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  1. Jean Segura 2019 Outlook

    in yahoo he should get 2b? he played every single game at SS. not sure what you mean
  2. Which one to keep?

    clevinger in the 17th was my 3rd keeper pick. I could always keep segura and villar and not keep clev but he seems like a stud... or something similar. just not sure if that's the smart way to go
  3. I am already keeping 3 others and for my 4th spot - (story, acuna, clevinger) segura 5th round price - 12th round tanaka 8th round villar - last round Which one? the settings are head to head categories
  4. Masahiro Tanaka 2018 Outlook

    do u see this trend continuing for 2019? hes been so up and down. im a yankee fan so I see how he can ruin your week. see him ranked in low 100s so round 10-12ish? any outlook for this year
  5. David Price 2018 Outlook

    doesn't seem to be a 2019 thread. ranked 101. so 10-12th round ish? any outlook for him this upcoming year?
  6. Jean Segura 2019 Outlook

    where do you see him going this year? I see him ranked 55 with fantasypros. so 5th-6th round?

    if you got to choose where to draft. Redraft head to head categories would u draft 1 and take trout or go down a bit to like 6-7 and grab macho or JD and then get the 2nd pick faster? In general, where would u draft this year?
  8. Daesean Hamilton 2018 Outlook

    Any stats on raiders defense against slot receivers?
  9. Robby Anderson 2018 Outlook

    NICE, but see below scares me off a little.. ill probably go with a WW flex guarenteed touches.. mcguire, williams, etc..
  10. Carlos Carrasco 2018 Outlook

    what round do u see him going this year?
  11. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 16

    i think i go anderson but hamilton is close
  12. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 16

    even if rodgers doesnt play, would make a big time stacked box.. prob hard to trust
  13. Daesean Hamilton 2018 Outlook

    also rodgers might not play which to me would make williams unusable but yes ill pivot because this is getting start/sit-ish.......... i think hamilton is a nice safe floor this week, not much of a ceiling tho
  14. Jamaal Williams 2018 Outlook

    theres no way u can feel confident starting williams with no rodgers.. i think hes only playable if rodgers plays..
  15. Elijah McGuire 2018 Outlook

    i watched that whole game. he was negative points at half. hes from a rising star in my eyes. without that td, i wouldnt be here to discuss. salvaged his day.