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  1. He hit his dinger off the Arizona catcher Jeff Mathis tonight because they were out of pitchers apparently and he was 0/5 before that. Both his steals came in extra frames too after he walked.
  2. The announcers said he needs some more rest after he pitched 2 days ago. The last time this happened, the Cubs didn't have another save opportunity for over a week and then he went on the DL. The Cub's dont usually present that many save opportunities as a whole. I'm salty as hell as an owner of him. He is made of glass.
  3. Will Smith warming up for the Giants now. I think they brought in Melancon because he hasn't pitched in a few days and it was a non save situation. Melancon has already given up 2 baserunners and there is a run given up as I'm typing this. Looks like Will Smith is the new closer from this usage.
  4. Alot of kansas city specials. But then he walked the next guy. A tailor made double play that was almost botched ended the game.
  5. He hit a dinger 2 days ago. He had a dinger robbed from him by an amazing play by Dyson yesterday and just a few minutes ago he missed a dinger to left field by a few feet which resulted in a double. It seems like he is heating up. Ryan Braun isn't guaranteed to come back on Thursday. It will be interesting to see how their OF logjam plays out when that happens.