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  1. Nothing wrong with meeting his floor. Unless that's all he does.
  2. That's what you do when you don't trust your defense.
  3. And if you had one that didn't, you were crying that night.
  4. A guy like Mike Davis? He's a total stiff.
  5. Until he gets a consistent 20 touches, he's not startable.
  6. Unlikely to be this week. But it's coming.
  7. Unlikely to be this week. But it's coming.
  8. With their Air Raid offense, and poor defense, Murray might lead the league in pass attempts this year. As shown last week, even mediocre passing success will lead to nice numbers with that kind of volume. Add in some runs, which are definitely coming, and you have a great floor QB.
  9. Yet as soon as Mosely went down last week, the Jets D collapsed and blew a big lead. A good MLB is the glue holding the defense together, the quarterback of the defense. Mosely is good.
  10. Air Raid offense puts up league-high 54 passes in first game ever for rookie QB. 12 of them aimed at Kirk, 9th most targets in the league. Big things are coming...
  11. Has a RB ever missed his first two seasons with injuries to both knees, and come back at a high level of play?
  12. I think back to another unknown and unheralded QB who took over for a new free agent signing after he got hurt. Kurt Warner didn't turn out so bad.
  13. I assume he ain't gonna play for peanuts. Doesn't a team willing to take him need to have the budget him?
  14. And yet, check the numbers. All of those guys did improve year 2.
  15. Can't recall many first round receivers that didn't improve from year 1 to year 2.