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  1. 18,7,7?? Say what?! This late season run will bump up his price next year.... just beasting!
  2. Ho hum...25,5,1 3 stocks..9/11fg 6/6 ft what a late season surge!! Favors will be on a lot of winning teams👍🏻
  3. Yes sir.. he’s a proven top 50 ish player with consistent minutes and usage ..
  4. Trade deadline gold.... Jabari might end up being the trade deadlines biggest winner fantasy wise 👍🏻
  5. Starting .... officially on the radar..
  6. Nope.. we are both wrong.. Just a bitter AD owner..
  7. Could you imagine the “who’s your daddy “ chants throughout the NBA?! Lol
  8. A lot of LA Laker fans on this site
  9. Lebron ran him out of town ...bro he had a damn commercial with his dad about Boston! He’s fronting...he isn’t going anywhere...told the fans too..he will go down as the biggest chump of all time if he leaves after that crap...he has an image as well to uphold
  10. You think if AD goes to Boston...and him and Kyrie (who are good friends) makes a run to the Finals they will just bounce? That’s tough to see and I bet that’s what Ainge is going to bank on...a year in Boston with that fan base and they make it to the Finals? Tough to leave
  11. Maybe they feel his talent plus whatever else they can put together is enough..this is a league of stars..of superstars..and out of all these guys..Tatum, Ingram, Kuzma..Zion has arguably the highest super star potential..that hits and it salvages their franchise..non of those other guys have super star potential.. this kid is like a left handed more expensive Barkley! Just different..
  12. No one can replace AD...but averaging 22,9,2. 2stls, 2 blks 68fg%?! That’s no joke and good luck finding anyone in college who averaged those stats ...especially for a top team in the country.. kid is special.. my point is they might as well wait till the summer and do more evaluation..these offers aren’t going anywhere
  13. Or what if he is the next super star? He’s destroying college basketball...against good competition too...and a freakish athlete who can actually play basketball too... he will fill the seats.. can’t compare those two..different athletes ..Duke pedigree too.. different breeds