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  1. Three more hits. Hitting .355 with a 1.035 OPS.
  2. He's already starting to get too big for SS. Imagine him in five years.
  3. Only had one hit today, a triple. Clearly starting to slump, might be time to sell high.
  4. Two more hits, a walk, and a stolen base.
  5. The future is him at 2B and Swanson at SS. And Acuna at RF. Inciarte at CF. Maybe Pache. Maitan at 3B. Freeman at 1B. And a rotation of Soroka, Allard, Anderson, Gohara, Tuissant. And Minter at closer. And some of the thousands of good SP prospects in the bullpen.
  6. Acuna's fifth AB is a groundout but apparently it was a horrible call and he easily beat the throw.
  7. That triple slash is about to go way up. 4 for 4 with a HR so far.
  8. And that's with a really bad two month start to 2016.