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  1. Hopefully spring training is just an aberration because he's looking a lot like that same Jake who was pretty marginal the 2nd half of last year.
  2. Phil Maton is a guy to stash now as I think he stands as good a chance as anyone of taking over as closer at some point in 2017. He started 2016 in Rookie ball and finished in AAA last year with completely dominating numbers. He's continued that domination in spring training putting up a 8IP 2H 0ER 3BB 10K .63WHIP
  3. This is pretty much what was to be expected. Cubs limit Montgomery's innings by keeping him in the pen the 1st half and then in the 2nd half when they go to 6 man rotation or someone gets hurt, he steps in and takes the spot all the while keeping his arm alive long enough for him to be a reliever in the playoffs. I'd guess about 15 starts for Monty this year and a starter job out of the gates in 2018.
  4. I don't know that you'll get anything out of him the 1st half of 2017 and you might not getting anything out of him until 2018, but Eddie Butler SP CHC looks fantastic. The fastball is back up to 95-96, he's inducing a ton of grounders and locating his curve. Thus far his ST lines sits at 10IP 4H 3ER 2BB 6K and a .6WHIP.
  5. Quantrill was long talked about as one of the guys in the running for 1.1 in his class until he had to get TJS. As far as stuff goes, his is probably the best of anyone in his draft other than possibly Alec Hansen when he's on.
  6. Cueto getting seriously underrated in this thread. 2014-2016 Cueto 2.80ERA 49W 8.21K/9 2.08BB/9 675.1IP 14.2fWAR Verlander 3.67ERA 36W 8.35K/9 2.44BB/9 567.0IP 11.0fWAR Darvish 3.20ERA 17W 11.55K/9 2.94BB/9 244.2IP 6.4fWAR Darvish might be the best of the trio when he's healthy, but he hasn't been since 2013.
  7. People still vastly underrate Devon Travis. In 163 career games he has put up a .301/.342/.469 line with 19HR 92R 85RBI and 7SB. Anyways, obviously RP has to be addressed. You've also got one heck of a lot of swing and miss in your line up, so don't be surprised if your team is a bit streaky. You're going to be hurting for SB as I don't think Pollock,Benintendi and Polanco will run enough to carry the rest of the squad. Average is also going to be an issue. Plenty of pop should provide lots of counting statistics and nice OPS. I imagine the pitching staff puts up fairly good ERA and WHIP, but I don't know if the K/9 will be what you want it to be.
  8. Give me Bellinger. You've got top notch players already at SS and 3B, while 1B is an extremely shallow position right now. If Bellinger is what many think he is, he'll vastly improve your roster. Help me out:
  9. EE,Machado,Bogaerts,Springer,Kipnis. Maeda is going to get batted around and I no longer have any faith in Stras being even a 140IP guy. Help me out:
  10. deGrom,Lester,Strasburg,Darvish would be how I rank them, but I wouldn't take any of them over the 4 keeps you've chosen. As far as first pick goes, if Murphy still qualifies at 2B then I go with that, but if he's 1B only then I go Springer. Help me out:
  11. A couple things that stick out, SS is going to have to be addressed and it's a super deep position so it shouldn't be too bad. If the Blue Jays call up Tellez that's really going tohelp your roster a lot. Your rotation has upside, but man is there a lot of risk in that rotation. McCullers,Severino,Darvish,Erod,Paxton and Liriano are all injury risks. It would have been nice to get a couple reliable starters to anchor things. You're going to have to catch some breaks with health and some guys performing right away Benintendi/Haniger, but the opportunity is there for it to be a pretty good squad. Help me out:
  12. Their upsides are all pretty similar. With Darvish you have to deal with injuries and with Verlander while he had a nice 2016 he wasn't so great for a stretch before that. I think Cueto's your safest bet. Help me out:
  13. Run with Mazara, he has plenty of power and doesn't come with the swing and miss issues that plague Judge. Help me out:
  14. You're much higher on Peraza than I am, I think that's a steal for deGrom. Help me out:
  15. I have two things I do. Firstly I nominate guys I have zero interest in but I know will go for big money. My usual draft strategy is to punt saves, so I throw as many closers as possible too. Basically the whole point is too make everyone spend their money on other players so that when it's time to get the one you want, you have the best shot at them. The absolute best thing you can do for yourself in these auction leagues is know where you can safely save money. SS and 3B are super super deep so rather than drop $40 on Kris Bryant, you can go out and grab a Jose Ramirez for probably $15 and use that saved $25 on super shallow positions like 1B where you only have a handful of really high end talents. Help me out: