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  1. I think he plays in 145-150
  2. A wolters rupp combo say makes a lot of sense and won't cost you much. Or draft wolters with your last pick and stream someone else who has a hot hand
  3. It was indeed corey Seager
  4. I have him as my 4th overall OF in fantasy this year. Ahead of Harper
  5. He had it since last August. Not sure if that's good or bad
  6. Alright if the new park was built for Freeman, why were they trying to trade him within the last year or two?
  7. Not enough chatter for this guy. I guess he's that good
  8. I think Thames tops 30 homers, steals 10 and hits about .248
  9. Correa more track record. He is going to have a monster year
  10. He did. I've kind of beaten up on him four years in a row. He just said he doesn't want me to own someone I'm targeting that hard more less. Personal vendetta
  11. Ttt
  12. Yeah I offered it for Seager out of boredom and the guy turned it down.
  13. Have to keep at least 2 pitchers man?
  14. Dull side. Side A has a lot of risk. Berrios isn't that good and isn't going to turn out that good, sadly. No one survives the twins man
  15. Round 6 Corey Seager or Round 3 Josh Donaldson Round 2 Chris Sale 1st Round Pick