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  1. In my main keeper, I lost in the first round 6-5-1, and the tie was in HR. One more damn HR, and it's 6-6 and I win the tiebreaker. While I can say this for any of my hitters, I feel Trout's 0 HR for the two weeks get him a larger slice of the blame. On the other hand, screw HanRam and Dozier. They carried my opponent in HR, RBI, and TB.
  2. I believe Vick will have a really long leash because the other QBs on the Steelers' only other healthy QB is Landry Jones, who will be active during the regular season for the first time in his career. Keep in mind Jones has been on the Steelers' 53-man roster since being drafted in 2013.
  3. I'm gonna leave him on my bench. I watch most Tigers games, and there are two situations where their offense thrives this season: 1: vs Lefties (119 sOPS+ vs LH starters; 125 sOPS+ vs all LHP), and 2: during Day games (137 sOPS+ during Day games)
  4. You may be on to something here. Since 2008 he's been steadily increasing the time he takes between pitches. According to Fangraphs Tulo averaged 27.9 seconds between pitches last year, but he's currently averaging 26 seconds between pitches this season. While it's only a 2 second difference, and he's tied with Hanley for the longest time between pitches in the league, I have no idea how much this affects Tulo. As for the image My Dinner With Andre posted, I'd like to point out that Tulo is being thrown more strikes this season. So far this season, 50.6% of pitches to Tulo are strikes. Pitches are also throwing more first pitch strikes to Tulo; 63.4% this year, up 5% from last year and 4% from his career average. I think this accounts for the uptick in K% and could account for a drop in BB%, but not to the extent that we've seen so far this season. Just to add to the mystery, last year Tulo saw a career low percentage of strikes and had a career high BB%. I have no idea why pitchers went from pitching around him the most in his career last year to pounding the zone against him this year.
  5. I hear you. He's killing me in my league that has bat flips as a category.
  6. In a H2H league, I have Harper, my opponent has Betts. Betts robs Harper of a 2-run HR, then hits a 3-run HR.
  7. While this article is about Tulo, I think it answers your question. In my opinion, the POP rules are cosmetic. While batters are supposed to keep one foot in the box, that's only if they take a pitch. If the batter swings, then they can leave the box, but have to stay on the dirt. Either way, there's no rule about time limits, so when Beltre takes a pitch, he can keep one foot in the box and still take as much time inbetween pitches as he has in previous years. Which is exactly what he's doing. In the PITCHf/x Plate Discipline section on a player's Fangraphs page, it has his Pace ("the average time inbetween pitches"). So far this year, Beltre is averaging 23.9 seconds inbetween pitches. Last year he averaged 22.8 seconds, and he's averaged 22.4 seconds inbetween pitches for his career. It figures that the guy that has defied Time increases the time between pitches the year that the POP rules are enacted.
  8. Yesterday, ESPN had him listed as the probable starter for today @MIA, and I was strongly thinking about streaming him. However, I see that TB named Steve Geltz today's starter, and now ESPN has Erasmo's next start listed as April 15 @TOR. Back to monitoring this guy.
  9. I'm throwing him out against Texas. They are cold and as of right now, their doesn't seem to be much wind at the Ballpark in Arlington.
  10. Nobody ever said anything about the Cy Young. Now the MVP, that's realistic. Seriously, the dude plays in OAK, not to mention a division that includes SEA and HOU. He's worth the occasional stream, possibly owning in a deep AL-Only/mixed league.