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  1. Lol ok. Just updating with recent news. Relax.
  2. The break out game is coming. BELIEVE!
  3. I mean Chris Godwin isn't worth throwing to either. He's been consistent all year but not today.
  4. I'm starting to think Winston is waiver wire material. Dude makes some awesome plays that shows he has skills but then he makes some completely bone headed ones.
  5. Thats exactly what I plan on doing. (Looking at M. Williams) I really like Goodwin but I think his value will plummet with Beathard. I think the only WR/TE on the Ninters worth holding onto is Kittle. Just my two cent.
  6. Simple question, got offered Leveon Bell for Kenyan Drake. If I trade for Bell, it leave me with Davin Cook, Lamar Miller, and Javorius Allen. We only have to start 2 RBs so I can play a high end WR in my flex. Thoughts?
  7. I like Rod Smith as a lotto ticket. I think we will get a decent idea of what this back field will look like. I can see him getting 10-ish touches unless ALF totally establishes his hold on the job. Could see 6 carries for 30 yards and 4 catches for 45. I dont know what to think with McFadden. I ca see him active, but not doing much. Should be interesting to see the results of the Dallas game this Sunday.
  8. To give a little idea of what I got in a return for Watson... Im rolling with Kirk Cousins the rest of the year (had his bye last week) and I traded Watson and Alex Collins for Kennan Allen, Sammy Watkins, and Cameron Brate. I definitely had a need for WRs but I feel pretty solid with my return. Watson was huge the last 2 weeks, but like others have said, I think its hard to move QBs in fantasy. I was sad for him to leave my team, but it was out of necessity. I think hes certainly worth a good return if people want him, but I like what other have said that rolling with him ROS, he has top shelf potential every week so if you could get a kings ransom for one of the higher end QBs (Brady, Brees, Etc.) and you feel comfortable going with Watson, then nothing wrong with that. I also think its a bit harder to get TRUE value in fantasy for your QB in a trade. No one really wants to trade a RB1 or WR1 for a QB. Hope Watson keeps it going rest of season. Him and Trubisky are going to be special.
  9. Sure Chargers, that makes sense. 1st and Goal at the 8 and you throw 3 straight times....I mean, Gordon hasnt throughly dominated this game for you at all right???????
  10. 1st and goal (@ the 2) Left Hyde punch this in!!!!!
  11. greeeeeeeeeeeat! Why do I play Fantasy Football....same garbage every year.
  12. I think Gallman has the potential to be the best RB add this week. While I like Murray too, I think Gallman has a legit shot to run with the job and is a good pass catcher to boot. Yes Vereen is there, but they will be a but more dynamic on 1st and 2nd down because he can catch out of the back field.
  13. Fumble wasn't credited to him. It was officially on Chris Thompson. But overall, what a disappointing day. He even played the second most snaps according to NFL. 36-50 snaps played. Why isnt Cousins going to him? He was awesome last year. IMO, I would give him at least one more game after the bye week and if he doesnt have a solid game, than he can be dropped. But I would at least wait until after the bye week and see what they do. That have to be clamoring to get the ball to him more....right?
  14. One of the best on Rotoworld...knows his pitchers! Still miss my favorite Dustin McGowan!