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  1. Yeah, felt the same way until Conley went down. Adios for now.
  2. Commissioner's Corner (2017 Edition)

    100% agree with this. I have been commish in several leagues. Two of them for close to 20 years, and when we run across any of this type of stuff or other things, I note and vote it for the next season. Our rule book constantly changes to avoid this kind of stuff.
  3. Zuerlein has played a big part in salvaging my 0-4 start.
  4. Aaron Jones 2017 Season Outlook

    Lots of beer.
  5. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    Not nearly as high as his first game with AZ, when they had Palmer.
  6. Mike Conley 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Hold on, let me check.
  7. Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 Season Outlook

    I drafted him with my last pick, and was so disappointed at the start of the season. Glad I held.
  8. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    League #1 Winning 100 - 87.1 He has T. Kelce. I have A. Smith and T. Hill League #2 Winning 105.28 - 69.06 He has C. Anderson. I have D. Thomas. Thank you Deshaun Watson.
  9. 10-29-17 Redskins @ Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Thank you to everyone who said bench Cousins today.
  10. Lineup and trade help

    Wrong Forum Post here