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  1. Yahoo!, Free, standard, 10 teamTeam to replace: cp3, kawhi, Giannis, dragic, ibaka, bogdanovic, mcgee, Desmond, Collision, Reddick, dwinddle, Lavert, siakam, Nance Jr, melo, Tristan Thompson, Dennis Smith jr
  2. Accept. Aldridge is proven and doing well right now.
  3. I wouldn't trade. You can most likely get more if you doesn't to trade Giannis but I'd stay put.
  4. Prince over Gordon easily. You can make up the 3s with free agents.
  5. I would not do that trade. You can get more for Jokic.
  6. Depends what you need. Siakam if don't need the points. Coach said he will continue to start and Rose is injury prone even though he is balling right now.
  7. Got offered Embiid and Booker for L Aldridge, DeRozan, and E Gordon. Accept or decline? My Team: Conley, Doncic, Mirotic, AD, Fournier, Drummond, Gobert, Warren, Prince, Millsap, Gallinari, DeRozan, Aldridge, Mack, Gordon
  8. Free Yahoo! league, 10 man, h2h, standard scoring. Leave email below if interested.B Simmons, P George, Lowry, Butler, Tatum, Batum, W Carter Jr, Nowitzki, L Williams, KCP, J Johnson, Bogdanovic, Oubre
  9. Need a replacement owner to take over a Yahoo! team. 10 man league, standard scoring with 2 d players, team below. Alex Smith, K Allen, T Hilton, K Hunt, Ertz, C Ridley, Bernard, D Cook, Agholor, Coleman, Baldwin, Eli, R Anderson, J Williams, J Graham, Boswell, Pats D/ST, Kendricks, Travathan
  10. Don't do either transactions and wait for better players to hit the waivers.
  11. Kittle