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  1. Jesus Sanchez - OF TB

    I meant BB, that was a typo, yeah 7% is crazy elite territory.
  2. Jesus Sanchez - OF TB

    Jesus is one of those guys where I have little to no doubt he's going to play for a long time in the majors. The question for me is that as a corner outfielder is his bat going to be just good or is it going to be special. The increasing power is one great sign, but I'd also like to see that K% get to at least 7%.
  3. Either Ors

    1. Ill take Schwarber 2. I'll take Cesar Hernandez on a much improved PHI club.
  4. Easy win for the Blackmon side. Honestly I'd still consider the deal if you were only getting Blackmon back, let alone Archer. Thanks for the help with mine.

    I agree with trying to sell on Jansen right now, but that return is pretty underwhelming even in these circumstances. Thanks for the help on mine.
  6. Didi for Cespedes?

    Nope, you have about zero real options to fill in at SS and Cespedes gets hurt every year. It's only a matter of time. Help me out:
  7. Acuna for Seager

    I am very down on Moncada, but Seager is basically already what you hope Acuna becomes and at a more difficult to fill position. I think you probably have to take it
  8. Would you make this trade?

    In a dynasty league, absolutely not. JD and Greinke don't make you sure much better as to warrant the many years you'll get from the others.
  9. Big Trade ! WHIR 100%

    Honestly Corbin is the deciding factor for me. Votto+Stras for Goldy +Benintendi sure, but handing over Corbin, ,who has been very good since the 2nd half of 2017 would be keep me from pulling the trigger.
  10. Enough for Blackmon?

    Seager is a nice start, but I think I'd need a more sure thing than McCullers. Cargo is pretty much a throw in at this point. Help me out:
  11. Team is in the sig. Currently I have 8 guys who are making starts in the bigs with Sims and Woodruf likely to join them soon. We start 5 SP per week and our league does allow double starts so I'm very shallow compared to all the other teams. With that said, I know my SP is not top notch and kind of drops off a cliff after Kluber, so I could really use another front line arm. So the question is, can I afford to lose both Corbin and Bettis for Robbie Ray? I get the best pitcher in the deal, but I also drop down to 7 active pitchers and not to mention Corbin/Bettis have both pitched to sub 2 ERAs so far. Let me know what you think and leave a link so I can answer your question. Thanks.
  12. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    Team in Sig. Traded My Heliot Ramos OF SF and Wander Javier SS MIN for Brandon Woodruf SP MIL
  13. Forrest Whitley - RHP HOU

    I think he sees some time out of the pen when rosters expand.
  14. Frank Schwindel 1b - KC

    2.5BB% is perhaps the single lowest rate I've ever seen for someone with 400ABs at one level. People with plate discipline like that do not succeed in the majors, at least not enough to hit like a 1B should.
  15. Luis Urias - 2B SD

    I'm quite happy to have him in my minor league squad, sure he's not much of a talent in a categories league but in a points league he's going to be a killer.