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  1. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    Money is basically a complete non factor with Otani, it's going to come down to where he likes it the most. Who checks off as many boxes for him as possible and quite frankly that could be just about anybody.
  2. Drafting MacKenzie Gore?

    I took Mackenzie Gore at 1.4 in my draft and he's done nothing but elevate his standing since then. At 1.6 you're going to have to pray for a few people to reach because honestly at this point I might have him as the current 1.1 out of his draft. It sounds like your amateur draft includes international signees so maybe if you could get in at 3 or 4 you have a shot. Anything later and I can't imagine he'll be there.
  3. Chicago Cubs 2018 Outlook

    Whether or not they chose to extend anyone this current core will be together for 4 more years. They have plenty of time to to move things around.
  4. Chicago Cubs 2018 Outlook

    After the 2019 season the Cubs TV contract will end, that will be a massive influx of extra income.
  5. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    Nope any trade for a quality guy Yelich is going to have to come from the MLB squad. I think Happ is by far the most likely to be moved, but in a case like MIA where they are SS needy I could see them demanding Baez.
  6. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    Offseason hasn't even started yet, but I've already read articles attaching Cubs to Brandon Morrow and Christian Yelich. Also, apparently Cubs and Toronto were pretty close on a deal to send Stroman to the Cubs at the break, but Toronto wanted a ML piece. The Cubs weren't willing at the time, but now it looks like they are so I wonder if it's revisited.
  7. 2018 "Deep" Sleepers

    Just a list of a few of the guys who at the very least are not universally top 100, but I think could be very valuable in the future. Cole Ragans, LHP, Tex- Stock continues to rise for the guy consistently comped to Cole Hamels minus a tick or two of velocity. Logan Shore, RHP, OAK- He's got Kyle Hendricks written all over him. 45 grade fast ball, but with a 70 grade change and command that could reach 60 or 65. Chris Rodriguez, RHP,LAA- Very young and very raw, but the stuff is is excellent. In fact earlier in the year one writer said his stuff was better than both Morejon and J.Albertos Jordan Humphreys, RHP, NYM- Had an incredible year in the minors, but had to have TJS in August. Surprised he didn't make any mid season top 100 lists. Aramis Ademan, SS, CHC- A good bet to stick at SS, 19 year old Ademan was much better with the bat than expected at shortseason A ball. JoJo Romero,LHP, PHI- Put up fantastic numbers across A and A+ in his age 20 season. He managed to put a lot of those possible reliever comments to sleep. Kyle Funkhouser,RHP,DET- At one point he seemed a sure fire top 5 pick in the draft, but then velocity issues and other arm troubles sent him tumbling to the 4th round. Well the velocity is back and he's once again looking like the guy who was worthy of being a top 5 overall pick. Austin Gomber,LHP, STL- Nothing really stands out about his overall numbers, but his 2nd was vastly improved, From July 1st on he put up a 2.64ERA with a 8.64K/9. Brandon Marsh, OF, LAA- Oft injured, but spectacular when he's been on the field. Writers have been hyping this guy pretty good as a 4, maybe even 5 tool guy.
  8. Grayson Long SP DET

    Kind of surprised he never got his own thread. Grayson just got moved from the Angels to the Tigers where there are plenty of rotation spots open in 2018. He's doesn have top of the rotation upside, but he is very solid and has posted this line in AA at age 23 121 2/3IP 100H 38BB 111SO 8.21K/9 2.81BB/9 2.52ERA 3.07FIP. He's a good safe bet to be in a rotation for a long time.
  9. Ian Happ 2017 Outlook

    If any of Schwarber,Baez,Russell,Happ are going anywhere my guess is that it's Happ. With that said, I think it's much more likely the Cubs use their financial resources to grab someone this offseason. They may end up eating part of Zobrists' contract to ship him off.
  10. Jake Arrieta 2017 Outlook

    After a bad 2nd half and not so good early 1/3 of this season, Jake is back and man is he going to get paid this offseason. Since July 1st 69 1/3IP 45H 60K 21BB 1.69ERA The vintage 2015 Arrieta peripherals are gone, but the resluts are still looking mighty strong.
  11. Would you make this deal for freeman?

    All day. Braun is great, when he's healthy, which seems to be less and less. Albies is a good prospect and likely to be a much more valuable real life player than fantasy player. He just doesn't have the pop and his SB/Contact skill aren't so elite they can overcome his lack of pop. Help me out:
  12. Conforto replacement?

    Choo has been surprising solid this year. Sure he has a sub .800OPS, but his counting numbers are pretty good and he might get 20/20 yet again. Help me out:
  13. Playoffs: Who to Start?

    I worry about Wood and his continuing loss of velocity, but I don't see anything I like a whole lot more. I'd probably stick with what you have. Help me out:
  14. Keep or Trade? (WHIR)

    Questions pertain to the dynasty league in my signature. Long story short, my pitching choked and I find myself 1st man out of the playoffs despite 4th most points. Now that my fate has been decided, do I move Pham as a sell high or keep him for the future? My other CF qualifies are Dexter Fowler,Andrew Benintendi and Mahtook. Albert Pujols, do I just take whatever I can get or hope he bounces back to 2016 power levels and is once again useful? He spent pretty much every week on my bench this year. Lastly, do I give Lucroy another season or dump and move on? I got absolutely killed in C vs C matchups this year. Thanks for any help.
  15. Brent Rooker - OF/1B MIN

    Considering the #1 question about him was would his power play with wood bats, I think he's unequivocally answered that question. Remember though, he's a month away from being 23 year old. Still, very happy to be a Rooker owner.