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  1. holy crap this TNF game is going to be terrible.
  2. I don’t think Slay moves to the slot much. Don’t think he even covered Fitz in week 1. Keenan was destroying them last week and then they finally moved him towards the end and he was able to get that pick to seal the game. I doubt they move him to slot to shadow a guy like Agholor. They will probably game plan more around a guy like Ertz. Can’t complain in a game where he will probably see double digit targets.
  3. It was 3rd and goal from the 10. They were blowing them out and Michel fumbled earlier so Rex got two carries inside the 10 and couldn’t get anywhere. Pats do not care what the score is and they will run their plays. White caught a pass for a 10 yard TD reception.
  4. No way - dude is legit and here to stay in fantasy.
  5. Adam Gase with that special touch...can turn NFL teams into a pile of dog crap in the shortest amount of time.
  6. The fact remains true that BB doesn't give a crap about your fantasy team. If it's not broken, don't fix it. Michel isn't in on passing downs because simply put, White/Burkhead are better at it. This offense will remain balanced to keep defenses on their toes. You can watch the week 2 video of Sony - had one great run of 10 yards but the rest, he was just churning out positive yards and moving the sticks. If anything, the offense got bogged down at times on Sunday because Brady was trying to force feed it to AB. The fumbling is the concerning part since BB hates that but as long as he is getting the lion's share of carries in this offense, that's pretty much all you can ask for at this point. Would I want him as my RB1? Obviously not but if you have him as an RB2/FLEX, I think you will be fine. There's certainly a lot more worse options in fantasy land at the moment. Don't forget that the year Blount had 18 TDs, he only averaged 3.9 YPC with 7 receptions and was still very useful in fantasy.
  7. Ron Rivera presser: He is getting his hair cut today...
  8. Who did you give up for him? Curious to hear what his value is perceived as...
  9. 15 and 21 carries respectively in the first two games. The O-Line issues are real as they are dealing with injuries to their stud center, Cannon and now Wynn. We knew he wouldn't get much work in the passing game but he is still the main ball carrier in an elite offense with high TD upside. Positive game script in most games. Think you could do a lot worst for an RB2...
  10. Any Seahawks' fan will tell you that Carson is 150x better than Penny and the preferred RB on that team. He just fits that style more. He's not "flashy" but he sure is effective. He has had early fumbling problems but they have gone back to him each time at the end when the game is on the line. The only reason Pete Carroll talks this guy up is draft capital. They want him to succeed because they know they botched that pick. With that being said, he is a competent COP back who holds solid bench value since Carson has a history of injury.
  11. All speculation at the moment. Steelers saying it's not "serious" but that doesn't mean he won't miss any games. Should know more tomorrow.
  12. You mean the guy who received 11 targets yesterday and was primarily Bridgewater's first read? Everyone on that offense get a downgrade with guys like Cook/Ginn/Smith/Murray becoming unstartable. Kamara will still be a big part of the offense but his upside is obviously capped. MT is literally the only viable WR they have and he just knows how to get open. Bridgewater may be below average but he looked fine throwing the ball to MT yesterday.
  13. Big test next week at Arrowhead but should continue to put up big fantasy points. He has really made some major strides as a passer. Running game is still obviously there. Boy he is fun to own.