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  1. I don't expect Sean Payton to suddenly change what he's been doing successfully for so long. He has never subjected his primary back to heavy use. I don't see Kamara getting significantly more use than last year.
  2. Sometimes backups become starters, and if you have super bowl aspirations, you want a good one.
  3. Because in fantasy, situation can be more valuable than experience. A team desperate for defense uses their first round pick on a RB, the first RB off the board, and basically hands the backfield to him. With the talent in that offense, situation can trump experience.
  4. I would throw out everything you see in preseason. This is a new coach and entirely new scheme where no one knows exactly what to expect. Cards are not going to put anything on film for opposing coaches. They will be mostly running plays that won't be in any regular season game plan.
  5. I usually discount ADP trends, because quality leagues don't have their drafts in July. Featured non-committee backs with goal line duty don't last past the 2nd round in leagues with owners who know what they're doing.
  6. Been doing this since long before computers, and for me, old school still works best. I don't rank or use ranks. My research tells me what I like, and strategy is constantly evolving throughout the draft. I need to focus without distractions, having everything at my fingertips. I print ranking lists (for convenience) by position, use whatever source you want. Then I use three colored highlighters. One is the elites, the clear starters and #1 type players. Next color is high upside players. Third color is key backups and handcuffs. Easy to spot what I want. I make a grid with each team across the top and positions down the side. When a player is drafted, I write him in the grid and cross him off the list. Takes three seconds. Now I can see everyone's rosters developing to better predict their next moves, and easily see who's still available. Between my picks, I'm strategizing, mentally targeting players, making notes, etc. I might use my phone to quickly check something on online, but generally I find technology at the draft to be more of a hindrance than a help.
  7. That elite defense keeps them in games. They won 9 last year, plus 2 losses by 1 point.
  8. League gives 10 points for rush TD, 5 for rec TD. Same yardage points rush or rec. Who would you rather have, Kamara or McCaffrey? Last year they finished RB3 and RB4 in my league. Can't decide which will be better this year.
  9. I forgot that besides multiple injuries, Fournette in his brief career has already been suspended for a game, benched for a game, and ejected from a game. Personal conduct is also a big risk for him.
  10. He burned you last year, and the year before, not because of anything on the field. He burned you because he couldn't stay on the field.
  11. I worry about CJA vulturing at the GL, something he's pretty good at. Could make Kerryon's totals rather ordinary.
  12. Gotta respect an iron cock. Nice analysis.
  13. That team had over 6000 yards offense and was second only to New Orleans in yards per play. Alex Smith went to the Pro Bowl. While Hunt led the league in rushing, he scored only 8 times, including 9 straight games without scoring. Which makes me think, when Hunt does come back, does Chubb still get all the goal line carries? If so, he would continue having RB1 value.
  14. I think even with Hunt in the lineup, Chubb will have earned himself the majority of the snaps, and can produce RB1 numbers. It's also unfair to assume Hunt would produce those same numbers, which he did with what really was a historically great offense.