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  1. Man, if they lose to the Browns, I'm finalizing my transition to become a Pats fan. But then again, if they lose to the Browns, maybe that would help Murphy to see that TT, MM and Capers are clowns and need to go.
  2. But he's just trying to "defend the shield" man, come on........... And as someone else above me pointed out, Goodell is not JJ's boss. It is the other way around. Goodell serves the owners.
  3. Very well put but I do have some different opinions. I do still think that Jones is startable. There is no reason why he couldn't put up comparable numbers as he did against the Saints. He just needs the touches. I also don't think that saying "it was common knowledge ty was going to be the third down back" was revisionist history. Ty's role in this offense wasn't going to completely disappear because AJ was running away with the job. To me, AJ is a much better runner while Ty is a much better pass catching RB. They were and still are going to serve different purposes in this offense. Did you really just say the Packers offense is comparable to the Browns? lol I just died a little inside..........
  4. Thanks for the replies fellas. Like many of you, I can't bring myself to drop Jordy either. If Hundley would have seen Jordy wide open last week and turns that play from a sack into a TD, we might not even be having this conversation. But, Hundley is playing awful right now so who knows what is going to happen with Jordy. As a Packers fan I'm hoping that the more practice reps and game experience he gets, the better Hundley will play. But, who knows if that will happen. I'm currently 3-6 and actually got Jordy in a trade AFTER Rodgers got injured. So, my opinion of Jordy might be a bit bullish.
  5. And the experts weren't wrong. The game started to get away from the Packers and MM panicked when he didn't need to. They could have still tried to establish the run but that didn't happen. Ok, Ty coming in on 3rd down was pretty much common knowledge. Nothing has changed regarding their usage.
  6. So, for those you who are dropping Jordy and even Aaron Jones, who is on your WW that is a better option than either of those guys? I know it depends on league size and what not but there is absolute hot garbage on the WW in my 12 team league. I can't fathom dropping a player like Jordy for WW fodder?
  7. This is the same team that was winning with Rodgers at the helm. Yes, Rodgers covers up a lot of those deficiencies. But Hundley has been with the Packers for 3 years now. He should know the offense and MM should know his strengths and weaknesses as a back up QB and create a game plan accordingly. MM can't do that.
  8. MM is an idiot, he needs to be fired. I've been calling for his head for years now but whatever. It is inexcusable to give AJ 5 carries on the night. MM just doesn't know what to do when he doesn't have Rodgers to bail his a** out. He always talks about "trying to establish the running game", yet, he never does. Or he runs it a handful of times and when then says, "welp, that isn't working, time to throw it!". He isn't a good play-caller, he isn't good at making adjustments, he isn't good at anything really other than looking like a St. Bernard on the sidelines.
  9. I don't think we really have any idea how Pederson intends to use Ajayi. He has only been the Eagles HC for 1.5 seasons and yes, in that tenure, he has employed a RBBC. But I think that was more out of necessity. The Eagles didn't really have a RB like Ajayi could be a 3-down back.
  10. I understand that bye weeks are tough to manage sometimes, but you have to remember that bye weeks for actual football players can be beneficial. I think the bye week could help Ajayi by giving him an extra week to learn the Eagles system and to give him a week of rest.
  11. I don't see how people can possibly say that this isn't an upgrade for Ajayi's situation. The Dolphins have been awful this season as has Ajayi. Even if this isn't a huge upgrade for Ajayi, it is an upgrade. The Eagles wouldn't sent a 4th round pick to the Dolphins if they planned to use him in a 4-headed committee.
  12. This. I am kicking myself for dropping him the same week I picked him up because I thought Ty was going to play through his rib injury. And I didn't believe he was that good. I was wrong and now I'm trying to trade for him. He definitely passes the eye test and I believe is a better RB than Ty at this point. I could see him continue to run away with the starting job and win it outright next season. So, in my keeper league he has a lot more value than in a re-draft league IMO. Also, why do people, when trying to ague against a player's performance, discredit the fact that they gain a lot of those yards on specific plays? That doesn't make sense to me. Yes, he had a 46 yd TD run and that accounted for a good chunk of his yardage. But he also had a 46 yd TD run! I could see arguing if he had a 75 yd TD run and then ended the day with 90 yds. Sure, it makes some sense there but still.
  13. Exactly what I'm thinking. I'm benching for now but see no reason to drop.
  14. Same here, I lost this week due to that call. Unreal. I'm hoping, like many others, that having Trubisky bach there will help to open up the offense and not allow the D to stack the box.
  15. oh yeah, well I need Howard to score 12.57
  16. Also, I'm here to eat a little bit of crow. Looks like I was completely wrong on Jones. He looked really good out there yesterday. Good thing I dropped him and picked up Alex Collins instead........
  17. IMO, he doesn't employ a RBBC when he doesn't have to. Early in his career he had Ryan Grant who was their primary runner. The year they won the SB in 2010, Grant got injured early in the season and McCarthy had to make due with what they had. But during the playoffs and SB that year James Starks played well and he was their primary runner. Then the RB position was bad until they drafted Lacy in 2013 and he had a couple of good years so he was their primary runner. And then it got bad again when Lacy turned to you know what. Now we are in Monty era but he can't stay healthy so who knows what is going to happen.
  18. This thread has me all like...... As many others have pointed out, Doug looked really good last night and I am stoked with his performance. I was able to draft him in the middle rounds and based on last night, he has the potential to put up RB1 numbers. Even if he doesn't and he puts up solid RB2 numbers, why is that a problem? You people need to chill out and enjoy the ride while it lasts. Whether it is one week or the rest of the season.
  19. Completely agree. Does it ever seem like teams/coaches just completely sh*t themselves when they go up against the Pats and Belichick?
  20. Hogan has been on my bench this entire season because I didn't believe in his abilities. It has cost me 2 games this year. I started him this week and the only time this year he will be leaving my lineup is when he is on a bye. I can't believe it took me this long to come around. He is the real deal.
  21. I don't think they ever had to go to the air. They were never down by more than two scores. The game was within reach the entire time. It was 13-7 at the half and 16-7 at the end of the 3rd quarter. They had plenty of time to still pound the ball. Especially coming out of halftime.
  22. Is it possible that Martin was "out of gas" for most of the 2nd half? I'm completely speculating but you hear all the time about how players need to get into "game shape". Maybe Martin was too tired? I'm not sure I'm buying my own thought here but whatever.
  23. I'm not sure that @JaNelson38 was saying that Cobb will get the snaps out of the backfield. I think what he was saying, and I could be wrong, is that Cobb will get more short routes due to the lack of a running game.
  24. The Pats D is dead last in just about every category, so, yeah, they are that bad.