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  1. First time in a long time his slider has looked like it did last year. Let's hope this is the beginning of a nice run.
  2. My understanding is that Mancini can barely play 1B let alone an OF spot so he's pretty much going to be DHing if the Orioles go that route. With that said, he had a pretty disappointing second half of the season.
  3. My understanding is that Arrieta wont be pitching game 1 or 2 if they're facing either LAD or SF anyways. Lester will almost without a doubt pitch game 1 so he can get two starts as both SF and LAD suck against lefties. Hendricks will get game 2 because he has been especially dominant in Wrigley(1.32ERA).
  4. The Cubs don't rely on the long ball. As far as HRs go, they're only average. They've hit 184 which is 14th in baseball. What the Cubs do really well is get on base .341(2nd), OBP skills work anywhere.
  5. I barely squeaked past the semifinals, but now I'm only one more match up away from the promised land in my dynasty league(team in sig). It makes it worth trading all the minor league talent I did this year.
  6. What a shame he couldn't finish up that no hittter. It's very likely if those last 3 outs were the difference between a CY award and not.
  7. John Fox is embarrassing himself. Time for a new coach please.
  8. Got a mention in BA's chat a month or so ago and I snagged him based on that.
  9. Cubs are sending Eloy to Winter ball; it's not very often they take someone who hasn't even seen A+ and send them to winter ball so this is a very big honor for Eloy and and extremely big challenge. He'll mostly be facing AA and AAA competition.
  10. I almost hate to do this while my waivers are still locked until the season is over, but the next great Cub middle infield prospect is going to be Isaac Paredes. He's 17 and plays shortstop, he posted the following line in the AZL(Rookie Ball) .305/.359/.443 7.0%BB/10.8%K and was impressive enough that he was bumped up to full season A ball for the playoffs. Reports basically have him with more speed and power potential than Gleyber Torres, but not as good with the glove.
  11. Hope he's alright, but man this hurts right before the playoffs start.
  12. Leads all baseball in softcontact at 26.1% and leads ERA-(lower is better) with 50 ahead of 2nd place Bumgarner with 63. For reference, Greinke and Arrieta were 45 last year. A strong finish and Hendricks just might end up as one of the most surprising CYs in the game's history.
  13. After his struggles both at the plate and physically this year, I'd let him just continue his success at AAA and give him a nice long break before spring training comes around. Let him heal up and come back refreshed.
  14. My favorite LAD pitching prospect, yes that includes both Urias and De Leon.
  15. I don't know about "it's not even close", but for the first time in a long time someone other than Trout leads all of baseball in fWAR this late into the season. Bryant is sitting at 7.3 and Trout is sitting at 7.1.