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  1. Eloy Jimenez - OF CWS

    Will finally make his debut tonight in AA.
  2. Jack Flaherty 2018 Outlook

    His last AAA start was just OK... 6 IP, 3 ER, 2 BB, 1 HBP, 5 K. I'd be interested in seeing if he gets back to being dominant tonight.
  3. Yonny Chirinos 2018 Outlook

    Last night was really out of character for him. Sure, he has a lowish K%, but it's usually OK because of his command. Coming into last night's game, his BB/9 was 1.26. His BB/9 is under 1.5 for his minor league career. But last night he had no control. It's a hold for me to see if he gets his control back and this was just a blip on the radar.
  4. J.T. Realmuto 2018 Outlook

    The walk was an intentional walk... really helpful for his rehab, I know. Thanks for the heads up. Good to know he can mash single A+ pitching.
  5. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    His 1st SB of the season and didn't strike out. Moving in positive direction. He probably needs to a least to hit a little better in order to get called up with Tucker producing.
  6. Jack Flaherty 2018 Outlook

    I don't think so. There is just no room for him in the rotation.
  7. Matt Chapman 2018 Outlook

    Especially paired with his 10+ BB%.... his upside could be peak Josh Donaldson (2015)... coincidentally a former A's 3rd Baseman.
  8. Matt Chapman 2018 Outlook

    While you were sleeping.... (at least I was..)
  9. Tommy Pham 2018 Outlook

    Barely cleared the fence, needed a review, but still impressive off of a good reliever in Hader in a clutch spot. Hopefully he goes on a hot streak from here.
  10. Jakob Junis 2018 Outlook

    I like Junis, but I think this is the correct hot take. On the season, he now has a .111 BABIP. 0% HR/FB. Obviously it's not sustainable no matter how good the stuff is. However, his FIP is 3.02 and xFIP is 4.56 so maybe his ERA will settle somewhere in between there, making him a useful fantasy starter.
  11. Lewis Brinson 2018 Outlook

    And xStats has him down for a .233 AVG so he hasn't really been that "unlucky". Striking out a lot and not walking much either. 7 hits, all singles. Silver lining is he has a decent amount of leash but he's been dropped in the batting order already. What comes next if he doesn't hit? It's early but he's a tough hold.
  12. Matt Chapman 2018 Outlook

    Its a small sample (through yesterday), but there are some really encouraging things going on with his profile. K% down to 21.6% from 28.2% last season. Hard hit % up to 53.8% from 36.0% last season. FB% down to 34.6% from 50.5% (low BABIP indicator) last season. He doesn't need a FB% that high with his power. O-swing % down to 19.1% from 26.6% last season. Swinging strike down to 8.8% from 11.5% last season. Again, it's a small sample, but maybe just maybe his hot start has something to do with better selectivity at the plate and actually changing his launch angle downward since he was too all or nothing last season.
  13. Gerrit Cole 2018 Outlook

    After 21 swinging strikes the last game, to get 19/20 swinging strikes today, confirms that the 1st game was not a fluke. That pitching mix is really making his fastball more effective and he's getting tons of swing and misses on the slider. We may have a "breakout" on our hands here... hard to say considering he had a 2.60 ERA in 2015, but he has never had this insane strikeout rate before.
  14. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Outlook

    448 ft the other way? Wow that is a special talent for sure. May be even worth rostering even if he is only playing 3 out of 5 days. Especially if you have the roster space to bench him when he isn't playing.
  15. Jakob Junis 2018 Outlook

    New article on Fangraphs comparing his slider to none other than Corey Kluber... and Berrios. Enjoy.