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  1. With kelenic being shut down rest of AFL season he has a great chance to leapfrog him as Mariners top prospect. Stole 2 bases today and should be on a rocket up all the lists especially ones where he is not a top prospect already.
  2. 3-5 today with a HR 2B and a single and a SB. Average up to 300. maybe slump over?
  3. With Trout out I was hoping Adell would get the call to keep the fans interested. Apparently not. At least the Arizona fall league will get to see Adell instead of Goodwin.
  4. Madrigal may be up all year while Robert will prolly be up after his 2 week control point passes. Madrigal skillset just is not arbitration scary for the team. While Robert is a sky high kinda guy. without homers madrigal RBI will always lag since he does not drive himself in. Also even if he gets on base a lot and steals his Runs will come from teammates which will help their arbitration dates. I see Madrigal as a Ben Revere type. good OBP good steals but will disappear before the big money rolls in.
  5. 2 games left in Charlotte's season and Durham are tied for the wild card. the IL does not do play-in games so if they are tied after Sunday tiebreaker rules prevail. If Charlotte is eliminated Sunday which happens to be roster expansion day in the majors I think Robert is up quick. If Charlotte makes the playoffs Robert is pretty much done for his major league chance this year. go Bulls
  6. with a 2 day waiting period we get to see how a does a few days before using our waivre or what is left of our FAAB on him.
  7. yes he hit 2 HRs but the second was off Dionner Navarro yes the catcher. Odd that a team in the 8th inning of a 7-2 game would have a position player pitch but hey I ain't the coach.
  8. Max Fried for Atlanta today is in his own breakout this year. The Braves are limiting his innings but 14-4 record and 126 Ks in 126 IP is real close to really good. Gyngergaard also is pitching today out of the LA Bullpen so it will be an interesting game all around. With young pitchers any single game is tough to gage his future but we do it anyway.
  9. He is hot again 2-4 with a double and a homer tonite. However Charlotte is a game out of the wild card so he prolly won't be up this year unless they miss the playoffs.
  10. Not to be a downer but that HR came with the score 17-2 other guys. Sure he made it 17-4 but shouldn't he pick up his pace a tad when trailing by 15?
  11. Maybe the White Sox have realized that Charlotte is their only team with playoff hopes. Plus maybe Robert leading off and Madrigal batting second is a prelude to the White Sox lineup next year?
  12. Julio Rodriguez has another HR today. the kid is in a serious zone.
  13. Leurys will move from CF to give to Robert. but he will play somewhere.
  14. He played his first game with the Aberdeen ironbird team after his promotion from GCL. He went 0-5
  15. he played his first minor league game yesterday. he went hitless. I am sure better days are ahead. Even the orioles can't screw this guy up....right?