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  1. I drafted Conforto last season and he had the great April then somehow just fell off a cliff and never recovered. This is like Deja Vu. What the heck. Is it this a game of adjustments, batter vs pitcher, and Michael needs an entire off-season to adjust?
  2. No, it's still shown in the MLB box score so the official scorer has something to do with it. But from past experience it seems there is an unspoken rule of no hold situation if you enter before the 6th inning. Its happened multiple times this season that fits a pattern .
  3. This is at the discretion of the official scorer. Feliz was the pitcher before the Astros took the lead. If Feliz pitched like crap and got lucky, I could see a situation where he would be denied the win. But in this situation he almost always gets the win. The only thing I can think of regarding devenski non hold is that he was eligible for the win since he entered before the end or the 5th. However, he didn't get it so he got screwed and got nothing. It's not a save situation if you are eligible for the win. Screwy crappy rule for the unofficial hold statistic.
  4. Agreed. He fit the definition of a hold. He was not the one credited with the win so he should get the hold as it was a save situation, he got at least 1 out, and left with the lead. This is wack. Someone please help with an explaination.
  5. Uhh... I would think in any competitive hold leagues, he would be long gone. If you are talking for non-holds leagues, he is one of the best non-closers you can get with his K% and the high possibility that Robertson will be traded and he will become the closer.
  6. No one has really mentioned that they also have Marisnick that they like for his defense and he has 9 HR in 96 AB. So basically there are too many OF mouths to feed and sure Fisher can hold his own and be part of the rotation, but they want him to play every day.
  7. Depends on how many keepers and other factors like price or round. I wouldn't keep any pitchers unless it was keep 6 or more or my hitter weren't great keepers. Even then his injury history is too extensive to overlook.
  8. I think the jury is still out on this question. Right now he is benefiting from a low BABIP partially due to low hard contact, low line drive rates and good defense behind him. Low line drives is one of the most fluctuating batted ball types out there . Also he does not have over 9 K per 9 and his walk rate is not quite elite. He also doesnt get a lot of ground balls. That is why FIP and xFIP are higher than ERA. However, he is young and I think he will improve of these things over time. Let's see how he does for the rest of the season.
  9. To be fair he isn't the only guy having trouble with the 3 hole. Mookie Betts admitted to having a different mindset in the 3 hole that was messing with his approach and he immediately took off when they moved him back to the leadoff spot in early May. The sample is small but I want to do a comparison of his approach and batted ball profile for hitting 1st vs. 3rd later tonight.
  10. I generally agree with those 2 but wow, they were way off on those 3 points you mentioned. 1. How can Judge and Sano be the same for Fantasy? Judge has a 28.7 K% vs 35.5% for Sano. Sano also pops up more than Judge. That will make a large difference for Batting Average. Judge simply is a better all around hitter in regard to plate discipline, approach, and contact%. Add in the fact that Judge has a favorable home ball park, especially considering that he likes to go opposite field, and Sano plays in a pitcher's / neutral park. Also Judge is in a better lineup for counting stats. 2. Stanton is ahead of Judge obviously in Career numbers, but currently Judge is a better player. That is blatantly clear. Stanton never had this kind of all around production including batting average. 3. The projection systems are outdated and do not incorporate any information from statcast. To rely solely on steamer or depth charts or whatever projections they are referencing is lazy. Statcast is not the end all be all, but there is some direct correlation to wOBA and that should improve the projection for batting average immensely.
  11. Thought this shows how well he hits to all fields including opposite field HR's.
  12. According to ESPN Homerun Tracker, his HR's pretty much would have gone out in most stadiums. Not that I really needed to tell you that. To suggest that he is some kind of creation of Yankee Stadium is ridiculous. Here is the breakdown. Of the 15 HR's hit at home: 9 would be out in all 30 stadiums 1 in 28, 25, 23, 19, 11, 2 stadiums So 13 of the 15 HR's hit at home would have gone out in over roughly 2/3 of the stadiums in the MLB.
  13. I like it. Keeps the pressure off the kid. If he performs he will move up. It's up to him.
  14. It all depends on Reddick and his concussion. If Reddick comes back, then he will need to tear the cover off the ball to stay in the lineup.
  15. Those are good things to look for. I also want to see what his batted ball profile distribution will look like, but unfortunately that takes a very long time to stabilize. I don't know how accurate it is, but Fangraphs shows an unfavorable batted ball profile from AAA.... So many ground balls (over 50%). I want to see at least 22% Line Drives for good batting average and I want to see over 34% Fly Balls for Homeruns. I don't want to see him hit over 50% ground balls.