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  1. Odor vs Tanaka or Cabrera vs Syndergaard? What do you think?
  2. I'm only comparing Madea and Estrada. Roark is already in my line-up
  3. I see that. But would he be a worse play than Estrada tomorrow vs Yankees?
  4. I have Roark. It's a 5 pitcher per week league. My 4 are set. It's really Maeda vs Estrada choice right now.
  5. Hey fellas, looking for options please. Regardless of format, is Maeda a good play today at the Phillies? Career 3-0 but his record on the road is 4-5 5.79 era opposed to home where he is 8-1 2.79. My only other option is Estrada tomorrow vs a hot Yankee line-up. I'm in a very close championship game and it could boil down to this decision. Thanks!