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  1. Kid puts up a 3.9fWAR season at age 22 and people are still complaining. People's expectations are getting a little bit insane here if they were thinking he'd immediately be a 5-6 win super star the second he entered the league.
  2. Don't expect much my fellow Cub fans. They've made it pretty clear they wont be going after Chapman,Jansen or Melancon. I'd expect them to sign 7-8 relievers on various deals and hope out of those that they get 2 or 3 tolerable arms. As of right now I'd bet Edwards is your closer. The one exciting thing I believe will happen this offseason is a Soler+deal for a SP because as of right now the Cubs have 5 starters Lester,Hendricks,Arrieta,Lackey,Montgomery and 1 back up in Zastryzny. I'd very much like to see the Cubs sign Brett Cecil, Derek Holland for the pen, and perhaps Cashner if he was open to the pen where he has closer stuff.
  3. I was at the parade yesterday and as much fun as it was, getting to the rally and back home on the train were two of the most miserable experiences of my life. Even a metropolis like Chicago can't hold the amount of people that attended yesterday. I wish a few more of the Cubs had spoken, even if it was very brief like Lester, but overall the rally was super fun.
  4. I'm so emotionally worn out right now...
  5. For me, it's always been much easier to dumpster dive for live arms then it has been to snag bats with allstar or elite potential. Also, if two talents are similar I'll always take the bat because they come with so much less risk than than the pitcher. As far as what I look for in a live arm to snag on waivers, the ususal K/9, BB/9, H/9, age relative to league, but the one thing they must have is at least one breaking ball that is above average to plus. I also don't let myself get suckered in by velocity anymore if there's no tail on the pitch. For bats it's primarily BB%,K% and do they have any loud tools. For both pitchers and batters I also take the team that drafted them very seriously. When you're looking at pitchers and it's Cardinals vs Orioles, the decision makes itself.
  6. After all that negative, here's some positive. Here's a list of players, who like Eloy, have won MVP of the MWL at age 19 or earlier since 2000. Byron Buxton Mike Trout Prince Fielder Adrian Gonzalez Albert Pujols
  7. Maybe Adrian should put his hand down on the plate next time.
  8. So last week Eloy hit a ball 119.4MPH, no one other than Stanton has hit a ball harder since the emergence of statcast.
  9. Yeah, 22 year old kids who put up 3.9fWAR are awful. He wasn't the seventh most valuable SS in all of baseball or anything.
  10. I was referring to overall player, not just offense. In a regular year Heyward is near twice as valuable as Pence usually is.
  11. Offensively perhaps, but defensively and on the bases Heyward blows him away. Also, in a regular Heyward year it's not even remotely close.
  12. There's a reason he was a top 10 prospect despite the enormous risky K rate. His upside is absolutely enormous. One baseball writer when asked about Baez's upside said "Javy Baez could become a religion". He's pretty much far and away the best 2B defensively, brings his tagging ability, is a plus runner, can play several positions and his .737OPS this year is just scratching the surface of his offensive potential.
  13. Simply put there isn't a lot of new information out there right now so there isn't much of anything to share. Once we start getting winter league news and end of year lists things will pick up.
  14. There are really no words that quantify how terrible a decision this was. There's no way he can justify it and maybe we're seeing why Buck's team's always win their WS after he's gone.