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  1. Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 Season Outlook

    1999-00 ROY Steve Francis / Elton Brand 1994-95 ROY Jason Kidd / Grant Hill 1970-71 ROY Geoff Petrie / Dave Cowens You never know.
  2. Corey Dickerson 2018 Outlook

    I know! Parra has a hamate issue. Send Dickerson back to CO!
  3. CB4 said he's ready for his comeback. "Yeah, I'm trying to come—man, I see all these guys shooting threes and not playing defense. Man, I mean, I got to get some of it,"
  4. Markelle Fultz 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    That's probably why they are dancing around that term. If his mindset is screwed, no need to add more pressure. That could just make it worse. The whole situation is just an odd mess.
  5. Isaiah Thomas 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Can you get one of those when you're traded? I thought you only get those when you negotiate a new contract.
  6. Monroe will fly to Washington, D.C. to join the Celtics ahead of Thursday's game against the Wizards, A. Sherrod Blakely of NBC Sports Boston reports. The Celtics are expected to officially announce Monroe's signing prior to the game. Spin: After having the final year of his contract bought out by the Suns last week, Monroe reportedly agreed to a one-year, $5 million deal with Boston on Feb. 2. The big man's team debut has been delayed while Boston waited for him to formally clear waivers and opened up a roster spot for him, but it appears Monroe will finally be on the bench Thursday. Look for Monroe to settle into a role as a go-to option on the second unit, though the presence of capable frontcourt options in Al Horford, Aron Baynes, Marcus Morris, Jayson Tatum and Daniel Theis may limit Monroe's minute counts.
  7. Favorite Player to own and why

    I'm a Mookie man.
  8. Mike Conley 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Getting closer I hope.
  9. Michael Thomas 2017 Season Outlook

    and? good, bad, iffy?
  10. Michael Thomas 2017 Season Outlook

    At this point I'm not sure I want to even play him. He'll probably play one quarter, and pull up lame.
  11. Worst Roster Moves 2017

    For me was trading Cooks for Mixon after I lost DJ.
  12. Blake Bortles 2017 Season Outlook

    Rodgers got me to the big game, got Bortles and Foles off of waivers. Now just trying to see who gives me the best chance.
  13. Was shocked to see him just dropped in my 10 team keeper, then I came here to read this thread. Ugh, has he really been that bad? He was a top-50 projected player I thought around draft time.
  14. Mike Evans 2017 Season Outlook

    Let's hope tonight's results are better. I think they lost 30-10 after that rousing speech. Mike Evans 1 catch for 13 yards.
  15. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    less than 32 points from M. Evans
  16. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    Whew, League 1: I'm up 130 - 124. He has A. Morris and I have Dez. 1/2 pt PPR. League 2: I'm up 145 - 105. He has A. Morris and M. Evans. 1 pt PPR. Fingers crossed!
  17. i'd star Davis. You never know who's gonna come out on top in that NE backfield.
  18. Evan Engram 2017 Season Outlook

    I keep going back and forth between him and Clay. I feel like I'll regret it if I don't start Engram though. I know the Giants have been struggling, but I like the targets for him.
  19. Aaron Rodgers 2017 Season Outlook

    I know this topic has been debated over and over again, but I thought this video had some interesting views. Grain of salt it. SD Tribune