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  1. Al Horford 2016-17 Season Outlook

    He won't be on my team by Friday
  2. Al Horford 2016-17 Season Outlook

    I'm moving him....he's turned into a soft 3 pt chucking euro...can't take it anymore..
  3. Gary Harris 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    At least it isn't the groin..
  4. Al Horford 2016-17 Season Outlook

    this is exactly whats going on.... he needs to take like 2-3 a night.. thats it..but i have faith in Brad Stevens.. he will figure it out.
  5. Gary Harris 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    Since it was a late scratch im hoping/thinking its more precautionary....
  6. Al Horford 2016-17 Season Outlook

    he is immune to being a 18 PPG guy.... its unreal.. its like something goes off in his head.. oh i just dropped 26..i can go for 4 the next night and keep my 15 PPG career avg.. ridiculous!
  7. Al Horford 2016-17 Season Outlook

    i can't remember the last time he got off to a good start... he better do what he did the last game and go freaking bezerk in the second half.. because this 0-6 start already ruined his first half
  8. T.J. Warren 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    Why isn't he playing in third quarter??? Dudley ahead of him?? edit: hes in! panic city!! i just moved reddick for him... ok all is well!
  9. Gary Harris 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    3rd game in 4 days..still getting his legs and wind back...not surprised at all that he laid an egg tonight..
  10. Mike Conley 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    We own a badass mofo! Period!
  11. Alex Len 2016-17 Season Outlook

    He might be the most thankful thing i will think about during Thanksgiving.. hes a legit waiver wire grab!
  12. Contract year... its a real variable.. hes going to be a top 35 player this year.. just need to get him in the starting line up! They haven't lost a game? since he came back.. its him and AD every night
  13. Al Horford 2016-17 Season Outlook

    17, 8, 5?? 1.2 treys, 1 stl, 1.5 blks 50%, 78%??? did i just type that?????????
  14. Al Horford 2016-17 Season Outlook

    hes a top 10 play this year.. period.. he is a legit 9-cat threat every single night! BANG!
  15. So yes... im going to post my "cool story bro" post.. because every once in a while its mandatory! When i saw the first workout video of this Unicorn for the NBA draft i told anyone who would listen to me that i haven't been this excited for a talent since i first saw LBJ... I drafted LBJ 8th overall his sophomore year and was laughed at.. i took the Unicorn at 18 and was also questioned... SUCK IT! LOL this kid is absolutely INSANE!! He is a mix of KG and Dirk.. period!