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  1. Luis Castillo 2018 Outlook

    Worried about his smaller frame. Lots of stress on the arm.
  2. Coming off a 16-3, 151 K's in 152 innings year. How do you like Wood heading into 2018? Seemed like he finally delivered on his promise if you were one that believed in him since his Atlanta days. What do you expect?
  3. Dinelson Lamet 2018 Outlook

    It's crazy, but I want to hang onto him so bad at 25th round value for future years I am considering not keeping Gallo or Khris Davis at similar value. I have never been one to favor pitching over a bat with all the injuries that can happen but I am that high on Lamet's arm and future; given also the park he pitches in. I don't know what to do and it's all b/c of Lamet!
  4. Dinelson Lamet 2018 Outlook

    No, Szym didn't have 5 candidates. He focused exclusively on Lamet. Petriello had five breakout candidates. They're listed above
  5. I have a team that won't compete this season. It's a rebuild year, and I am selecting my last keeper. So do you: A) keep Dinelson Lamet at round 25, thinking he has future ace upside at that round value. b ) keep Arodys Vizcaino who has that round value knowing I could get a round 15 or so pick around the deadline from a team that needs a closer. I am leaning towards A, which is a bigger gamble at coming up empty handed but huge upside. Even though I think vizcaino has 40 save upside and the chance to be a dominant closer for a year or two.
  6. Dinelson Lamet 2018 Outlook

    Finally, Szymborski points out that there is a 17% chance that Lamet ends the year with a WAR of 4+. In 2017, only 20 pitchers held a WAR that was 4.0 or higher. Adding Lamet to that category would put him among the MLB’s elite. Mike Petrillo wrote an article on five pitchers he thinks can break out in 2018. As well as Luis Castillo, Tyler Chatwood, Garrett Richards and Luiz Gohara, Lamet made the list.
  7. Rafael Devers 2018 Outlook

    Need Chico Devers to continue to develop in a big was in 2018
  8. Cody Bellinger 2018 Outlook

    He's being drafted really high. Second round in most 12 teams I see, tail end
  9. I like his stuff. Does anyone else
  10. David Dahl 2018 Outlook

    Haha yeah he's healthy, sitting in his basement in December. Know when he's really healthy? After he's played about 80 games in three months and we don't hear that there's any problem. Went from some here calling him the LH mike Trout of coors to honestly one of the funniest and most bizarre threads I ever remember here. A Dahl thread (that started winter 2017, and is now reborn again) has exclusively just had people speculating about when he will resume swinging, reports he may at some point swing, the organization saying they will take it slow and then a half dozen guys declaring "boy when he gets right though, he will win leagues". No, maybe not. Because you don't know what he is over a full season in the first place or how much the farm equipment has depreciated since the bubble wrap came off if long ago. until further notice he's David Dahl and he's thinking about resuming swinging. Sorry fellas. The Dahl thread is as insufferable and golden as the Cleveland browns thread every year that has a half dozen people talking about why they'll make the playoffs
  11. Yu Darvish 2018 Outlook

    I've watched him a lot and I don't feel like he's that good anymore. I'm sorry, I don't see it
  12. Seeing Bellinger pretty overdrafted
  13. Yasiel Puig 2018 Outlook

    I feel like it's #metoo too
  14. Seager or Bellinger

    I hear ya. Love Seager. But feel like his .290/22/70/1 is kind of ordinary in fantasy. Whereas the .265/40/110/15 for Bellinger is kind of exciting to most; or what makes him desired. Aaron Judge and Trout K a lot. I think that Seager should have a big year as long as he doesn't get hurt
  15. Seager or Bellinger

    I am more worried about his elbow he elected not to have surgery on, he was doing a throwing program to recover from it last year and missed a lot of time during the season for it