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  1. Where Legends Are Born

    I just changed the waiver system back to what it was. All players are now free agents, but pickups can't start until noon Central. Any moves made before that time will be reverted.
  2. Dynasty Bowl

    3rd Round 25. Winky -Antonio Calloway, WR, CLE26. Ironcock - DJ Chark, WR, JAX27. Sportsguy (to Misfit Toys) - Chase Edmonds RB ARI28. Southern Steeler - Deon Cain29. El Chingon - DaeSean Hamilton30. Jmadtown - Trenton Cannon RB NYJ31. Texan AD - OTC, skipped as of 2:18 PM Central 7/1332. Hard1 - John Kelly RB LAR33.Misfit Toys (to sportsguy) - Mark Walton RB CIN34. Kingfish - OTC @mneel5535. Very Bad Man 36. Luck Dynasty
  3. Dynasty Bowl

    Has anybody PMd or e-mailed TexanAD? Looks like he hasn't been on the forums since September.
  4. Where Legends Are Born

    I have just put all free agents on waivers, so nobody can be picked up for the time being. The only exception is if stankyleg wants to make his FA pick again. Since I waited longer than I had hoped to place players on waivers, I'm going to extend the waiver deadline by a day. All waiver claims will be processed on Sunday morning. That being said, the "free for all" period will begin Sunday at 12 PM Central time. If there are any concerns with this or other questions, please let me know.
  5. Dynasty Bowl

    I am trading the current pick to @vikingapocalypse for pick 3.09 and his 3rd round pick next year. 3rd Round 25. Winky - Antonio Calloway, WR, CLE26. Ironcock - DJ Chark, WR, JAX27. Sportsguy (to Misfit Toys) - OTC28. Southern Steeler 29. El Chingon 30. Jmadtown 31. Texan AD 32. Hard1 33.Misfit Toys (to sportsguy) 34. Kingfish 35. Very Bad Man 36. Luck Dynasty
  6. Where Legends Are Born

    It took me until now to notice it, as I was going through the transactions to make sure everybody was picked up. @stankyleg's FA pick is actually an illegal pick. A.J. McCarron was dropped in between picks 3 & 4 of the FA draft, thus making him ineligible to be drafted. I will revert the move to pick him up and ask stankyleg to pick again.
  7. Dynasty Bowl

    Definitely not taking the entire 24 hours this time. 2nd Round 13. Luck Dynasty - Courtland Sutton, WR, DEN 14. Very Bad Man - Christian Kirk WR ARI 15. Kingfish - Anthony Miller, WR, CHI16. Misfit Toys (to hard1) - Kalen Ballage17. hard1 - Pierre Garcon18. Texan AD (to hard1) - Mike Gesecki19. Jmadtown Mr. Dante Pettis20. El Chingon - Nyheim Hines (sniped me)21. Southern Steeler - Keke Coutee22. Sportsguy - James Washington WR PIT23. Ironcock - OTC @Iron-cock24. Winky
  8. Where Legends Are Born

    My plan is to put all players on waivers tonight when I get home. In order to give a decent amount of time to those that might be interested, I'm going to have waivers process on Saturday. That means the free for all would begin sometime on Saturday (time TBD at this point). If anybody has any objections to that, please let me know. I'll send out more information in the next day or so.
  9. Dynasty Bowl

    2nd Round 13. Luck Dynasty - Courtland Sutton, WR, DEN 14. Very Bad Man - Christian Kirk WR ARI 15. Kingfish - OTC @mneel5516. Misfit Toys 17. hard1 18. Texan AD (to hard1) 19. Jmadtown 20. El Chingon 21. Southern Steeler 22. Sportsguy 23. Ironcock 24. Winky
  10. Prestige Worldwide - Dynasty Football

    As an FYI, we had trouble getting a hold of him before the Dynasty Bowl draft started up and ultimately had to replace him.
  11. Where Legends Are Born

    @Mek Daddy
  12. Dynasty Bowl

    Scratch that, I got some time now. I'll take D.J. Moore WR CAR. Thanks again for being patient with me and my apologies for holding things up.
  13. Dynasty Bowl

    Sorry about that guys, I've been doing the baseball thing this weekend. I'll make my pick when I get home from Milwaukee (probably around 7 central).
  14. Where Legends Are Born

    I didn't have this noted, do you remember what trade this might have been part of?
  15. Where Legends Are Born

    FA Draft 1. JMak - Tre'Quan Smith WR NO 2. sportsguy21792 - Corey Grant RB JAC 3. merkman_21 - OTC @merkman_21 4. ArmchairGM 5. Du5t3r 6. vikingapocalypse 7. predator_05 8. DerrickHenrysCleats 9. stankyleg 10. Drake 11. megamoviejohn 12. Mek Daddy 13. Iron-cock 14. KennyWoo @ArmchairGM is also OTC with his last rookie pick.