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  1. where do u guys see him being drafted next year? hard to gauge on small sample size
  2. anibal sanchez or mikolas ROS whir
  3. Anyone think he’s got a legit shot at staying up as a starter? Or is this a short time.
  4. id make the move I thibnk story is making good strides
  5. would u trade hunter dozier to get back Paxton? (yes look at todays box score for yanks, he wants to get rid of him) BASED ON MY SIG, I FEEL LIKE WHEN STORY COMES BACK I CAN SLIDE HIM INTO IF SPOT, AND VOIT TO FIRST
  6. anyone rolling him out there vs braves?
  7. Which would you rather have this year and as a late keeper. Paddack or meadows whir
  8. Hmm a lot depends on 2nd half. Nothing set in stone
  9. Bauer 9th round, Bieber 10th***
  10. Trout Bieber and kepler for torres Stanton bauer trout can’t be kept, Bieber and Kepler last round keepers Torres late round keeper, Stanton can’t be kept and Bauer mid/late round keeper
  11. how does gase handle rbs in his offense? serious question, not sure if they plan on absolutely using him as a bellcow no pun intended. his draft range is so unknown imo. top 6? top 12, not sure what to expect.
  12. im drafting 6 so I came here to see some news about DJ because this is about the range. looks like a kingsbury thread in here. anyone got some pro's and con's or predictions going into this year with yes, a new coach, new qb, etc..
  13. Except one is actually performing. Robles name I get it but he’s not doing what torres is doing
  14. His Torres (late keeper) and Stanton (Not keepable) FOR Trout (not keepable) and Robles (last round keeper). We only keep 4 so I probably wouldn’t keep Robles. He hasn’t been doing much. I know he’s got potential but unless he drastically turns it on, I doubt I’ll keep him. I know trading trout isn’t the best idea but I’m in 6th place. 6 teams make the playoffs, I am not sure my team will do much so I’m torn. I know in H2h anything can happen in playoffs.
  15. If I’m still in playoff contention, but obv don’t wanna pass up a good deal- would u trade your trout (can’t be kept) for Torres (last round keeper, take 3 rounds off every year kept)
  16. anyone that has a place to stash holding on to this guy? resuming throwing
  17. Drop freeland for Maeda or Eduardo Rodriguez? Or stay put
  18. Based on h2h categories league, no obp, and based on my team in signature.. would you trade away noah to get springer? WHIR
  19. anyone think this is legit? ive been burned by him before...
  20. I was trying to trade for Donaldson