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  1. Just saw the news that todays start against the Jays has been pushed back to the Yankees on Wednesday. He must really be sore to pass up a Jays start. Hope it really is a 3 day pushback issue
  2. 1-3 tonight stopped his 1-21 slump which dropped his BAVG from 411 to 373 in a week. Even if he gets hot again the Astros didn't call him up the first 6 weeks so why would they do it now?
  3. Wander Franco Rays 3-4 3 singles Jo Adell Angels 2-4 2B,1B 1 RBI Luis Robert CWS 1-5, 2B, 3K
  4. 0-4 in his first game back at A ball. Hopefully he gets back on the fast track soon. With all the callups Adell. Robert, and Wander should all be jockeying for top prospect in the minors in midseason rankings.
  5. He is playing today at Inland Empire in A ball. If all goes well he should be back at Mobile soon. Welcome back
  6. I think Kevin Cron position will be DH next year when the NL caves in. Jose Martinez in St Louis, Schwarber in Chicago, Braun or Thames or Aguilar in Milwaukee are already ticketed for the position, As for this year he will definitely be called up in Sept to work on his pinch hitting skills. Christian Walker going cold at first would give Cron the 1B job also.
  7. A few more losses like today may spur a move to improve. While the Astros will sail into the playoffs they don't want to lose home field advantage. Cause the loss of a home playoff game would cost them money. Rare for a good team to settle to be good instead of trying to be the best they can. A loss in May counts the same as a loss in September. Not trying to win every game is a poor way to get playoff ready. Round Rock may be the best team in Texas.
  8. I predict Colorado trades for him and benches Dahl or Tapia. they love over the hill geezers like Desmond, Murphy, Reynolds
  9. redraft leagues he is almost untradeable since other prospects are in better positions to be called up for better teams. Yordan is 37% owned in Yahoo which is high for a minor leaguer unsure if he will be called up. Your best bet in any league is to find a fanboy. Of Houston, Round Rock, yordan. My trick is to bash him and the Astros in my league message posting. Whoever defends him is my best new trade partner.
  10. Since he would be playable, Baseball is fairly confident no charges are forthcoming. He will prolly get the old go to counseling, attend some meetings, anger management classes and be declared cured/fixed.
  11. I change my vote on Cespedes nothing to see here
  12. Yoenis Cespedes still seems on pace for ASG aroundish return
  13. I am at the point if a meteor plowed into the Houston clubhouse killing the whole MLB team. Houston would leave Yordan down and call up 25 other guys
  14. Wander or Luis Robert should be top dog. Adell should be back soon and his skillset should keep him top 5 at least, The 3 Astros Whitley, yordan, Tucker are anybodys call Houston seems to think they ain't worthy so why should I?
  15. going from closing to starter. Makes sense the job is the same get 3 outs an inning.
  16. Overall in 125 Abs between A+ Winston Salem and AA Birmingham. 392 BAVG, 10 Hrs, 13 SB not too shabby
  17. The message to all of Houston Astro minor leaguers is no matter how u play or what u do if we need u we will call u up. Otherwise just mark time with the other 150 minor leaguers with zero chance of ever being called up. I think stagnate like Tucker has is the outcome when prospects are doomed to the minors forever.
  18. DYlan Cease has gotten walk crazy lately and well just sucks. Until he has 1 good outing he is more likely to be demoted to AA than promoted. His numbers still look ok after his great start but baseball is a how u doing today story.
  19. Can't u just leave Sano on DL? Once he shows you he is worth starting then u can figure out how to get him active.
  20. 2-3 with a homer bavg up to 298 tonite
  21. Hiura value will never be higher. No matter how well he hits it is doubtful he can raise his profile higher than right now.
  22. 1-2 today already BAVG up to 397. Running out of prospects from other/better organizations to talk about. Just stuck with the Astros rotting in the minors....
  23. 1-2 already today BAVG 250. another CS though
  24. Yordan walked in first AB BAVG stays 402
  25. The Royals are moving Whit Merrifield their best player to OF to give the 2B job to Nicky. Unless he "Kiebooms" his way back to AAA he very well may be a ROS player. This guy becomes an immediate dark horse candidate for ALROY with Eloy and Vladdy JR not doing so hot. Plus the Astros holding back Yordan and Tucker doesn't hurt.