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  1. I'd probably go Fuller. Likely the higher upside out of those options.
  2. I'd bench Mack. We dont know how good that offense will be.
  3. Sorry. It's Cooks and Duke. I forgot to put Duke on the roster.
  4. 10 team league. PPR Good trade or nah? QB - Murray RB - A. Jones RB - D. Williams WR - Julio WR - Evans TE - Kelce FLEX - Cooks BN - Godwin BN - Pollard BN - Henderson BN - Baker BN - Winston BN - J. Jackson
  5. Are you sure that's all that's left on waivers? Dont seem like a whole lot for a 10 team league. Even if you dont make a move, you're in pretty good shape I think.
  6. Not bad at all for a 16 team league. Look for upgrade at RB, but that's pretty much it. You have a couple of lottery tickets.
  7. And now I got offered Conner and Josh Gordon for Julio...
  8. I like it. Nice pick up on Hill. Dont see any major flaws. Maybe look for upgrades at RB?
  9. How active is your league? I wouldnt spend too much. $5 max? I do like the gamble on him, but I wouldnt be upset if someone else snags him, especially if you dont have Zeke.