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  1. Interested ... but doesn’t look like a Superflex league? All I see listed are regular flex spots
  2. Highest of all recommendations. As said above, it's the tools--the trade analysis, team analysis, weekly schedule analyzer, etc.... invaluable. And yes easy team import.
  3. I think that offer is too much personally. Not excited about Mccoy at all, and yeah agree that Hyde is better ROS Golladay should have big weeks but I also think Landry's value has gone way up thanks to Mayfield, will be more consistent and would rather have him Sanders is a stud and people are real excited about Lindsay. Maybe Sanders/Lindsay for Hyde/Landry
  4. I have no backup QB but i'm pretty comfortable streaming QBs each week (could play Keenum or Bortles or Carr or Flacco this week for example) OJ Howard might work out but it would be nice to have someone actually trustworthy like Ertz Too much or good?
  5. Agree with first targeting the Fournette owner and see if you can get anything for Yeldon, people get worried about hamstrings lingering And also not against your idea of White and Yeldon for Michel... at all. I have a good feeling about him, think he will be used more and more as season goes on Thanks for help
  6. thanks for the help. I would definitely drop Robby Anderson and pick up Ekeler or Powell And I would see if anybody would bite on Golladay---he has started off great (but will be somewhat inconsistent IMO) and you might be able to capitalize on hype to get a buy-low RB Wouldn't trade Julio IMO, keep your studs
  7. My team is already losing guys at an alarming clip (Mixon, Baldwin, Delani) So I'm thinking of moving Michael Thomas for another top WR plus a decent RB Should I accept either of these for my Michael Thomas: --Julio plus James Connor or --ODB plus Royce Freeman (OR Breida)
  8. 12-team H2H, weekly lineup lock Due to some things: Steph and Blake being injured, Rubio being no longer Rubio, lots of my guys having 3-game weeks, going up against a strong team in my league where his guys all have 4-game weeks.... I am projected to lose 7-2 next week. And I am projected to be obliterated in most categories (meaning I likely don't have a shot at getting lucky and winning them), and also the ones I am projected to WIN I am projected to only win by a relatively small margin So a 9-0 loss is not really that hard to imagine SO I am considering benching my entire roster except for KAT And gunning for a more acceptable 6-3 loss (winning turnovers and both percentages) My opponent has the following projected percentages: 46% FG and 79% FT KAT has projected 52% and 83% And of course I would win turnovers Too risky? Anybody tried anything like this?
  9. Trade Ty Montgomery to get Michael Thomas?
  10. 8 team league (I know, I know) I would love to buy low on Michael Thomas (his owner just lost DJ and needs running back) 1. Is giving up Hyde and Martavis too much? 2. Is giving up Ty Mont and Terrence West too much? QB Russell Wilson WR AJ Green/Jordy/Martavis RB Ty Mont/Hyde TE Gronkowski Flex CJA Bench: Ingram/John Brown/T West/T Cohen/Jacquizz/Bilal Thanks
  11. Yahoo 10-team All settings are default except: 1 point PPR Addition of one Superflex spot and No Kickers or Defense Should be mega-fun, hit me up with any questions Yahoo handles all money with no fees Payouts: $600/$300/$100 Here is the link
  12. 12-team, full PPR I have the Amari side but am looking for another RB, do you guys like Ameer? Thanks