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  1. WIth minor leaguers you have to take projection into account not simply production. BA believes Bellinger is going to grow into a 60bat with 70 power which is just tremendously rare. Those are your Miguel Cabreras, Vladimir Guerreros etc
  2. Unfortunately, all we can do is hope for the best with Cargo if your leagues are anything like mine. I tried to sell him off this offseason in a bid to get my OF younger. Half the people said they have zero interest and the other half were giving up 50cents on the dollar.
  3. I don't know about this one. Sub average speed, 10-15HR pop and while he doe have a great eye he's going to get challenged constantly until he proves to MLB pitchers there's a reason to pitch carefully to him. I'm probably sitting out on this one, there just isn't enough upside for me.
  4. It's a bit worrying in the concern that he may go from CF to RF/LF but even so his bat will play there just fine. I view him as a Clint Frazier offensive type with a decent chance to stick in CF.
  5. I keep Reyes and I also keep Betts/Correa as the two bats. Reyes gets a little wild here and there, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if he put up a Syndergaard type season this year.
  6. Zack Collins is a must have and a really safe bat and the second for me is between Tellez and Lewis. I roll with Lewis for two reasons, his ceiling is higher at a defense first position(CF) and I'm not so sold on Collins to stick at C that I'd rule him out playing 1B for the next decade. You probably don't want to end up with 2x 1B in Collins and Tellez should the chips fall that way. edit: I see lots of votes for O'Brien but I don't trust him to make anywhere near enough contact to reach his power potential. He made decent improvements last year, but he still has a long way to go. Help me out:
  7. The infield is crazy good, the OF has potential but damn is it old. RP again is pretty sick, but the SP is depending on 1 guy coming off a career season, 1 guy who had his first good season in 3 or 4 years and Lackey who is only a couple years from age 40. If anything is going to be your downfall it's going to be the rotation. Help me out:
  8. Really thought I'd be in the minority here, but I think I'd take Musgrove even up without Sisco being involved. Walker's stuff is better, but at some point he has to show actual results and not hype. Help me out:
  9. It's a bit difficult because we don't know where Darvish is going to sign after this season, but given his injury risks I'll take Darvish for Freeman all day. Freeman was pretty much Rizzo last year and that Brave's line up is starting to improve and with it Freeman's counting numbers will improve too. Help me out:
  10. I don't really lament losing Diaz or Judge at all. Kopech is nice, but you have to give to get. For me this is basically 1 year of Votto plus Kopech for Trea which is a no brainer. Help me out:
  11. So essentially I have two trades offered to me by separate people that are dependent on one another. Long story short my OF/DH line would go from LF-Braun CF-Cespedes RF-Cargo DH-Benintendi DH-Pence to LF-Benintendi CF-Fowler RF-Cargo DH-Pence DH-Melky which is an obvious downgrade but I don't think it's huge. The question is, which is more valuable the downgrade or the new assets, those assets being Mike Montgomery, Rowdy Tellez, Jack Flaherty and future Tiger closer Joe Jimenez. Team is in the sig and finished 2nd last year.
  12. Just in time for the Cubs to come off of their 300K spending limit, but seriously, he uses his lower half as good or better than any teen I've seen at the same age.
  13. Took 2nd last year, 4th overall in scoring. Only differences right now from last year's team and the current squad is that I'm lacking a 3rd closer and I moved Felix+Ian Happ for Gleyber Torres,Francisco Mejia, Yadier Alvarez and Kyle Lewis.
  14. I wouldn't expect much from him in 2017, but 2018 and 2019 he should be putting up some numbers. Unless you're truly in the running to win this year, I think you have to pull the trigger. Chances are even if you don't draft a closer you can get at least one via waivers as long as you're really hitting the closer scene hard. Help me out:
  15. Take it and run. Just as few as 4 months ago one Cardinal offical said Wacha's days of starting were over. Getting a prospect with legit ace upside for Wacha is a haul in my opinion.