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  1. We own a badass mofo! Period!
  2. He might be the most thankful thing i will think about during Thanksgiving.. hes a legit waiver wire grab!
  3. Contract year... its a real variable.. hes going to be a top 35 player this year.. just need to get him in the starting line up! They haven't lost a game? since he came back.. its him and AD every night
  4. 17, 8, 5?? 1.2 treys, 1 stl, 1.5 blks 50%, 78%??? did i just type that?????????
  5. hes a top 10 play this year.. period.. he is a legit 9-cat threat every single night! BANG!
  6. So yes... im going to post my "cool story bro" post.. because every once in a while its mandatory! When i saw the first workout video of this Unicorn for the NBA draft i told anyone who would listen to me that i haven't been this excited for a talent since i first saw LBJ... I drafted LBJ 8th overall his sophomore year and was laughed at.. i took the Unicorn at 18 and was also questioned... SUCK IT! LOL this kid is absolutely INSANE!! He is a mix of KG and Dirk.. period!
  7. That is absolutely CLASSIC!!
  8. I have a feeling this kid has value all year...suns really need to develop him..
  9. He has a chance to be a true 9-cat monster this year!!
  10. Hes a career 44% shooter.. it will happen...
  11. Thats a hell of a first post!!!
  12. Paul George broke his freaking leg in half and came back.. ill take my chances with a stress fracture from over a year ago...
  13. Back to back.. hate them... NBA player's association should outlaw them
  14. monster first quarter back! the one positive about his absence is that its crystal clear they need him to be a MONSTER to win games! Buckle up fellas.. we are on the comeback!!
  15. This is just BRUTAL!!!!!! He starts off every other game 1-6 , 1-7.. BRUTAL!!! It feels like his goal is to just jack up as many shots as he can in the first quarter.. thats it..good shots/ bad shots;.;. doesn't matter just get up 7 of them in the first quarter.. he is a career 44%FG so the law of averages should play out.. but is just PAINFUL!!!!!