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  1. May get a chance to start in 2017 assuming Cubs don't pick up Hammel's 12M option. It would likely be between Matusz,Montgomery and Warren.
  2. Minor leg injury, day to day.
  3. Rajai Davis by a pretty huge margin.
  4. Thank god for that, I was two weeks from finally having my full squad and I figured another leg injury would put an end to it.
  5. He's at the point where trading him doesn't even make sense because no one is going to give you enough value to make it worth it. Contact% against him is down across the board, 1st pitch strike % is up, velocity is up, and swinging% is up across the board too. All very good signs the last two months are in fact legit. Ladies and gentlemen, we may have all stumbled a** backwards into a borderline top of the rotation pitcher.
  6. Can't wait until this guy gets healthy to get him off my roster. What a wasted 2 years this has been.
  7. I know one thing the Cubs are doing now, especially with regards to their potential draft picks is doing a series of test where they see how fast the batter can recognize the spin on the pitch. There's no swinging, just standing there and calljing out the pitch as soon as you can see the spin. You can be a grade 80 athlete, but if you can't tell it's a slider and not a fastball before the ball is 3/4 of the way to home plate, you're pretty much doomed.
  8. So pay 50M and deflate the value of your star SS, seems like a winner for everyone. Bregman's bat is special at SS, very good at 3B and as a COF it's probably above average. Just an insane waste of resources.
  9. If someone like Teheran or Gray isn't headed to HOU then this is going to be a really baffling state of moves.
  10. I prefer to believe a GM wouldn't be so stupid as to put their best overall defender in a COF spot which basically wastes half his value.
  11. No, this is very good news. He'll be traded to a team that will actually use him as a SS. He's way more valuable this way.
  12. 11-3 in my Dynasty League and 3rd highest point scorer. Just added Felix and Cobb to my rotation for the stretch run. Already selling in my 5 man keeper. I was doomed from day 1 Schwarber,Keuchel and Pollock being 3 of my 5 keepers.Combine that with Gray and Matz and my picking has been awful all year.
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about babip in the minors, nearly all great hitters are going to sport very high babips in the minors it's just the nature of the process. 1, the field conditions are no where near as nice so you're going to get those little hops and 2, the defense is no where near as high quality as it is in the big leagues. As Bryant was coming up I kept watching his continually .370+babip and wondered how that would possibly work out. Well it has worked out because guys like Bryant and Eloy put a lot of hard hit balls into play so they're naturally going to carry a high babip.
  14. I really need him to get it together, I invested pretty heavily in him last year and right now I couldn't get 50 cents on the dollar.
  15. Russell(still hasn't put it all together and he's still on pace for 21HR and 90+RBI), Didi(showing surprising power, but I don't think the counting numbers will be there),Andrus(Doesn't have the power of either of the others and he isn't stealing enough to make up for it). Help me out: