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  1. CBS- 2019 TOP 100 Prospects

    Taylor Widener continues to be ignored despite answering questions.
  2. Nico Hoerner-SS/2B-CHC

    Despite being drafted just last July and missing a great deal of time with injury, I think his very strong AFL means he's going to start in AA next year.Nico's ceiling isn't huge, but he should hit for a very high average, steal some bags thanks to some above avove above average speak and maybe even grow into
  3. Brandon Woodruff 2018 Outlook

    Frankly I don't know why he wasn't in the rotation all year. He has mid rotation potential and hopefully gets another shot in 2019.
  4. Taylor Widener-P-ARI

    Coming off a really big year Widener has quite a bit of helium at the moment. With Corbin hitting FA and Shelby Miller looking more and more like arm isn't going to hold up to starting, is there any chance this kid gets a shot to open the year with the club or even see the field pre super 2? Greinke,Ray and Godley are locks, but Shipley has never really been any good and there's not much worth mentioning after that.
  5. Mike Clevinger 2018 Outlook

    MLB Ranks: ERA: 3.06 (12th) FIP: 3.42 (15th) K/9: 9.37 (19th) fWAR: 4.3 (11th) He's been more than decent, he's been roughly a top 15 starter in the game this year at least in the stats that he has some actual control over.
  6. Javier Baez 2018 Outlook

    .295/.329/.572 line after hitting HR #33 and driving in runs #106 and #107.
  7. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    I'm in the semifinals of my league's playoffs. All is going well, I'll have an 8 to 7 GS advantage for my rotation. My rotation for the week, Kluber,Corbin, Arietta,Clevinger and Cobb. Kluber goes less than 2IP, gets pulled and will not make his second start this week. Later on, Cobb gets pulled after 2IP with blister issues and looks likely he wont make his 2nd start either so I've now gone from an 8 to 7 GS advantage to a 7-4 nearly insurmountable disadvantage. Nothing like having your playoff match up end before it even really got started.
  8. Jake Arrieta 2018 Outlook

    Defense is not the only reason an ERA will fall below FIP. Arrieta has always excelled at creating weak contact and he's continuing to do so.
  9. Keston Hiura 2B MIL

    With that overcrowded IF and his recent slump, I'd very much doubt it.
  10. Luis Patino - SP San Diego

    The helium is just starting to get big with him, I expect he'll really blow up when they're doing the new top 100 lists over the winter
  11. TRADE Help WHIR

    If you think this trade puts you over the top then go for it. If not then hold because losing a 1st and Bryant in a 4 keeper is going to be brutal for your team next year. Help me out:
  12. Arenado Deal(WHIR

    I'll attach my team at the bottom for those who can't see my sig. I currently have the best record and highest point total in the league, but I also want to keep preparing for the future. My areas that could use some improvement are C,SS,SP and CF now that both Pham and Fowler broke their feet within a 24 hour span. In order to get the kind of value I'm hoping to get back I have to dangle either JRam or Arenando and it's going to be Arenado because he only has 1 year left in Coors after this one. These are the offers I've received, remember I'm not selling out entirely for this year, nor am I looking entirely for the future, I want a balance. Offer 1: My Arenado for Eugenio Suarez+W.Ramos+A.Kirilloff Offer 2: My Arenado for Rendon+T.Anderson/D.Rodrigues/D.Duffy+F.Mejia Offer 3: My Arenado+Taylor Widener for Gleyber Torres and AJ Pollock 16 Team H2H Dynasty League 58 man rosters: 18 player active roster,15 player bench, 25 player farm (C,1B,2B,3B,SS,LF,CF,RF,DH,DH)(SPx5, RPx3) Red Denotes A Player On The Minor League Roster C:R.Chirinos,D.Mezoraco,J.Lucroy,M.Amaya 1B:A.Rizzo,A.Pujols,L.Duda,C.Shaw 2B:J.Ramirez,J.Kipnis,K.Hiura 3B:N.Arenado,J.Kang,E.Montero SS:A.Cabrera,D.RobertsonR.Lewis,J.Downs LF:A.Benintendi,M.Brantley CF:T.Pham,D.Fowler,J.Sanchez,D.Johnson,C.Scott RF:JD Martinez,A.Beck,E.Pereira SP:C.Kluber, J.Cueto, J.Arrieta, P.Corbin, M.Clevinger,T.Skaggs, A.Cobb,C.Bettis, B.Woodruff, I.Kennedy, M.Montgomery,L.Sims SP:F.Whitley,A.Hansen,B.Singer,G.Rodriguez,S.McClanahan,S.Romero,B.Garrett,T.Widener,P.Weigel,L.Patino,O.Rodriguez, R.Gallardo RP: K.Herrera,C.Allen,M.Strahm,S.Dominguez,F.Martes
  13. Royce Lewis-SS/OF-MIN

    In his first 83PAs in A+ he's slashing .319/.410/.444 13.3BB% and 15.7K% with 1HR and 4SB good for a 149wRC+. I know it's not likely with the Twins, but I sure would like to see him pushed and start at AA next year where he'll still be 19 on opening day.
  14. Keston Hiura 2B MIL

    The addition of Schoop following the addition of Moose means any chance of seeing Hiura this year is pretty much dead and buried. The one bright side is that Villar is gone now so that should mean that when Schoop is shifted to 3B and Moose hits FA, 2B is entirely Hiura's next year.
  15. Pick 2 of these 3 WHIR

    Kyle Tucker unquestionably way ahead of the others and because we're talking about fantasy, Willie Calhoun. He wont be near as valuable in real baseball. Help me out: