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  1. Which rookie do u prefer? Cole Tucker has speed and power and Michael Chavis has more power and turtle speed. In any event both seem short term safe but my thinking is both won't stay around unless one really blows. in which case they would go back to the MILB forum. I currently own Chavis but my finger real itchy to make a swap. thanx for any help.
  2. wow but no. DeGrom has an elbow issue and while the mets sound cautious teams always say that. I remember Matt Morriss, Mark Mulder and Adam Wainwright all had elbow impingements before their TJ surgeries.
  3. If he signs an extension like Eloy did it would be more realistic. But he really needs to be in AA before we start thinking call up. However it isn't like the White Sox have a great or good or even adequate centre fielder when Robert is promoted.
  4. 3-5 again today with a HR and a 2B. BAVG still .482 up to 6 steals and 6 HRs. he won the Carolina League Player of the week last week and has prolly clinched it already for the second week. Maybe they are leaving him in Winston Salem for a teams future promotion Luis Robert bobblehead night maybe?
  5. If u can find someone to sell high to I would jump on it. Murphy is back real soon at 1B which moves McMahon back to 2B, which moves Hampson to Utility guy and spare outfielder. not sure how the OF plays out with Dahl, Desmond, Blackmon starting and Tapia 4. When a team gets 3 guys back from the DL in a 3 day span it is sure to impact playing time for their replacements. Maybe Desmond will get benched or DFA?
  6. Cease last pitched on the 14th. So if he was recalled tomorrow would be his normal rotation start. Prolly too early for him but he would become a bomb must add if ever given a starting spot even temporary.
  7. I also think the Jays wait til June to bring him up. They will lose with him or without him so why rush his paydays? As for Super 2 dates they vary team to team. rainouts that get rescheduled after the June date will push it back a game for example. Most teams will prolly just use a safe date that assures pushing arbitration back a year.
  8. I assume Matz is even a lower buy right now than before.
  9. 2-3 again today BAVG up to 489. Plus he had a SB and reached on HBP. He was CS again which puts his season totals at 5 SB and 2 CS. rating his tools is hard since he has missed so many games with injuries. Lets just say watch him before you rate him. Nothing to see here folks
  10. after 3-4 yesterday with a single double and triple he is up to 475 BAVG. maybe it is time to see him at AA?
  11. Davis is now 1-2. his sell high window prolly just closed. In even weirder news his BAVG is still .029. Also odd he is owned in 1% of leagues. So there is either some very patient owners. Or some people play in a 12 team AL East only league.
  12. Jeffress pitching again today hopefully it goes well and he is up in the next 3 days. I am not just saying this cause I own him well maybe a little
  13. If u own him trade him while he hot. 😀
  14. Breaking news Chris Davis singled off Porcello. He is now the proud owner of a .029 BAVG. maybe he goes 0-61 again?
  15. I own him in a dynasty so I am pretty high on the guy. His only real weakness this year is that the Brewers are a good contending team and they will push win now over development later. Even then moving Moose to short over Arcia or to 3B over travis Shaw making room for Keston is plausible.