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  1. A true killer in every sense. I don’t throw it around lightly
  2. I think he finally has an MVP type year no one has to defend
  3. New stance. Really ripping the ball so far
  4. So what, 7 hole? 8 hole? Just hoping for top of the lineup so he’s not being expected to develop while his lineup protection is Mitch Garver
  5. I really like him, good down to earth dude. Hope he sticks it to the doubters and has a killer year. If he hits some and throws up a 6-7 WAR season... he will get some crazy headlines. twins handled him so badly last year. Hit him 2 hole or something and just leave him alone for 160 games. See what happens
  6. Enjoy it guys... this is our feast... meaning until the reg season starts
  7. Dozier to 2B every day hernandez (Kikè) to CF vs LHP, Pederson CF every day vs RHP muncy every day 1B there you have it folks. Cody Bellinger is without a job except on the rare occasion that he will play CF against RHP. just like I told you.
  8. His wrist is still bad. Someone old Yeller him. Now.
  9. Killing me, and certainly killing any of you who own him. He basically went without stats in the month of May, and again in July. I think he has a homer and two RBI in July. This is utterly unbelievable. He's adjusted his stance again, and his plate appearances look better. I mean they ended with infield pop up and strikeout. Never seen a dude lose it like this from one season to the next. He's got this week to really find something and get right or playing time will go to about 25% of this.
  10. Ok, well I cover the team and he’s sitting again today.. he has basically lost his job against lefties and will lose it altogether soon
  11. Nah they’re trying to win a title. Not let him work at getting better. And I’m telling you he’s the odd man out. He’s gonna sit over Kikè/Pederson some now and already is. It’s especially going to happen when Turner comes back.
  12. He’s not a good week from stardom... I mean unless it’s a 10 homer week. I love the guy. He stinks. Slugging .411 last 30 days. Won’t be playing every day soon. When turner is back they’re not going to play him