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  1. The announcers said he needs some more rest after he pitched 2 days ago. The last time this happened, the Cubs didn't have another save opportunity for over a week and then he went on the DL.  The Cub's dont usually present that many save opportunities as a whole. I'm salty as hell as an owner of him.  He is made of glass.  

  2. Will Smith warming up for the Giants now.  I think they brought in Melancon because he hasn't pitched in a few days and it was a non save situation.  Melancon has already given up 2 baserunners and there is a run given up as I'm typing this.  Looks like Will Smith is the new closer from this usage.  

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  3. He hit a dinger 2 days ago.  He had a dinger robbed from him by an amazing play by Dyson yesterday and just a few minutes ago he missed a dinger to left field by a few feet which resulted in a double.  It seems like he is heating up.  Ryan Braun isn't guaranteed to come back on Thursday.  It will be interesting to see how their OF logjam plays out when that happens.