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  1. Stevie Wonder saw this coming. Strasburg and Ryu are coming soon. Both extremely overdue for a DL stint.
  2. He's an up and down guy plus K/9 has been horrible. Anyone holding in K/9 leagues?
  3. I decided to take it. Thanks everyone
  4. Hudson is great in non K/9 leagues. I'm watching Luzardo too
  5. My Gerrit Cole for his JD Martinez and Tyler Glasnow. Thoughts?
  6. Well I mean there is always Nick Anderson...ERA a lot to be desired but that k/9
  7. The salt of non owners is delightful.
  8. At this point Riley has to be reaching Juan Soto 2018 and Gary Sanchez 2017 levels of ridiculousness. Maybe not Sanchez but holy crap!
  9. Bought multiple shares in him last week. Weak opponent but pretty encouraging stuff.
  10. You knew this was coming at some point. Always a lock to miss a month or so.
  11. Agreed with the majority. Pass
  12. Im looking to move an OF because Verdugo is on the wire. Hamilton is also a possibility too. But really like Verdugo
  13. Trading him leaves you really thin in SPs. I'd hold
  14. Do you need hitting? If so yes. If you need pitching more then stay the course. Help here please