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  1. Forrest Whitley - RHP HOU

    With a starting 5 of Keuchel,Cole,Verlander,McCullers,Morton that means that one of them would have to get hurt and they'd have to go through McHugh,Peaccock and Martes in order for Whitley to get a shot. I really don't think this suspension does anything. He's going to get called up august/sep and he's going to be in the bullpen. The one thing it does hurt is how many innings he's going to be allowed to throw in 2019.
  2. Forrest Whitley - RHP HOU

    Not worried about it in the least. If Anything this means he can pitch more in bullpen for the Atros down the home stretch since reaching an innings cap wont be an issue anymore.
  3. Sixto Sanchez - RHP PHI

    Last year he lived on the fastball and change, he didn't have to use much else. This year he's going to have to use the rest of repertoire. If it shows up above average, like the hype, he's going to join Whitley in the top 10 and make me desperately regret moving him in a deal.
  4. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    Team in sig, I traded Sixto Sanchez and Franklin Perez for J.D Martinez
  5. Go for it? (WHIR)

    Deal was my made. I received J.D Martinez for Sixto Sanchez and Franklin Perez. Thanks for the help.
  6. Go for it? (WHIR)

    This pertains to the 16 team dynasty league in my sig. Overall I really like my offense with the glaring weaknesses being Brandon Crawford at SS and Melky Cabrera as RF. Well an opportunity to fill one of those holes has come and it's going to be costly. This is the offer I threw out I receive J.D Martinez and send Sixto Sanchez + either Estevan Florial or Franklin Perez. Just for a back ground last year my team was third in points, but was first team out of playoffs thanks to badluck and two years ago I was 4th in points but made the finals so I'm looking for pieces to put me over the top. What do you think? Enough? Not Enough? Doesn't make enough of a difference on the team to worry about? Thanks for any feedback. Weekly Optimal Roster C: Lucroy 1B: Rizo 2B: Jose Ramirez 3B: Arenado SS: Crawford LF: Benintendi CF: Pham RF: JD Martinez DH(2): Kipnis,Brantley SP:Kluber,Arrieta,Cueto,Cobb,Corbin RP:Osuna,Allen,Herrera
  7. Julio Pablo Martínez- N/A

    He's the guy I'm waiting on to spend my league's international budget for 2018, the Yanks look like pretty heavy favorites to land him.
  8. Baseball America 2018 Top 100

    Harold's comps are just absolutely the worst. If it's a black prospect he's getting comped to a black professional, if it' s a white prospect he's getting comped to a white professional.
  9. Fangraphs 2018 Top 100 Prospect List

    Is there any prospect more underappreciated than Franklin Perez? 19 years old and killing it in AA gets you #100, yikes. A bit surprised how high and low Jesus Sanchez and Estevan Florial were respectively. Not ranking Quantrill is bold and I think both Hays and Hansen are under ranked, bu overall the list is good.
  10. 2018 "Deep" Sleepers

    Everything I've read has said that he just isn't repeating his mechanics, but it should be a fixable problem going forward.
  11. Which Prospectors Evaluations Do You Value The Most?

    When Kiley was with Fangraphs his prospect, specifically his top 200 list, was absolutely epic. I can't fathom how much effort he must have put into that. Now with him gone I think I prefer BA over the others. They have the best collection of mind right now. I used to value BP's opinion quite a bit but the amount of talent they've lost has left the writing a step down.
  12. Jorge Ona - OF Cuba

    As soon as he learns to take his batting practice power and use it in games he'll explode up the rankings board. Hopefully he figures it out soon.
  13. Michel Baez SP SD

    A lot of talk about him moving quickly this year and possibly being the best arm in the minors. Every year before the season starts I usually pick about 3 prospects that I consider must haves and go out and find ways to get them. Baez is going to be on that list for me this year along with Tatis Jr. and so far no third.
  14. MLB / MLB Pipeline Top 100

    It's all based on expectation Schwarber junior was a comparison thrown around a lot. Also, I'm hesitant to believe in BB% in the lower levels just because the quality of pitching. As he rises the ladder the challenge him moer and more and that BB% is going to shrink.
  15. Final Keeper

    I really don't see anything wrong with using Keuchel as your 6th keeper especially if you're in a Ws league. Help me out: