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  1. I like it. I think Mcaff is a PPR stud, and pairing him with Zeke is great. You don't need Engram having Kelce. The only down side is giving up your #1 WR, but I think you can make that up streaming the hot hand. OBJ is wild card any way. I'd do it personally.
  2. Given with the way this is playing out, I'm not sure how easily he would be signed to another contract. Even if he is I doubt it would be for the same amount guaranteed.
  3. I wonder how long until Drew Rosenhaus cuts his losses.
  4. Are you just dropping to make a move, or are you looking for help at a position? Your team seems pretty balanced right now, just wait to see how the first week plays out.
  5. I hate trades like this. Makes me want to reevaluate the league I'm in.
  6. I feel like David Johnson and Josh Gordon are on all my teams.
  7. I would personally love it in that high powered offense.
  8. Yup, bench Drake. Especially since Miami traded Tunsil away.
  9. Yeah, QB and TE are a bit suspect, but given the strength of your other positions I think you will be fine. Just keep your eye on that waiver wire.
  10. I would honestly stay put with what you have. The pieces you would want, he is not parting with for Singletary. The other pieces you can get would make you no better.
  11. I have David Johnson, and someone just Chase Anderson. I also have Jordon Howard and Miles Sanders. So, in a PPR keeper league which 3 of the 4 below would you rather have? David Johnson Chase Anderson Jordon Howard Miles Sanders
  12. Is anyone having trouble drafting online snake with ESPN? I have a draft starting at 6:30. It is set for snake (keeper) yet every round seems to start with team 1. Don't know what I am doing wrong.