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  1. Hopefully I can get him at a nice discount ...
  2. Actually this might be the most meaningless game in the entire NBA preseason and season. B2B , which is the second game of the preseason, in India.. I don't think there is a single takeaway from a game like this.
  3. The Phoenix Suns have finally locked up Kelly Oubre. His contract is a bigger deal than it might seem at first blush. Phoenix Suns fans have been dying for a information about Kelly Oubre‘s return to the franchise for weeks now, news which has finally broken that he has re-signed – above the cap – allowing the Valley Boyz to remain intact for the time being. Signed for two years and $30 million ($15.3 million this season and $14.7 million in 2020-21), Oubre’s contract in cost is right at about where Suns fans figured it would be. Hes playing....period.
  4. in competetive leagues this guy should not be lasting to the 8th round.. picks 90-100 or whatever. This guy is a lock for top 75 and poised to be top 50 barring health. I wouldn't wait for him if you want him..
  5. I have owned this guy at some point each of the last 3 years.. dude is a flat out 9-cat roto monster when he puts it altogether. I think the change of scenery to a playoff contending team where is he is basically forced to be a scorer from the jump is going to do wonders for his output this year. I am in a 14 team 9-cat roto leage ( extremely competetive) and I am contemplating taking him at 60 because i don't think we will be there at my next pick, 81st. He is easily a top 60 value if he puts it altogether this year and plays 72+ games. EASILY. Im all aboard "Mr. Buckets" this year! choo choo!! (18, 5, 2 1.5 treys, 1.2 streals, 0.6 blks, 1.7 TOs- 48FG, 79 FT)
  6. 18,7,7?? Say what?! This late season run will bump up his price next year.... just beasting!
  7. Ho hum...25,5,1 3 stocks..9/11fg 6/6 ft what a late season surge!! Favors will be on a lot of winning teams👍🏻
  8. Yes sir.. he’s a proven top 50 ish player with consistent minutes and usage ..
  9. Trade deadline gold.... Jabari might end up being the trade deadlines biggest winner fantasy wise 👍🏻
  10. Starting .... officially on the radar..
  11. Nope.. we are both wrong.. Just a bitter AD owner..
  12. Could you imagine the “who’s your daddy “ chants throughout the NBA?! Lol
  13. A lot of LA Laker fans on this site