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  1. They pulled Lester too early. Cubs bullpen isn't THAAAAT good
  2. advanced metrics are bad and he goes @coors next time. Are most people dropping?
  3. He won't pitch deep enough into games to log quality starts and he has a HR problem at Yankee Stadium. Pass
  4. He's ranked in the top200 he's definitely ownable.
  5. Batting 6th in between John Ryan Murphy/Descalso and Ketel Marte/Jarrod Dyson. Goodbye counting stats (I actually like all those players to some extent but getting on base isn't their forte
  6. Anyone rolling him tomorrow? I thought he'd be a sneaky guy to round out a 14-team rotation but he's been abysmal. 91 pitches last time means he's fully stretched out. That's about the only positive so far.
  7. Oh I definitely know it's a DL stint. I'm just wondering if we should expect him back before the ASB. I guess we'll know after the MRI
  8. Who was warming up for the Angels last night in case Heaney faltered? Parker, Anderson, nobody or someone else?
  9. I wouldn't own any Rays relievers in mixed leagues. And I play in very competitive deep leagues that chase saves. The Rays will drive you mad. I initially figured they would latch onto Alvarado or Roe since they've always had a traditional closer but ever since the Colome trade they've been pretty clear about using guys in every role. They've had save opps (and even more leads entering the 7th+ innings) and have continually altered the roles. I would much rather have a good ratio middle reliever or speculate on Herrera+Greene trades (with Adam and Jimenez) than burn roster spots on the Rays. Gun to my head in AL-only, right now Romo does look like the favourite but it really seems that every game could be a different save candidate.
  10. It made no sense that Soria was taken out of the role in the first place (mentioned it a few times in the May thread). He was quietly great all year but had gotten SUPER unlucky in a very small sample size. Why did they give him the role in the first place if they were just going to take him out after 6 flukey innings. That said, even a huge Soria backer like myself doesn't see him as a must-own anymore. - There's probably no reliever in baseball more likely to be traded than him. - I usually don't care about the team but the WSox legitimately won't win many games/get save opportunities. - The WSox have shown they're very willing to yo-yo Soria out of the role. They're probably just as thirsty to showcase Jones and/or Rondon for trade bait so any Soria slip-up means he's pulled and even if he's fine they may switch him anyway. All adds to very little upside. But I'm glad his k/BB ratio is getting attention. He looks totally different from the past few seasons.
  11. May only had 87 so it's highly unlikely. I've always liked Adam Conley and think he will find a nice home in the bullpen but I'm pretty sure he's very far from save opportunities right now.