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  1. Tyler Glasnow 2018 Outlook

    9k in 4 innings... did his stuff look as filthy as that line looks for those that watched?
  2. Brad Peacock vs Tyler Glasnow

    Which pitcher would you rather have the rest of this season only? deep mixed league- W/K/S/ERA/WHIP I don't like Peacock's likely low total innings but he would be of use just to not hurt ratios Glasnow is intriguing to me but I fear possible ratio blowups. Flip side- if he could pitch more innings and if he does well he'll help more.
  3. Rich Hill or Taillon

    I think Taillon. Rich Hill could very well strike out over 9/ip the rest of the way but the risk of a blister is just too high to bypass Taillon who's ratios I feel will help you the rest of the season and I think Taillon has better odds to stay healthy and pitch more innings.
  4. Domingo Santana 2018 Outlook

    Not worth holding onto, in my humble opinion.
  5. Dereck Rodriguez 2018 Outlook

    Son of Pudge has been a waiver wire gem.
  6. Jon Gray 2018 Outlook

    Come on, Jon. There's people out there that need you!
  7. Brandon Nimmo 2018 Outlook

    Is it cool to like him again now?
  8. Rich Hill 2018 Outlook

  9. Hamels vs Harvey

    Rest of this season, league- W/K/S/ERA/WHIP Leaving out the variable of not knowing where Hamels will get traded, would you rather have Cole Hamels or Matt Harvey the rest of the year? I may be too excited about Matt's last few starts.
  10. Max Fried 2018 Outlook

    ESPN.com has Fried listed as the starter for Thursday
  11. July Closer Thread 2018

    Shane Greene was supposed to nail us by getting traded, not by an injury weeks before the deadline!!!!
  12. Jon Gray 2018 Outlook

    I'm still not dropping as long as I can help it. His peripherals are awesome.
  13. Nathan Eovaldi 2018 Outlook

    I know. This guy is an interesting case so far. I started him today but I was terrified to do it. Anybody out there have some good analysis on how his pitches are performing now as opposed to this TJ surgery?
  14. June Closer Thread 2018

    Don't look but Sergio Romo has become rosterable in deep leagues. He has a little Fernando Rodney in him in that he just won't go away.
  15. Alex Reyes 2018 Outlook

    CBS finally changed his status back to DL. Dummies.