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  1. We are witnessing the downside to a guy with absolutely no plate discipline. Pitchers aren't throwing him anything to square up. His Line Drive % is a paltry 8.3% which would explain his .193 BABIP. He's only seeing 39.9% of pitching in the strikezone and he swings at 43.2% of pitches outside the strikezone. His K% is not bad, it's actually lower than last year, but even if he makes contact, it's low quality contact. He is going to have to make adjustments.
  2. Wanted to look into this just broadly not looking at heatmaps. His swinging strike rate is about near league average at 10.4%. Impressive improvement of contact skill vs last year's 18.1%. His K% is 25.4% another impressive improvement over last year's insane 44.2%. His current K% is still higher than league average, but his swinging strike % is average so maybe there actually is some room for the K% to go down.
  3. According to Yahoo eligibility he has started 3 times in LF and 1 time in RF. Tonight unfortunately was the DH.
  4. I watched the replay. Had him 0-2, but made a mistake and hung a changeup right down the middle. Changeup was supposed to drop below the swing plane.
  5. If we are talking Knebel vs Barnes, and look under the hood, Barnes looks like the superior pitcher. Knebel has a higher K% right now, 12.96% vs 10.45%, but only sports a 9.4% swinging strike rate. Barnes has a whopping 19.4% swinging strike rate, mostly due to his wipeout slider. Knebel uses a power curveball that does not generate many whiffs but at least he gets ground balls- 56.3% this year. Barnes, however, has an otherworldly, admittedly small sample, 70% ground ball rate! It was only 48.6% last season, so let's see if he can keep it up. Knebel's ground ball rate last season was also under 50%... at 42.2%. And let's get back to their command. Knebel is sporting a 4.32 BB/9 after posting 4.41 BB/9 last season. Barnes is sporting s 3.48 BB/9 after posting 2.03 BB/9 in only 26.2 IP. It seems that Knebel is settled into a walk rate over 4 and Barnes may end up in the low to mid 3's. Now, we know Knebel is the 8th inning guy and probably next in line to close, but Barnes is slightly better. If you can't roster both, and you are speculating for saves, I think you have to go with the guy next in line, who is Knebel. In 2014, when Trevor Rosenthal had 45 saves, his BB/9 was 5.37! So, it is possible to close with a walk rate above 4.
  6. So far so good on this. 46 balls in play. 55.6% Flyballs vs 41.0% in 2016. Ground balls down to 28.9% from 37.1%
  7. For saves? No, unless you are really desperate and want to clog up a roster spot. Rosie is the clear far and away next in line. Oh is still the closer. Bowman would have to jump both of them.
  8. All his balls in play were ground balls...
  9. Honestly I felt it was a bit snippy so thanks for going back and acknowledging it. Getting back to your question, even before today's save, it was my opinion he was the handcuff based on his near 100 mph fastball, prior closing experience, his recent usage in the 8th inning and his spotless record this year, albeit small sample. I would also add that his biggest bugaboo has been his control and he hasn't walked anyone yet this year so maybe he is better than ever.
  10. Rosenthal is the clear handcuff to OH.
  11. 37 plate appearances and now 41, matter somewhat when a player is young and still establishing himself. Of course if he were a veteran in the middle of July this wouldn't matter. As I stated earlier, it is a small sample, yes, but something to monitor, and something to possibly be concerned about especially when contact issues stabilize at 60 plate appearances per fangraphs, unless you don't believe in fangraphs. In fact, the creator of fangraphs, Jeff Sullivan responded in a chat last night to someone concerned about Contreras: Question: Two of my favorite players (wilson Contreras and Kyle Hendrucks) have had bad starts with bad peripherals. Should I be worried? Answer by Jeff Sullivan: Yes on Contreras, nothing going right, worse contact issues than Buxton. When a bad batting line is caused by contact issues and not BABIP, there is some cause for concern. If you don't think so, then we can agree to disagree. But I'm not crazy when the creator of Fangraphs is basically saying what I was saying the other day.
  12. Out of the lineup tonight with no DH in Cincinnati...
  13. Yes, because there are only so many solid definitive 8th inning guys out there and there is no guarantee that Thornburg or Smith will be effective when they come back. Smith hasn't been good in 2 years and who knows how the shoulder issue will affect Thornburg.
  14. With the Starling Marte 80 game suspension, downgrade Nova slightly, as he just lost his gold glove centerfielder. Nova doesn't get a lot of strikeouts and relies on his defense. Just last night, I remember seeing Marte run in and make a sliding catch on a line drive for the 3rd out of the 8th inning.
  15. Ok... but I would venture to guess that Devenski may end up with more innings but Betances will have way more holds.