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  1. He will end in the 50s
  2. I had Stanton and Blackmon ahead of harper before the season with trout
  3. Hope the Marlins build around him with new ownership. If you don't keep a guy like that you might as well fold
  4. Yeah it was just bad luck that he didn't get that win
  5. He's always gonna get hurt badly. He plays ignorant. Hard but ignorant. Part of the baggage that comes with him. Sorry boys
  6. Time to lower the socks
  7. Just another stellar outing by stud Lester
  8. well I've owned him for a few weeks before. feel like his usual 2 catch, 21 yard effort can be found in a lot of places. Also... that low hanging fruit -110 bet of "Eric Ebron OVER 3.5 catches" available each week always loses. It's like buying a lotto ticket, you know its a loser but you're at the cash register so you just buy the damn thing and take it in the bum and hand over your money. But it seems so easy and gratifying at the time.
  9. Hope you guys cashed in
  10. I want this guy bad
  11. Bumping this... several interested so far.... Still need a few quality owners.
  12. When you go deep in a lot of counts with a 7 run lead, it isn't "bad luck" it's just being bad. Especially in fantasy. Didn't get the win. Didn't pass any eye test. He's why you're still 7th.
  13. You didn't draft him to be top 15. He's not top 15 in any format. He went 4 innings tonight with a huge cushion. No win. No quality start. Another turd Lester outing that helps no one turn a corner. You are brutal. Again take a picture when you win something. Again, show up when he does something that makes you say "Wow" or makes any of us say "wow" you getting pwned as they say
  14. wish I could ZiPS my way to a title, if it were that simple lol.
  15. He's been jekyll and hyde his entire career. Not even interesting when he does this. It's who he is