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  1. Cincinnati Enquirer article says Gennett appeared to mouth the words “it popped” to the trainer. Hope the beat writer is bad at lip reading.
  2. Also if it helps, he looked a LOT better today. Jim Edmonds was talking about how much better his mechanics looked even before he had two doubles and a homer today.
  3. I still dream of the day I get to draft Trout. I play 3-5 leagues a year and haven’t had a No. 1 pick in probably 10 years.
  4. Beat writer Derrick Goold did say to a frustrated fan in a chat today that his timing is really off — he’s either jumping out in front or is way behind and has only hit about three balls in play hard all spring. Things could change if he gets his timing locked in.
  5. I wouldn't have taken him top 50 (in roto mixed redraft) even before spring games, even though at the time I was optimistic about a rebound. Just too much risk with so many other good options there. He's hard to predict, in the past five years he's had three almost identical roto seasons (2014, 16, 18, all good but not great), one outlier terrible season (2015) and one outlier MVP-caliber season (2017). I try not to succumb to reading too much into the spring, but being a Cards fan and owning Ozuna last year, the spring at-bats I've seen (admittedly probably just 8-10 of them), and the overall numbers bring me bad flashbacks of owning him early last year. He's one of those cases where his spring bears some watching because of offseason surgery. But we've seen lots of weak contact, as noted by another fan in the link a couple posts above. The only positive thing I've seen or read about him is that he's throwing better. Maybe his hitting timing is just off, I don't know. I'm a jilted Cards fan and Ozuna over-drafter from last year, so take my read on it for what it's worth.
  6. As a Cards fan, I was just thinking the same thing. As a Voit owner, I hope I’ll be thinking that a lot this year. How did they miss so badly on evaluating him?
  7. He was very useful last year before he clearly got fatigued with a big innings jump. Was sitting on a 3.46 ERA after his Aug. 3 start, then fell apart until they finally gave him a break at the end of month and he bounced back in September. A 1.79 July ERA and 1.71 September ERA, sandwiched around a 10.35 August. That little tired-arm August dip might just serve to deflate his value to the benefit of those who grab him late.
  8. Or maybe it’s just the Phillies: Jordan Hicks followed with 4 Ks in one inning. Lol.
  9. Dealing today. Seven consecutive strikeouts in one stretch today, nine in four innings.
  10. Thats why I plan to have him on all my teams if I get my way. Seems like a solid upside play for where he’s going so far.
  11. Matt Wieters, who just signed to be Yadier Molina’s backup a few days ago, was heard saying, “Well, F$@&.” Edit: Apparently he has an opt-out he can use later this spring if the Royals come knocking.
  12. I saw one inning and agree he looked good. Didn’t see a radar gun or have anything more in depth, but he might be worth an end of draft dart throw.
  13. Great. One less catcher on the board that you don’t have to hold your nose to draft. There weren’t many to spare.
  14. I’m definitely more optimistic about Pham. Don’t know what happened to him in the middle of last season, but he was outstanding in the beginning and even better the last couple months. Ozuna vs. Haniger is more of a tough call. Mitch feels safer given what we’re hearing about Ozuna this spring, though his lineup is worse than Ozuna’s and Ozuna has that 2017 to maybe give him more upside IF all goes well. But the early spring reports of the team being disappointed with his fitness and pace of shoulder rehab is concerning.