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  1. Good baserunner with good instinct but marginal speed
  2. How much do you guys believe in Dodger stadium hampering offensive numbers? I know it's not a hitters park, but some guys historically have been fine there while others seem to have a ceiling playing their home games there. How does it truly play?
  3. It has begun. Lets discuss him
  4. Odds are he has another huge year
  5. They would argue it sure; but they wouldn't be right.
  6. They won't beat Los Angeles in the NLDS. kershaw, Maeda, Rich Hill, Urias etc... Drive slow homey
  7. This blister will still be there April 2017
  8. You took the words from my mouth
  9. Gsellman. Phillies can't hit
  10. Just bought a house and have done $13M in loans this year. I was just having fun with you. Except the $3000 in costs part... I know you're disguising that somehow haha
  11. This is A LOT tougher than the NL for me. i would vote Altuve I think but the Astros not making the playoffs seems like it hurts
  12. Ok but Kershaw isn't healthy, so this is a really silly post. He is more valuable than Kershaw. Hope you're snagging some guys at 200 bps and disguising $3,000 in costs well my friend
  13. I'm not seeing enough respect for Corey Seager here. dodgers dead in the water without him
  14. He's been transported to Arizona so the dry air can heal the blister!!
  15. post your top five predicted order of finish: 1) Corey Seager 2) Kris Bryant 3) Daniel Murphy 4) Nolan Arenado 5) Anthony Rizzo