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  1. Didn't the Red Sox just acquire Nunez? He likes makes Devers path to regular playing time difficult. I like Brinson here! help with mine please?
  2. You must be new here (just teasing I see you aren't) the above poster always comes in to tell people to trade their good SPs for bats, it's a terrible strategy, he couldn't be more wrong, so just disregard all his posts... I think you should so do this deal regardless of playoff implications this year especially in a keeper league. You would most likely be able to keep Wood, Stras, Kershaw and Kluber which is awesome in my mind. Is there a minimum starts per week deal? You can stash Kersh and Stras on DL correct? I'd be all over this. Just make it work until Stras is back at least...
  3. None of them are safe plays but Lamet to me has the slight edge over Tomlin and then Gausman simply can't be trusted even after rattling off 2 straight good starts, I don't like a hot humid Texas matchup for him at all. help on mine?