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  1. Would he be worth a stash in a keeper for a hypothetical 1-5 team?
  2. In my main keeper, I lost in the first round 6-5-1, and the tie was in HR. One more damn HR, and it's 6-6 and I win the tiebreaker. While I can say this for any of my hitters, I feel Trout's 0 HR for the two weeks get him a larger slice of the blame. On the other hand, screw HanRam and Dozier. They carried my opponent in HR, RBI, and TB.
  3. I'm throwing him out against Texas. They are cold and as of right now, their doesn't seem to be much wind at the Ballpark in Arlington.
  4. Nobody ever said anything about the Cy Young. Now the MVP, that's realistic. Seriously, the dude plays in OAK, not to mention a division that includes SEA and HOU. He's worth the occasional stream, possibly owning in a deep AL-Only/mixed league.