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  1. Coach is playing Zeller over him. Weird af. That is just ridiculous...
  2. 8 first half minutes?? Matchups small ball crap?
  3. Not in deep leagues.. he should still get around 25-28 mins a night plus Nene's injury history isn't going away.. I would hold..
  4. i think this guy may have value all year now.. they may just decide to play Nene 20 mins a night off the bench to keep him healthy... like what i am seeing for Hump's outlook the rest of the year.. 28+ mins near a double double..steal a block..solid %s.. not bad for a WW grab..
  5. shoot.,. did he get ejected??
  6. Don't look now but this cat is straight balling!! Flashbacks to his glory days in NYC!