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  1. Should be a nice bounce back candidate this week yeah? Eagles getting absolutely destroyed in the perimeter and they have a ton of injuries in the secondary. MT should obviously feast but Smith has had his best games at home.
  2. Probably the most disappointing 25.6 points ever considering he had 20 in the 1st half. He was vintage Rodgers in the 1st half and then morphed into Derek Carr. Allergic to the check down - Aaron Jones should have probably had another 5-6 receptions. Trying to extend too many dead plays and only wanted to throw the deep ball. This should be McCarthy's nail in the coffin. Punting the ball away on 4th and 2 when your defense was on their heels with only 1 timeout left. How many times did the Packers get good field position last night? They honestly should have scored 40+.
  3. Didn't Zeke just run all over the Eagles? That defense is trending down plus the Rams have one of the best O-Lines in the league. Kerryon Johnson just had his best fantasy game vs the Bears too.
  4. I think WR2 production is best case scenario. There were weeks in the beginning of the season where they had zero running game and WRs where he could have blown up but he also got hurt. Now with Mack back and an O-Line playing at a high level with Ebron/Doyle, he is just not going to demand 10+ targets anymore. His impact to the team in real life is unquestioned since he demands a lot of attention but that just means it opens things up for his teammates. Unfortunately, that is bad news for his fantasy production.
  5. His cousin Devonta wishes him well...
  6. I don't think the Seahawks defense is as good as the numbers suggest - they have given up 6 passing TDs in the last 3 games. I think the biggest concern is that the Seahawks control the clock and run the ball 30 times. The hope is that the Seahawks go up big early which would force Rodgers to throw.
  7. I can already see how this game is going to happen...some clock-chewing, run heavy by both teams and a nice 17-14 win by the Seahawks and another disappointing week from Rodgers.
  8. bro - Gurley has been playing the entire season...
  9. Also, per rules, the home team has to keep their stadium open in case of an emergency. What is stopping them from moving it? Oh yeah...MONEY.
  10. Anyway, for someone fighting for a playoff spot, losing Gurley this week would be a nail in my coffin
  11. How hard is it to re-sod a field? Given all the resources the NFL has, I would think this would be pretty easy if they are insistent on keeping the game there. Have to think this happens all the time.
  12. Saw this tweet from Schefter that mentioned a possibility of postponement due to field conditions. Huge NFL following in Mexico City plus MNF game so tons of money on the line. The postponement is a real concern as both teams have the same bye week. Tons of players impacted if they do cancel this week.
  13. I benched him but happy to see that performance. Hope that ankle is OK. Besides the TDs, the best part of this game was that he was never game scripted out. The clear #1 RB as a runner who will get volume but had 6 receptions which is big.
  14. He needs the JAX defense to play well - if Colts go up, he will get game scripted out IMO and you will see Yeldon.