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  1. None of that 70mil deal was guaranteed. Why should Lev not hold out for a contract? Especially when: 1: he’s arguably the best RB in football 2: he’s never gonna get another contract I don’t know where you’re getting our info, but he didn’t “tell them he’d sign the tag and play” they tagged him LAST YEAR and he was upset about it. Why do you think he held out last year? So he played in the tag LAST year with the belief that he would get a deserving contract. Steelers ****ed him. Franchised him again with the plan to run him 400+ and dump him. im sorry, but Lev has every right to be pissed, and should sit out until week 10 imo ps: I’m a Bell owner - so I feel the pain. But dude should’ve been paid. Direct your anger towards the Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. This situation just really sucks. its in Levon’s best interest to sit until week 10 or 11. Even the weeks he would play? He’s gonna be cautious and it’s not gonna help any of us, fantasy wise. the Steelers are the big enemy here. They could’ve taken care of the best RB in the league last year - easily. sucks for fantasy owners. But Le’Veon should not play a down for Art Rooney and family this year - hey did him dirty
  3. Hey I’m all for it ... but as an old school member, and forever IDP league player - I’ve just come to terms with not ever relying on any forums for IDP chat. There’s just not enough activity across the board. I’ve found that IDPguru.com is a nice site to frequent
  4. Appreciate the advise brother... ended up taking Budda as waivers opened. But then also made room on my roster for Amos ... deep dyansty league. Wanted both. Kicked a meddling WR5 of the squad ... glad to see there’s some decent IDP talk still around these boards. I’m always here for some return advice ??
  5. But why? Have you read the news of the Cards using him as the nickel? Does that worry you? or is that just a way for the cards to maximize Budda’s skill set? He was graded coming out of college as a poor tackler - but a ballhawk. havent dug deep into Amos - but I know that a dominant pass rusher only means good things for aggressive safeties.
  6. Who do you guys like between Budda Baker and Adrian Amos? Hard to get decent IDP advice anywhere (such a shame) Reports have it that Baker will be moving around the formation - possibly starting at SS during the Cardinals base 4-3. Then moving to the nickel during obvious passing situations. then there is Adrain Amos ... strong performer last year, now getting more room to roam with Mack pressuring QB’s into bad decisions - my heart wants Budda ... but my head says Amos is the guy can anyone help?
  7. ... won’t be taking Marvin Jones at that slot - but I have to agree. RoJo has bust writing all over him. I have a feeling it’s going to be a horrible committee - with Peyton Barber leading the way, Charles Sims isn’t going anywhere either. So what is Ron Jones role? Fast guy that runs fast?
  8. OMG that’s amazing. Could you tell us more? What about the rest of your team?
  9. He's loosing minutes/touches to Ulis. You haven't seen the games, and you also don't read. But you post? Soft.
  10. Sucks for tonight whi knows though, there could be more to the story than what's being reported. I'm sure the team had talks with him prior to leaving - could be he broke a promise and used the "visa" as an excuse. shouldnt hurt too much on a full game night.
  11. There's 2 halves to every game ... hth he he had a bad first half sure, but maybe hold the "trash" post until it's warranted.
  12. ...shame on me for thinking I could simply click on the latest Powell post, and actually read something about him. You guys are doosh bags. Stop it. Is it really that hard to discuss a players prospects? What is wrong with you guys? It's a joke. I'm not going to say much about Bill Powell, I like him, I think he is the best "runner" on his team. Whether or not he gets a legit chance is yet to be seen. He is a must add in every one of my leagues, mostly dynasty. Hard runner, good vision, no dancing in the backfield.... You guys...just shut up with your BS.