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  1. 3RBI behind MVP front runner Kris Bryant
  2. Kid is 22 and already sporting 25HR pop, by the time he's fully mature that may be 30HR pop. Outside of Bryant, I think he'll end up having the best career among the Cubs bunch, including Rizzo.
  3. I wont be at all surprised if DeLeon is moved in the off season. All the opportunity in the world to add him to the rotation at various points this season yet he sits in AAA. Maybe I'm wrong, but that doesn't scream to me that they're particularly infatuated with the kid.
  4. Picked him up in our Amateur draft last year because the stuff looked so good, but man he might be the biggest 1st round disappointment of last year's draft. Low K rates when he pitches and no information as to why he doesn't pitch for extended periods, no thanks until he builds a track record.
  5. I don't know that I'd be so bold to suggest front runner for ROY, but if his power surge is even half real he could be a very nice player. He's not going to maintain a .359ISo, no one does, but if he can come in and slg 475/.500 to along with a .280/.340 line then I'll be pretty thrilled.
  6. Assuming the Cubs don't offer Fowler a contract, they're going to be ridiculously crowded in the OF. Heyward,Soler,Schwarber,Contreras,Almora, Szczur(he might be the CF opening day in 2017). Then as you said, Happ is probably ready by July 2017. Theo is infatuated with Schwarber and thinks he's a top 10 bat in the game. Maddon is infatuated with Baez, both his bat potential and his ability to be a plus defender at any infield position. Neither Szczur or Almora have enough value to headline for a good pitcher. I wont be at all surprised if a deal would be for Soler+one of almora/szczur+whatever else.
  7. I still believe he's going to be a trade chip for a SP since the Cubs only have Lester and Hendricks under contract after 2017, but at least this means he's going to get significantly more play time.
  8. The Bryant error and Baez botched double play cost him 15-20 pitches. Without those he probably gets through 7 today.
  9. Plate discipline seems greatly improved since his return. He's really battling and laying off the bad pitches and driving the ones he wants.
  10. Absolutely horrible. I hope he and his wife can stay strong through this. Nothing puts more pressure on a marriage than the loss of a child.
  11. 5IP 0H 0ER 1BB 6K tonight. Time to move him to A+.
  12. Let's stop underrating a top 5 2B in the game.
  13. Manaea being absolutely saved by the babip gods today.
  14. After their 25-6 start they played 28-29 ball until the all star break.
  15. Continues to be enormously underrated. I get a person a week trying to sell me on a new 2B and I'll keep trotting Travis out there instead.