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  1. Anyone know why Brandon Crawford was pulled? It was a pretty big lead at the time but just making sure
  2. 2 multi hit games in a row. could be the start of a little streak
  3. yea i'd do this. you have the SP depth to part with harvey
  4. to clarify i would be giving berrios and getting buxton
  5. dozier is a stud. i think that you have to come in strong with a fair offer; hes not going to take russel as russel is performing worse atm. hendricks is an sp4, so nothing really special. you may want to open w/ segura+hendricks if he is hurting for SP depth im thinking you are SOL unless you can expand the offer to a 3for2/3for3.
  6. I lean Grandal. He's been very solid and should only get increased playtime.
  7. yea i would take that w/ your OF glut. VV should be solid all year
  8. 6x6 3 keeper 20 team league my pitchers - arrieta, salazar, corbin, joe ross my OF - betts, souza, peterson, saunders 3OF w/ 1 util spot. would probably try to move an OF later on. could also get ozuna instead for berrios. WHIR
  9. Hey do you still need owners for your league? I'm looking for one. Email is

  10. I too was a little surprised to hear about a true number 1 starter ceiling. I own him in a dynasty so that would be fantastic but, correct me if I'm wrong, he was kind of an unknown.
  11. I'm a little angry I missed out on him in my dynasty league. I thought I could wait out on him as he is going under the radar but someone picked him up... so if he's available and the other top pitching prospects are taken, I think you gotta snatch on him now.
  12. I like getting guys who were injured last year. I grabbed Jair Jurrjens and Jorge De La Rosa; still injury risks but they were pretty late in the draft and could pan out.