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  1. ugh I think marco gonzalez got pushed to next week vs atros instead of balt this week.. killer.. anyone see different?
  2. Ballage, Geronimo Allison, Sanu, Anthony Miller and penny were dropped. Add any of those for MY Dion Lewis, royce, or mostert? Ppr redraft
  3. id rather u not drop coleman but hes prob your only drop for a kicker
  4. bench upside spot, wont be starting him this week.. I have chris Thompson.. redraft ppr... available is hines, dion, gio, gore, WORTH MAKING ANY OF THOSE MOVES? also, I have devante parker.. worth a drop for... cobb?
  5. 2nd to last week fantasy.. redraft rules apply to these pitchers wade miley, stroman, hamels, Teheran, darvish, bauer, gallen all pretty good matchups this week not sure what to do.. max is 7sp so I have to drop one.. thought maybe darvish but has looked good and pitching in san diego.
  6. easy question, ppr, redraft whir
  7. would you drop Darwin or Justice hill for either Dion Lewis or Frank Gore? full ppr... redraft.. bench players but rather being able to plug them in if need be. What do u think. whir
  8. I would take diggs over theilen. Theilen completely fell off 2nd half of last year. Not sure why the hate for Keenan but after Evans and hill, he’s def the best available in ppr
  9. Where are u guys getting him lately in ppr
  10. I thought the same as him, didn't know what you said.. have a better one for us here? also, AB def over kittle imo. hes prob worth a late 2nd in my opinion. right after evans and keenan
  11. hasn't he been hurt basically every year?
  12. white then him then them I would say in ppr.. maybe duke and white coin flip That being said.. what round for Johnson this year?