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  1. He was warming up in the bullpen last night in case Oakland went up in the top of the 9th.
  2. I doubt Gallo will play the outfield with no experience and him coming off a groin injury. Is Moreland an option to play LF? I know he used to play there. Maybe they'll use Gallo at 1B/DH and platoon Moreland and Rua for a little?
  3. Trout taken out after rolling his ankle rounding third in the previous inning. Hopefully just precautionary with the score 10-2.
  4. If Peralta is still on the DL, I'm not so sure they'd sit him as long as he's hitting well. Drury seemed to be getting the starts at 3B vs. lefties before but he's been playing RF full time since Peralta's injury.
  5. I think we have a winner. Lincoln is really struggling this year...coincidence? 2016 Presidents Race Standings #31 Herbert Hoover - 4 #26 Teddy Roosevelt - 3 #3 Thomas Jefferson - 2 #27 William Howard Taft - 2 #00 Screech the Eagle - 1 #1 George Washington - 1 #16 Abraham Lincoln - 0
  6. Sounds like its happened... Sam Amico ‏@AmicoHoops 1m1 minute ago Magic have traded Tobias Harris to Pistons for Brandon Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova, per ESPN.
  7. Hightower owner in a dead heat facing a Cooks owner...I can't take much more.
  8. Morris definitely started the game. He also clearly got more snaps and carries. But hey, start him again this week. I'm just clearing that part up. Yea Morris started the game and had like 6 or 7 touches before Jones even came in (he started their second drive). Jones definitely looked good, but unfortunately so did Morris. The good thing is Jones showed what a threat he could be in the passing game...and I assume the Redskins will be playing catch-up more often than not. Plus he didn't fumble.
  9. Good to hear... Roy Cummings ‏@RCummingsTBO 9m9 minutes ago TE ASJ back at practice for the #Bucs today. Good news, what with WR V-Jack likely to miss the game this week
  10. Maybe they want an all-Michael backfield?