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  1. Moved Kyle Freeland(COL) and Mike Soroka(ATL) for Joe Jimenez(DET) and Eddie Butler(CHC)
  2. I was, as I posted earlier who I like as 1-1 for the 2017 draft.
  3. Team in sig My Cespedes for Dexter Fowler,Mike Montgomery and AM Draft pick #1 overall. My Felix Hernandez,Edinson Volquez and Ian Happ for Francisco Mejia,Yadier Alvarez,Clint Frazier and Ervin Santana My Clint Frazier and Alec Hansen for Gleyber Torres and Kyle Lewis
  4. Seth Beer is just a monster with the bat. The difficult question becomes, how much does a kid have to rake in order to take a 1B at 1.1. He's the best fantasy prospect in at least a few years.
  5. I made a trade for 1.1 this year so I started my scouting of this draft earlier than I usually would. Right now, I'm between Faedo and Wright for fantasy purposes. Greene is the best talent, but I don't particularly like drafting highschool arms this early.As far as Kendall goes, if you're game is going to be mostly based on speed even with a projected 50 power, then you need to be able to put everything in play and that's not the impression I'm getting.
  6. Yeah my list would change a bit as well, but that's pretty much true any time a month or two has passed. For now I'm starting to shift into Rule 4 draft mode.
  7. Overall I like the list quite a bit, the biggest omission I see is Fernando Romero.
  8. Looks like someone spent one hell of a lot of time in the gym since the World Series. He's looking like he should be playing LB for the Bears.
  9. Well for whatever reason PECOTA has the Cubs down 13 wins from last year and at 90-72 for 2017. That puts them behind the Dodgers 98-64,Astros 93-69,Indians 92-70 and tied with the Red Sox. PECOTA is expecting them to give up nearly 150 more runs this year than last. As for the Anderson and Montgomery debate, I think the vast majority of the year you're going to see a 6 man rotation so there should be ample starts for both Anderson and Montgomery.
  10. I'll be honest, a 1B prospect has got to absolutely kill it for me to get hyped about them. Outside of Bellinger,Bell and Tellez, there's just no one I'm all that excited for and I say this as a Chris Shaw owner. There are guys like Gillaspie,Bradley and Hoskins that are on the periphery for me, but not there just yet.
  11. I'm with you on this one. The results just aren't matching what the writers are saying, much like with Austin Slater and to a larger extent Josh hader. For a guy who has no supposed out pitch he still manages to put up a 9+K/9. Perhaps he doesn't have a wipeout pitch, but there's clearly enough there.
  12. Just guessing since it's not my post but, Desmond Lindsay(NYM),Jhailyn Ortiz(PHI), Walker Buehler(LAD),Junior Fernandez(STL),Mike Nikorak(COL), Jake Thompson(PHI) and Sandy Alcantara(STL)
  13. Despite the results, the offseason write ups on Clifton have been tepid at best. A lot of talk of him as a future reliever, or perhaps a #4/#5. Given his aresenal, I'm surprised that I don't see anyone throw out mid rotation potential.
  14. He's never mentioned when you ask for the top handful of starter prospects in the game and I'm not really sure why. Despite a terrible first month in 2016 he posts a 2.73FIP 9.41K/9 3.38BB/9 at AA in his age 20 season.
  15. I just don't get it. Ventura was never the same guy after he lost his friend Oscar Taveras to drunk driving; for him to go and die in the same way just doesn't make sense.