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  1. 2013 - 265/329/396 in 392 PA 2014 - 287/351/473 in 683 PA 2015 - 264/344/363 in 355 PA 2016 - 270/348/450 in 647 PA Which guy do we get in 2017?
  2. 1st career Grand Salami!
  3. What are your projections for him if he bats lead-off this year? I feel like the steals will never be there like in the minors, and although he has some pop it is useless at the top of the line-up. I feel like it was just yesterday we all were excited by his 30-40 season in the minors, and today he signs for 1 year, $3.9MM. I thought he was going to play his way into a big contract, but has been somewhat underwhelming.
  4. What do you guys think of the move? Does he get a call up soon?
  5. Gotta love all-star break posts.
  6. Sign baseball cards?
  7. 10-day DL.
  8. Another solo HR. I wonder how many of his 22 HRs are solo this year?
  9. He does have a 2017 thread already. Can the MODs please merge?
  10. Is this a league of friend, or just random folks? Who referred the new person that took over?
  11. I thought that was Devin Mesoraco circa 2014.
  12. Up to .246 on that batting average. Started the day at about .213 I think.
  13. Same here. I am a believer in whatever that last demotion triggered. Think I rather drop Heyward at this point.
  14. C Wilson Ramos (knee) got through his back-to-back duty well and is slated to catch a full nine innings tonight, aiming for a Sunday return. "We're getting closer," Cash said. "We're getting excited."
  15. They listed it as a defensive substitution.
  16. Played his 2nd game in a row at catcher yesterday. 0-3; substituted for in the bottom of the 7th. I guess now we wait to see how his body reacts to the back-to-back.
  17. Seems to be the opposite from these numbers. 2016 Pre All Star: .287 / .365 / .537 Post All Star: .267 / .352 / .450 2015 Pre All Star: .269 / .329 / .438 Post All Star: .264 / .327 / .465 2014 Pre All Star: .279 / .350 / .493 Post All Star: .253 / .311 / .402
  18. Good fortune. Bryant is struggling a bit also, but should be fine.
  19. Who are you going to replace him with?
  20. After today we will know more. This will be his first back to back game at catcher. Fingers crossed.
  21. I went keeper Machado, Story end of 1st.
  22. Where did you see this?
  23. Manny Machado, Trevor Story, Carlos Santana, Kyle Seagar, Ian Desmond & Gregory Polanco. All on one fantasy, makes for a long 2017.