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  1. Still, would have been a great line if Soto didn’t lose that ball in the sun. So frustrating.
  2. The Dodgers and Rockies realized that game was in LA, not Coors Field, right?
  3. I think I streamed Joe Ross in a two start week one other time in my life. With the same results.
  4. "Suarez doesn’t know the results of the MRI. Will see the doctor at 12:30. Says his hand is a lot better today. Has full movement. #reds" - John Fay on Twitter
  5. No Idea what the plans are, but I just saw that myself and am benching where I own him in weeklies.
  6. I give up. Every pitcher I throw out there gets annihilated. Haven’t experienced anything like it in a long time.
  7. Down by 1 in the 9th inning today, they pinch hit for him. Not a good sign.
  8. It’s the best stream-against staff in recent memory.
  9. The Orioles pitching staff is almost too bad to be true.
  10. Ugh, the downside of weekly leagues rears its head. Save some for next week Punisher! He’s going to start getting the Barry Bonds treatment soon, hah.
  11. One of my favorite pickups of the year to this point. If you got him after his rough first few starts, he’s been gold for a WW find. Should be getting more recognition for the run of quality he’s on.
  12. Yeah, hanging on to him for at least that stretch.
  13. Cant believe I’m at the point of considering it but I am too. It’s hard to start both him and Franmil right now while sinking in AVG, and there are hot pickups available. He’s had a good year, but it’s getting late to be this bad for so long.
  14. .147 with 34 K in 68 AB since the all star break. Yuck.
  15. Well, this article sure didn’t make me feel too good about his playing time moving forward. It said he sat Monday in part because of a right hander on the mound, but he’ll likely play Tuesday to avoid three straight off. The gist of the article is Choo and Pence sharing DH and making way for the kids.