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  1. Enjoy.
  2. Played first rehab game in AAA last night. 0 for 4 with 3 Ks. He hasn't played in real game in a long while so I would expect his timing to be off. Just glad he is healthy finally.
  3. I think it would be Fisher since he is the one they called up when Springer got injured. Also they really like Marisnik's defense in center and he has been hitting well. Of course this depends on Alvarez mashing and Fisher continuing to be mediocre.
  4. .220ish BABIP in June. Actually walking more than striking out. Hitting less fly balls than ground balls compared to overall season. Typically flyballs have worst BABIP so really no explanation for .220 BABIP except bad luck unless he is making weak contact, which doesnt seem to be the case.
  5. Agree about 11 K's being an outlier. Only 10% swinging strike which correlates highly to K%. While his fastball velocity has improved, it is still a worse pitch than last year in terms of pitch value according to fangraphs. The changeup is worse, as well. O-swing only at 29% so he isn't fooling anybody. Unless he changed something within this season, like in the last 3 starts, nothing to see here except in AL only or deep leagues.
  6. His zone percentage is down 5% so it seems the summer adjustment was to throw him less strikes. Fastballs are slightly down. As a result his o swing went up and contact percentage went down. Perhaps now we are seeing him adjust to these changes.
  7. I think he means all the statcast metrics, ie contact quality, which includes barrel % and launch angle in which they can derive expected batting average, expected slugging and expected wOBA, which he is basically meeting all those stats right now in reality, which means none of what he is doing is a fluke. He is a statcast God right now.
  8. 2nd day in a row in the 2-hole. Got on base via error but then stole his 1st base. Then he hit a ground ball single his 2nd time up and stole another base. Time to pick him up if you haven't already with the dearth of quality stolen base guys out there.
  9. Can not find anything on the internet about this. Last I heard they were considering a 6 man rotation with 20 games in a row coming up. They also are not considering removing Matt Harvey and his $11 million contract from the rotation at this time. Perhaps they are also trying to find a way to limit Canning's innings since he threw only about 113 innings last year.
  10. Huge impact in my opinion. When batting 9th, he has been quoted as saying he didn't want to run into outs with Lindor hitting behind him. I think he is much more likely to steal bases in the 7 hole.
  11. Ben Clemens on Fangraphs has found the change to be with his batting stance and mechanics being more consistent.
  12. Cleveland didn't wait for the super 2 so you know they brought this kid up to help them. They still believe they can win the division but their offense needs help. Cargo and Leonis Martin are both hitting .221. If Mercado performs he will stay up. If he doesn't hit the ground running hopefully they give him time to adjust.
  13. All of his statcast expected metrics are top 3 percent in the league except for xBA which is still top 8 percent at .303. So basically what he is doing now is pretty much validated by his quality of contact. Has anything changed from last season? Heck yes. He has more than doubled his barrel percentage and raised his exit velocity by over 4 MPH to an elite number. And he has raised his launch angle by over 2 degrees to a number that is still good for line drives but more conducive to fly balls. That is why his xBA is over .300. The only thing keeping him from being truly elite is his plate discipline which has gotten worse compared to last season in terms of BB and K percentage. Who knows if maybe that is the tradeoff for getting this better quality of contact. If so it is worth it.
  14. Enjoy. (After 15 second ad)
  15. He leads ALL qualified starting pitchers in BB/9 and BB% and it's not even close. 7.44 BB/9 and 17.8 BB%. Next closest is Aaron Sanchez at 5.66 and 14.3. He has the highest FIP in the league and the 4th worst SIERA. You cannot succeed in MLB with that kind of command and control. Unless you think he can turn it around, which I don't, he is a clear drop for me. Of course it all depends on your league depth and what is out there