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  1. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    The wild card for me on his power is his thumb. Articles later in the year indicated that it bothered him for much of the second half, and he still wound up with 24 home runs despite a massive post-ASB drought that he didn't rebound from until September. I don't doubt that he could approach 30 again if healthy.
  2. The most Deceiving Stat

    Wins. I still see even some older sportswriters sometimes saying, "Well, X pitcher must be pretty good to get that many wins," and it drives me nuts. Yeah, 12-9 is fairly nice, but with a 5.15 ERA, he's not good, at all. A pitcher needs too much help from teammates to get a win in this era of heavy bullpen use.
  3. Willson Contreras 2018 Outlook

    He was on an absolute tear last year for a while before he got hurt, and he was a joy to own once he got rolling. Who knows how great his line would have been if it wasn't for the injury derailing him when he was so hot? I don't think his statement is too far-fetched either, and I love the confidence.
  4. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    I'd have to look up velocity, but what I know he had were the worst ratio numbers of his long career. Ugh.
  5. Michael Wacha 2018 Outlook

    His results and shoulder health are so volatile, I wouldn't do anything but a late-round flier in a 12-team mixed. He had three months last year where his ERA was between 5.40 and 6.04. He's one I wouldn't mind grabbing late just in case he's healthy and irons it out, but would shed no tears if I didn't get him.
  6. Marcell Ozuna 2018 Outlook

    Hitting behind Carpenter, Fowler and Pham (if that's how they organize the lineup) should do some good for his RBI total.
  7. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    I believe it was ESPN that reported late in the season that his thumb had been bothering him for much of the second half. I don’t know how much of his struggles were attributed to that, and I’m probably not going to take him in the top 5, but I’d take him shortly thereafter in hopes of a healthy bounce back in power and average. His first half numbers weren’t far off from what we expected.
  8. 2017 Celebration Thread - Victory is Mine!

    What the crap? I found out today that somebody in this Fantrax public league didn't meet the innings requirement, dropping him to the bottom in ERA and giving the guy I tied in the standings another point, taking $175 away from me. Furious right now. Guess I posted celebration too soon.
  9. Mookie Betts 2017 Outlook

    He revealed a couple weeks ago that he was bothered by pain in his thumb for much of the second half. I'd be shocked if that didn't factor into his struggles, since the power outage and batting average drop was like nothing we've seen from him before. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he bounces back to hit .290+ next year with more power.
  10. 2017 Celebration Thread - Victory is Mine!

    And this team I mentioned above had just about the worst set of middle-rounds drafting I've ever done. From 9-16: K. Herrera, Desmond, Familia, Pedroia, A. Diaz, K. Broxton, Gattis, Manaea. Not to mention Hanley Ramirez in the sixth. All replaced with waiver wire gems like Rivero, Doolittle, DeJong, Smoak, Zimmerman, Gennett, Hoskins, Matt Olson, Marwin Gonzalez, Chris Taylor.
  11. 2017 Celebration Thread - Victory is Mine!

    I entered the final day just behind the second place team in a big-ish money roto league that pays well for second, way more than for third. I was four behind him in strikeouts, but I had McHugh going and he had Gio Gonzalez, so I figured there was little to no chance. Turns out, Gio wound up with 2 Ks and McHugh went off for 8. With relievers factoring in as well, I finished with one more K than him and thus tied him for second in the standings, splitting second- and third-place money between us instead of me just getting my entry fee back. As for only tying him, well, considering ERA and WHIP were close too, Luke Weaver cost me an additional $175 in winnings. But my offense was also so flat (and had so many benchings and shut-downs), I was biting my nails all week, and I'm glad to get what I got. (Especially after dropping Tommy Pham in May and Mark Reynolds in April, right before both went off).
  12. Luke Weaver 2017 Outlook

    Weaver beat Milwaukee twice in August, with 18 strikeouts in 12 innings. I figured even if the Cubs got to him, he'd rack up some Ks I badly needed against the Brewers. I've been patting myself on the back for five weeks that I had the foresight to pick him up. Now in the last week he's likely cost me a few hundred bucks.
  13. 9/29 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Its definitely not just you. I entered the week with my two teams that are jockeying for a higher payout slot in tight RBI/HR races in roto. And I'm getting destroyed by the benchings (and untimely injuries, I.e. Olson, Betts). Both those teams were just having an onslaught of power production in recent weeks too. It sucks to fall back in the final week because of this. I would love for roto seasons to just end at Week 25.
  14. Eduardo Rodriguez 2017 Outlook

    He sucked me in with several good starts in a row, and a particularly dominant one last time out. He did the same thing to me last year around this time and ended a nice run by getting rocked when I inserted him in my lineup. Fool me once ...
  15. Our 2017 Team MVP's

    Starting pitchers: Alex Wood and Brad Peacock. Waiver wire gold on all three of my teams. One of my teams had those two and Severino after failing to draft any kind of ace. Hitters: Ryan Zimmerman, Justin Smoak. Honorable mention to my middle infielders Scooter Gennett. Paul DeJong, and Whit Merrifield. I had possibly my most horrible drafts ever. But because of those guys and late season adds Hoskins and Olson, I have two teams in second (by a slim margin) going into the final weekend. Oh and I also dropped too early the likes of Tommy Pham and Michael Conforto. But all this just shows how far you can get by closely watching the waiver wire, even if you totally botch your draft.