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  1. I have no idea who this kid is..haven't done any research but I know how to read boxscores! Just picked him up in my 14 never know!
  2. This has to be one of the best lines in the HISTORY of basketball! This is Wilt Chamberlain SH*%!!
  3. They are going to barely hang on... but it shouldn't have even been this close.. absolutely moronic!
  4. Why in the hell did he not come back in the game in the 4th quarter?????? and now its a 2 pt game.. BRILLIANT MALONE!!!! You get paid to make these type of a decisions?? Anyone with half a brain watching this game realizes this kid should be on the court as much as possible!! IDIOTIC!!!!!!!
  5. Nothing...he's going to shoot about another 300 of them and make 80% + of them...
  6. Neither of those guys were heralded as the future and have the star power as zinger... not worried at all about his touches..he just had an off shooting night..he hits his fts and another shot or two he has a monster line...for the first game of the season it's a solid line..
  7. For an opening night blowout in Cleveland on ring night I'll take this line!! Very promising!
  8. Just drafted him and found my theme song for the year! All Zinger owners have to watch this!
  9. So did Kareem!! And it worked out just fine for him!! I'm praying he's there at 11 for me Sunday! I haven't been to church in a year but I'm going this Sunday and literally going to pray all church long that he's there for me at 11 during my draft Sunday evening draft so I can join you owners in this thread all year! Please God!!
  10. "I'm not a doctor..but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night..". Am I the only one that finds it hilarious that we are trying to diagnose Jrue Holiday's wife's recovery time from brain surgery?! So we can gain an advantage in our fantasy hoops leagues? We are SICK and twisted people! Lol..
  11. He is staying in shape.. surgery was successful.. who is to say he isn't back in a few weeks? He is grossly undervalued is this happens.. which could.. who knows.. interesting situation here.. you could get a ton of value taking an early flier on him than the pre-ranks..
  12. I HAVE TO HAVE THIS GUY THIS YEAR!! On all my teams.. His preseason numbers are looking to set up for an insane year...this kid has an evolutionary skill set and a transcendent talent! he is a better version of Rasheed Wallace in his prime..Sheeds best year was 19,8,2. 1.4 treys, 1.3 steals, 1.3 blks 47, 73 add more treys, more blks, better ft..slightly less steals... 19,8,2 2 treys, 1 stl, 2 blks 47, 85 top 10! Mark my word..he is playing a different game out there than everyone else...
  13. I wouldn't assume that Porzingis will necessarily kill your fg this year..have you seen this kid shoot the ball this preseason? His fg is going to improve immensely this year from last I said look at Dirk..he jumped from like 42 to 47% his second year ..Zingers stroke is pure and only going to get better...