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  1. They'll all be fine except correa. But you knew that
  2. When Nelson Cruz and Giancarlo start to do what they do..... lookout gotta love Thames sitting with the DH available
  3. Uh, no it is. Look at his WHIP if you're going to stat him. Look at his swing and miss. Look at his K/9. He gave up a bomb to Edwin in a high leverage situation, and then a meaningless run in a game they led 8-0.
  4. What's funny is Bush isn't struggling. What he gave up a bomb to encarnacion? That's struggling? this is a no brainer
  5. It isn't a good idea to draft closers without elite stuff.... we aspire to do better than that if you're posting here
  6. He still looks like Chris Farley
  7. Means it's not bush 🤦‍♂️ Theyre wronf every time like a bad luck charm. Delete them from your bookmarks
  8. Bush will close in Texas, Jeffress will only close the Bar 🍻
  9. Dyson haha
  10. Why do you guys keep going back to the well and expect different things with Delino?
  11. Pretty awesome
  12. he hits them in bunches, then goes quiet. enjoy riding the wave
  13. Full disclosure, I'm not watching. But my buddy is and said he has no idea what he's doing right now.
  14. he's not going to hit at all