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  1. I hope this ensures he stays in the starting line-up. Guy has been on fire.
  2. Pretty good write up on his changes, and the early results.
  3. Can't wait to see him Gallo and Stanton battle it out in the HR Derby.
  4. No DH for him in the NL park.
  5. He only batted 2nd twice all year. He batted 7th five times and 6th six times.
  6. I think the same thing any time I see Evan Gattis in the OF. That is so me out there.
  7. I like Dahl if you can DL him. Post it in this forum:
  8. Three game NL park stint starting tonight. I wonder how they will use him in this? I hope I can get at least two games from him.
  9. Here I am patting myself on the back after I traded Duvall and Longoria for him before the season started. I wish I had some of those Duvall bombs now. Wake the hell up Manny!
  10. Well, look who's batting 5th today.
  11. HR #3. Is he getting regular playing time?
  12. Think this may be his first break of the early season.
  13. Well, 7 for Betts is pretty lucky...
  14. I think it's only the major league baseballs. He can hit the ones they use in the minors.