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  1. Maybe not. Sounds like the field conditions are an issue: The grounds crew continued to work throughout the night after the game was postponed. But with more rain in the forecast Tuesday, Eaton was skeptical that the field would be ready to go for a doubleheader that is scheduled to begin at 3:05 p.m.
  2. Looking at the Philly forecast right now. Agreed - they should have started the games earlier. But it looks like it's improved over the past 24 hours. Perhaps they'll actually get the games in today.
  3. Dont' get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Ohtani. But at this point, he can't be considered a true "ace." He has the potential to become an ace, but he doesn't deserve that designation two starts into his MLB career. Currently he's the #3/4 on my team (depending on whether you want to include Bumgarner on the list). And the road to developing into an ace isn't always an easy one. If you've played fantasy baseball long enough, you've undoubtedly seen this movie before. There will be bumps in the road. The fact that the best team in baseball (currently) was a bump for Ohtani doesn't surprise me, nor does it make me lose any confidence in him. However, I do get a bit concerned when I hear about blister issues. Hopefully it's minor, but I've seen too many pitchers with blister problems: Hill, Stroman, Sanchez, Cotton, Walker, Price, Syndergaard, etc. The MLB seriously needs to take a close look at whether the ball is contributing to this issue. I understand some pitchers (e.g., Hill) are more likely to develop blisters given the way they grip and spin the ball, but pitchers that have never had a problem with blisters are developing them.
  4. I'm going to sit this one out. The Red Sox have been the hottest team during this early part of the season. Ohtani is eventually going to have a subpar game. Wouldn't surprise me to see it in this spot.
  5. Two game-winning HRs in four starts. CLUTCH!
  6. Stanton's Godley Plan Better Call Paul
  7. Platoon players no bueno. Excessive Ks no bueno. Poor at bats no bueno. May look to shop him to the Cubs fans in my league.
  8. David Stearns has said that there is no truth to the rumors. He actually thought it was an April Fools' joke. Good. Doesn't really make sense for either team, and doesn't sound good to fantasy owners. Stearns Shoots Down Rumors
  9. Gsellman also earned a hold in his second appearance on Saturday. Looking like he good SP/RP candidate at this point.
  10. He looked great. But why is he now listed DTD?
  11. As Nightrain noted, it depends on what you need in terms of categories and positions. Without knowing more, I would currently rank them as follows in a redraft league: 1. Carlos Gonzalez 2. Bradley Zimmer 3. Scott Kingery 4. Matt Davidson Obviously, it would be a different story in a keeper league.
  12. Should I trade Happ for Olson? It's a H2H points league. The only thing preventing me from pulling the trigger is Happ's 2B/OF eligibility. I already have Altuve, with Marwin and Happ as my other options. Olson has 1B/OF eligibility, but I also have Zimmerman, Gallo, and Marwin to plug in there. WHIR.
  13. The value in finding a fantasy baseball pitcher who has SP/RP eligibility and collects saves/holds (in addition to other solid numbers) cannot be overstated. I still recall the first year Papelbon started closing for the Red Sox -- I believe it was 2006 -- and he had SP/RP status. I'm guessing he won a lot of championships and money for owners that year. Anyway, I've tried to find that valuable SP/RP every year since then. Usually there are a few preseason candidates, but I don't see any that should definitely be earning saves or holds in the near future. If you see strong candidates, please share. Note: I recognize that Montgomery and Glasnow are both solid pitchers with SP/RP status, I haven't heard about them potentially earning saves or holds. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. I'm not concerned. It's an early-season motivational tool that reduces the pressure on him. Low-stress position for Bux to start the season. This could ultimately be blessing in disguise. As for the draft position, I grabbed in him 9th round (pick #81) of my keeper league (first six rounds are used to allocate keepers).
  15. I took him in the 11th round (pick #101) of my keeper league (first six rounds are used to allocate the keepers). He kept falling, so I finally decided to pull the trigger, especially considering that I will have the ability to keep him for two more years. I figure sacrificing a couple months justifies the ability to use MadBum for 2.5+ years.