashing the rest of the way, and then they have a decision to make. I still believe the most likely scenario involves him getting TJS as soon as they're eliminated from the playoff picture to allow him as much time as possible to return next year. He might get a bit of time in ST, spends a good bit of April rehabbing, and hits the ground running as a hitter in May. I don't think he pitches again until a few stints out of the bullpen maybe sometime late next year, and possibly doesn't pitch at all in 2019 before returning to the mound in 2020. If he truly mashes for the rest of this year and all of 2019, it's plausible the Angels punt the starter/hitter combo and just have him focus on hitting. Not likely, though, but it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  14. Willians Astudillo 2018 Outlook

    Starting at 2B today ... this dude might end up a crazy swiss army knife in Yahoo leagues if they keep moving him all over.
  15. July Closer Thread 2018

    Yeah I'm not sure either. Iglesias was always supposed to be a starter, and then ended up in the pen for the Reds. It'd be an interesting experiment in Washington, though owners looking for saves would be SOL. What all this smoke tells me is that it's time to get Hughes now. Seems like a pretty likely event that Iglesias goes somewhere.