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  1. I'll go to the grave with him. Playoff schedule is overrated.
  2. I just turned it on to scout him and he air balled a three, had a charge turnover and got subbed out for chalmers. lmao
  3. one of these situations where I can take a risk and use one of my deadline week moves on a lotto ticket, but he could be crap and no one would be surprised. huge high school talent, 5 star kentucky recruit. did nothing in college and has done nothing until now in nba. tough call. add now think later is prob best course of action. memphis has nobody.
  4. doesnt look good people knee buckled inwards, did it while dunking on giannis of all things
  5. give it time. im known for identifying "studs" before theyre widely accepted in that way
  6. hes shooting 45% from 3, yes stud. SVG loves him too. Add him and let it ride. Dont overthink this one.
  7. He had 3 stl last night. Hes basically Gary Harris if he gets the right usage. Dont know how this stud floundered on the lowly Pistons this long.
  8. clarkson and randle are going to the cavs mark my words kuzma show post asb
  9. what a huge over reaction by rotoworld saying he'll be top 50 rest of way. comparing his footwork to kareem.... what the f RHJ will absolutely cut into his production. he could be a henson type ROS
  10. He'll be fine... relax. He's got a good jump shot and is a physical mismatch for 98% of the league. Can finish with the best of them. Enjoy the ride.
  11. his usage is underwhelming. they should use him as roll man far more, especially now that he's an elite shooter.
  12. As a Raptors fan I have more confidence in Delon and FVV right now. Kyle is brick city. I'm sure a hot streak will come, but overall a sub 40% fg season is realistic in my opinion.
  13. now he missed back to back layups, rollercoaster of a rookie.
  14. whether it ends up showing up in the box score or not (im sure it will), he is bodying embiid out there right now. He sort of looks like bazemore, until he starts boxing embiid out and snagging boards from him.