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  1. Alex Avila and Victor Caratini both out of their respective lineups. Odd because Maddon definitely said Caratini was going today.
  2. Not sure why he isn't getting any love around here. 19 year old Franklin Perez has put up a 2.98ERA and 3.38FIP in A+ this year and is now being promoted to AA where he'll join Forrest Whitley.
  3. Yup, he has as much helium as any prospect in the game right now. I went into this year thinking he was the 4th best SP prospect Houston had behind Martes,Paulino and Perez, but he's getting to the point where he may be run away #1. He's got to be up there with Allard and Mckenzie right now.
  4. Are we all ready for the enormous over reaction that is going to come from his start tonight? I'm absolutely dreading all the nonsense should he get shelled.
  5. They were dangling Albies in a Quintana deal, maybe they're dangling him in Sonny Gray deal.
  6. The guy has been nothing short of amazing and has been pretty much without slumps this year and people still wont give you any kind of return for him. I suppose I'll have to suffer by continuing to roster him in CF and watching him go 20/20 in 2/3 of a seasons worth of PAs.
  7. Absolutely not. Cody Allen isn't even the closer at the moment. They're going back and forth with him and Miller switching between the position.
  8. Should I add a top 25 pitcher in the game for a #2 waiver wire? Um, yeah.
  9. Vlad Jr Eloy Acuna Soto Tucker Rodgers Devers Moncada Sixto A.Reyes Next 5 Robles Mejia Bichette McKenzie Buehler
  10. Cahill does nothing for the Cubs. People don't seem to be getting this at all. This move was not done with 2017 in mind, it was done with the next 3.5 years in mind. After this season the Cubs will lose Arrieta and Lackey which leaves them with Lester/Hendricks/Montgomery. Theo was very clear he wanted someone with lots of control, rentals were never an option. Now he'll go into the off season only needing to fill 1 rotation spot with the roughly 40M they'll have to spend on upgrades.
  11. Miggy if I remember the piece you're talking about correctly and Jed Hoyer has said there were many in the FO who that they had a second Kris Eloy.
  12. 28 year old Quintana, under contract for 3 more years at a cost of less than 10M per season; He has exceeded 200IP 4 seasons in a row. So he's cheap,young,durable,under contract for a while and oh yeah he's pretty good at pitching too. MLB Ranks 2014-2017(500IP MIN) ERA: 3.47(22nd) FIP: 3.31(16th) fWAR: 16.6(8th) But he's bad this year right? Not really, he just got off to a very rough start. Since June 1st 2.70ERA 3.40FIP 10.13K/9 Looking at all that, I'm not sure how someone can claim the Cubs overpaid. .
  13. In what way is he unraveling? He bought a pitcher that gives you 200 innings year in and out, has 3.5 years left on his contract, has a contract way below market value and his 11.5fWAR since the start of 2015 puts him at 8th in all of baseball. The Cubs were going to have 2 holes in the rotation after this season from losing Arrieta and Lackey. Now he's filled one of those holes and has about 40M to spend on upgrades after taking out Quintana's 10M and 1st year arb raises for Bryant/Russell/Baez.
  14. He has definitely been in a prolonged slump, but still given his age, his plus plus hit tool and if he can stick at SS there's no question he belongs. It's funny because Keith Law was in love with a guy just like Urias but older in Kevin Newman. Said he was the best prospect in the 2015 draft and always had him ranked highly when very few others did.
  15. Once he learns to hit righthanded pitching then he can play everyday, until then he's a utility guy.