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  1. based on my team in sig. it’s h2h categories 9 categories offensive no OBP. My segura for his Dickerson and Gallo WHIR
  2. aguilar the higher upside but did sort of hit a wall there later in the year.. I think hes riskier but has more reward. if you wanna play it safer I go abreu
  3. im not asking about keeping.. just whos the better start. eaton when healthy (and now leading off) usually has good numbers until he gets hurt
  4. 3 OUTFIELDERS ONLY 2 SPOTS... WHOS ODD MAN OUT H2H CATEGORIES. 9 OFFENSIVE CATEGORIES eaton - batting lead off robles - up and coming seems to be have the job and 5 cat type player peralta - best numbers of the bunch but does he go back to 2017 numbers? horrible lineup as well.
  5. anyone think he can have a similar year to last year or regression coming? 2017 power numbers were nowhere near last year.
  6. I completely understand the regression theory/coors field here etc.. but if he was THAT lights out last year then why isn't it possible for him to keep pitching like this? I don't think I have seen one person say he will continue to pitch well. I guess im being naïve...
  7. I think taylor might share time with robles. eaton I think has that job but very well possible its a 4 person outfield and hot hand is how it goes? not too sure what the update is
  8. shaw and mous are not being platooned. occasional day off sure but cmon now edit: yes I own both and hoping my positive thoughts come true
  9. drafted him late hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with not many options available. not bashing him, more of just curious but besides strikeouts, this guys 4.77 era is not much to look at here, do people see him turning a corner? still young enough to do so but woof
  10. I read that theres no guarantee he gets FULL TIME playing time... "Eaton will be the full-time starter in right field and either the first or second hitter in the order. He has struggled to stay healthy in his two seasons with Washington but has proved to be consistently productive when on the field. The team’s situation in center field is not as clear cut. Nationals Manager Dave Martinez reiterated Thursday that Robles and Taylor are competing for the spot. Either will be a defensive upgrade over Harper, who struggled in occasional time in center field and was not painted kindly by advanced fielding metrics. And Martinez insists that, however spring training goes, both Robles and Taylor will play."
  11. H2h categories 9x9 bauer can be kept as a 10th rounder and no one else can be kept but in general is that not enough for trout?
  12. Love the team. I think you did great. Hopefully mine looks similar. Thanks a lot for the huge help. I appreciate the time. Lot of upside and bounce back candidates
  13. Based on my situation? It’s not just about what position to grab...
  14. Understandable but still based on my situation? Figured it’s better to get 2 value picks
  15. I thought because of missing picks I should try and get say 2 players in the top 14 (7 and 14 for example) and not go 1 and then wait until 20-21 picks again before my long draught.