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  1. Two weeks actually but who is counting??
  2. All I know is if T. Pryor can put up these receiving numbers I have zero worries about Gordon and whoever the hell is throwing him the don't matter!
  3. All this guy does is catch TDS!!
  4. Coach is playing Zeller over him. Weird af. That is just ridiculous...
  5. 8 first half minutes?? Matchups small ball crap?
  6. Not in deep leagues.. he should still get around 25-28 mins a night plus Nene's injury history isn't going away.. I would hold..
  7. i think this guy may have value all year now.. they may just decide to play Nene 20 mins a night off the bench to keep him healthy... like what i am seeing for Hump's outlook the rest of the year.. 28+ mins near a double double..steal a block..solid %s.. not bad for a WW grab..
  8. shoot.,. did he get ejected??
  9. Don't look now but this cat is straight balling!! Flashbacks to his glory days in NYC!