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  1. It's funny as hell. There are guys to be pissed about and I'm the first one to complain on most guys who deserve it. Thames isn't one of those guys. Try owning Carlos Santana or Jake Arrieta or Odubel Herrera for any length of time
  2. Never did have that double digit strikeout game I think he's capable of. When he's on he's capable of some of Jimmy Nelson's better games
  3. He's probably gonna continue to be meh and sit often. And most of all; if you're like me, you'll hate him because of the guys you pass on on the waiver wire because of his .360+ OBP and mostly hollow other stats. Total dud
  4. You guys back to hating him and cutting him then?
  5. This will never happen.
  6. I told you, his bat model. Switched to the JJ2 marucci the AB against Strasburg. Homered. Has been on fire since. his exit velo on batted balls using this model has been better all year. He's comfortable and sticking with it. I learned about the two models he uses and the differences in them bc I have a relationship with his bat rep at Marucci. Basically his CS5 model (the all white one) is more end heavy. The one he's using now is more balanced and he has had better bat control with it; noticed this during an earlier stretch in the year beginning at coors and ending when he had one bad game against some tough LHP (Ray) at Dodger stadium and he struck out four times and ditched it. He's a better hitter with the JJ2 model.
  7. I'm conflicted on whether or not he loses the job to Soogaard
  8. This is a really big week for them
  9. Completely worthless start in every single way possible
  10. Houston K's a ton. Boston will win the game. Yes I'm starting
  11. He will play like every third game to every other game. He is good but his playing 33% of the time limits his value and even when he is "healthy" he will constantly mention things like heel blisters and rib spurs and other injuries you've never heard of. These will be in between 60 day lapses on the DL.
  12. Sweet Coors series. Seriously hits like a girl. Eats pink cereal.
  13. The swing plane talk is funny. Stop being naive folks
  14. He along with Lowrie, Gennett, Ryan Zimmerman, Thames, Smoak....... is really on some good steroids this year