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  1. Agreed. That is something that has me excited about him. 475 plate appearances in AAA is a pretty large sample. There he had only a 15.8% k percentage. That is excellent for someone with his power. Even if that number goes up as it probably will with the tougher competition, if it's around 22% that's still pretty good for a guy with his power.
  2. While we are playing with small samples.... First 3 games: .000 / .167 / .000 / .167 OPS / -39 WRC+ / .000 BABIP Last 3 games: .364 / .462 / 1.182 / 1.643 OPS / 299 WRC+ / .125 BABIP
  3. Super Small Sample (only 9 batted ball events), but to ease your worries: 18.8% BB rate is very good. 25.0% K rate not good and way above his AAA rate, but a sterling 6.5% swinging strike rate suggests room for improvement. "unlucky" .111 BABIP despite batted ball metrics that would suggest a higher BABIP - 55.6% Hard, 44.4% Oppo, 22.2% LD
  4. Get used to it...
  5. 20% chance for 20+ WAR over the next 6 years... not bad.
  6. Benched again for 3rd day in a row. This is what you do to your top prospect? Let him play and develop every day in AAA.
  7. "He still has a chance to make adjustments and become more selective at the plate. Whether that happens this year or another year is up for debate." -said me in the same post you quoted from 5/7/17. He has made the adjustments, just like I said was up for debate. For the first 60 games of the season, he was hitting way more ground balls than fly balls. Over the last 30 games, the flyball rate and groundball rate have come closer together and have alternated flip flopping above each other. Sure enough, with more fly balls, he has hit more home runs. Cannot hit homeruns without flyballs.
  8. The robbed homerun was measured by statcast at 411 ft... Anyway, if it's even possible, I would be trying to aquire Judge right now if any of his owners are nervous about this "slump" in which he is facing ace pitchers and hitting caught linedrives and getting robbed 411 ft flyballs and getting called out on strikes 6 inches off the plate.
  9. I didn't word that correctly. What I meant was that the change in perception of him over the course of 2.5 months was amazing, as it was such a stark turnaround.
  10. It's amazing that I think at the end of April, many were doubting that he was the #1 SS to have in fantasy. Lindor had a great start and was showing more power and Seager was continuing where he left off last season. But now here we are and Correa looks like the clear cut #1 Fantasy SS. The only thing that can stop him now is staying healthy. Interesting that he has stopped stealing bases presumably to stay healthy, yet slid into home head first last week and hurt his thumb, but thankfully dodged a bullet there.
  11. I was wondering about this, too. Smoak did not get an RBI for the run scored on the error, which makes sense. But then why is it an ER?
  12. One can look at making contact outside the strikezone as a bad thing. Usually that would mean a weakly batted ball. For Judge, it could be strike 1 or strike 2 and he still has a chance to do something with the at bat. As far as his overall bat to ball contact skills, yes, it is below average, but he is making the most of it by mostly swinging at pitches in the strike zone. He is one of the biggest players in the history of the game and typically these people have long swings that result in low contact. He has worked hard to shorten and level his swing in an effort to make more contact and he has been successful enough this season with that amount of contact.
  13. Agreed. I was calling for him to be promoted to AAA when Gleyber Torres went down, but didn't expect a callup to the MLB already. From my understanding, his defense needs a lot of work. That may be a hint that he is more of a replacement for DH Matt Holiday, than for Chase Headley. I think he can help the Yankees as he hits to all fields with occasional power. But for Fantasy, he is raw and there are much better options out there.
  14. Agree with this. Also, add in the fact that he doesn't strike out a ton like some other potential 20/20 players like Keon Broxton. Maybe that doesn't matter if your league doesn't count K's, but that affects batting average. Also, another potential 20/20 guy is Pillar, but he doesn't have the counting stats (RBI) that Benintendi will have. I'll reiterate what @mjb03003 said, you need a clear cut top 100 player to drop Benintendi.
  15. I drafted Conforto last season and he had the great April then somehow just fell off a cliff and never recovered. This is like Deja Vu. What the heck. Is it this a game of adjustments, batter vs pitcher, and Michael needs an entire off-season to adjust?