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  1. Love SWR. A lot of people laughed that he was the lead piece in the Stroman trade but I think we're going to look back in a year or two and think the Jays got a steal. Not many prospects with his type of stuff can say they put up a 2.51FIP between A and A+ in their 18 year old season. I think there's a very real chance he's top 50 by mid 2020.
  2. A few notables that I think will race up to top 50 or better include Brennen Davis, Brailyn Marquez, Corbin Carroll, Alek Thomas and Daniel Espino. On a slightly lesser level, I think both Miguel Hiraldo and Jeter Downs could get a lot more attention next year.
  3. The #16 overall pick in the 2019 draft, 19 year old Corbin would have been a top 5 pick if he was six foot tall rather than five foot nine. With that said, he has the makings of a plus hit tool and average power to go along with plus to plus plus speed and is a very solid bet to stick in CF. On the most recent update BA had him as the #100 overall prospect in the game. His line between rookie and short season ball .299/.409/.487 in 186PAs with 18SB to 1CS, a 15.6BB% and 22.0K%. To make a comparison, I think he's very much like Whit Merrifield. 15ish HR pop, a ton of extra base hits and 30+ SB early in his career.
  4. Finally some love, he appears at #99 on BA's top 100 list.
  5. Pretty negative thread for a guy that's 2 steals from a 20/20 season while putting up an .845OPS and, in applicable leagues, has CF eligibility.
  6. Small sample size, but he's killing AA following his promotion. .333/.429/.688 5HR 10.7BB% 17.9k% in 56PAs.
  7. Long overdue for his own thread. Anyways, he played his first game last night after a long lay off thanks to a pitch in the hand. He went 3/4 with a HR,BB and SB raising the season line to .305/.381/.525 with an 8.8BB% and 18.6K%. Because of the missed time, due to the hand injuries, he may see some repeat time in A ball, but he's also a guy who should see various top 100 lists in the off season.
  8. Final start of the season today for the 20 year old, 6IP 5H 1ER 1BB 6K. It will be interesting to see if the Cubs get very aggressive and start him in AA next year.
  9. Personally I'd give up Gorman, but this isn't a thread for that discussion. Anyways, he's up to #27 on BA's most recent list and I suspect other publications like FG will move him up substantially in the off season when they have time to sort through everything.
  10. Not fantasy related, but 3.3fWAR in only 86IP this year. That puts him at #24 among all pitchers. Of those 23 ahead of him, 142 1/3 is the fewest innings pitched. MLB ranks amongst SP with at least 50IP FIP:2.24(#2) xFIP: 2.63(#1) K/9: 12.87(#3)
  11. So it's the talent and the velocity? Then tell me why AAA,where the MLB ball is being used, HRs are going through the roof while A,A+ and AA remain roughly the same?
  12. I really think he might be a nice pick up on the cheap next year. Not counting tonight's 2 bombs, he's hitting .273/.341/.485 since June 15th a span of 264PAs.
  13. 20 point lead on the final day of a must win match up and one week left until the playoffs. Of course I lose JRam and possibly Rizzo on the same day. Surely Kipnis and VanMeter/Pujols can match their lost production right?
  14. Yeah Baez,Bryant,Rizzo etc are all under control through 2021, but with them they're just OK. Going into 2020 and wasting their control on an OK team and hoping by some miracle they're better is a terrible waste of resources. They either need to some how open up money and make a big move or start considering a partial tear down because mediocrity is the absolute worst place to be.
  15. I think there's a real good chance we see a lot of moves this offseason. They're just average now and this off season they'll need to replace or re-sign Hamels,Zobrist,Strop,Castellanos,Cishek and Kintzler with not much money. Maddon will almost definitely be gone and unless Theo think this season is a fluke, it isn't, then I wouldn't be at all surprised if a guy like Rizzo or Contreras gets dealt.